Saturday, May 18, 2013

Police State ramped up pre-9/11

Image found here.

Local and Connecticut State Police tried to recruit me for their version of the CIA, pre-9/11. It involved in sanctioning breaking into houses, stealing wealth, setting citizens up, beating people, and even killing people. Gun owners were identified to be set up for having their guns stolen in break ins or for having been set up for arrests then gun confiscation. I refused to break laws for the police state and they did me in. [This post is a run down of how police are taking over the US for international corporate organized crime and bankers].

Ritt Goldstein, also saw what I saw. He then informed elected officials at a special hearing. Instead of listening to Ritt, elected officials did nothing as he was terrorized out of the State of Connecticut by police. Ritt sought political asylum in Sweden after making the below video in December 1996. Police were testing the resolve of citizens when they abducted and tortured citizens in abandoned warehouses. Police were kidnapping citizens wearing black ski masks, pre-9/11! A former Norwalk mayor, Bill Collins, talks about police throwing beer bottles on his porch and putting police union bumper stickers on his car. Check out this video:


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