Tuesday, June 11, 2013

100% Surveillance, Our Int. Corporate Masters, the Real Terrorists?

If most governments have been infiltrated by international organized crime, a cabal of bankers and corporate pirates, is Edward Snowden really a patriot, not a criminal? [story]

100% surveillance did not make me safer pre-9/11. The Connecticut State Police had their own version of the CIA pre-9/11 and the abuse has only increased. I was asked to work for police to become a police officer. I had no criminal record at the time. Police also were recruiting sex criminals, thieves, drug dealers, vandals, prostitutes, thugs, and bi-polar sociopaths to become part of their cop gang, called "State Police Registered Confidential Informants". [my story]

Police were out to enrich lawyers, confiscate property, destroy small business owners and the self-employed, confiscate assets, and break up families. Organized crime runs state facilities, builds them, and supplies them. So as many children that can be taken away from good families and as many citizens who can be ripped off and imprisoned makes the elite richer.

In Stafford Springs, I was told by police trying to recruit me that Stafford Springs, Connecticut, was one of the test cities. It was pre-9/11 and there was 100% illegal domestic spying. All phones calls were being recorded and monitored by police. All emails and internet usage was looked into. Police were looking at medical records, your bank account, who owed property taxes, who owned what. White male police officers were also taking inventory of who had a "hot daughter", wife, or girlfriend to take. Police officer had their own "comfort girl" network, were profiting from heroin and crack cocaine trafficking, break-ins, racketeering, steering business to organized crime, and going after citizens to make lawyers and the state richer bringing in federal tax dollars to increase the abuse.

Surveillance cameras and microphones were being strung up on telephone poles in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and probably your town, pre-9/11.

Police also were recruiting criminals to break in house of legal gun owners to steal guns from honest citizens. Police were recruiting criminals to beat up, terrorize, and even kill citizens on the [secret police enemies list].  Citizens on the list were to lose their jobs, their homes, family unity, credit, retirement health insurance, sum total of their life's work, and be railroaded to prison, beaten up, and/or murdered.

Are trillions of dollars being siphoned out of the economy to enrich the elite? Have you heard of the CAFR? [video and story]

Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy refuses to answer [to this]. 

[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and posts on LiveLeak.com, click here]

Does 100% surveillance make you safer? Or, does it make you a slave to international organized crime, [the elite].


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