Thursday, June 13, 2013

Could China end up the hero in the Snowden Affair?

China could step up.

Why shouldn't they?

Being open is good business.

The corporate tyranny we are currently experiencing is just plain wrong.

When international corporate and banking cartels buy politicians, they are ripping you off. If China will help honestly expose the massive parasite that is harming the world, all Americans AND all world citizens will be better off.

If Americans, any Americans, are seeking political asylum, AND JUSTICE, and they go to China, what does that say about the current affairs IN AMERICA?

I am not anti-American. I am pro not wanting international organized crime holding me hostage, and the nation, under armed occupation.

We need more Bradley Mannings. we need more Julian Assanges, we need more Edward Snowdens. They are the real patriots who are making history in real time.

George Washington may have been a better liar and propagandist than any other major politician of his time. We need to see the elite liars for who they really are. We need leaders who are among us, not out against us. China could really shine. Let's see.

Any person anywhere in the world should be able to grow a garden, drink clean water, and not have to be taxed to make some banker, lawyer, or corporate asshole rich. 


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