Thursday, June 06, 2013

No money, no gas, 1000's of miles from home, only open bar after the hurricane ...

The bar I went into in Hammond, Louisiana, not too far from New Orleans.

It wasn't long after Hurricane Katrina. I was given a little station wagon with a 5 speed with about 200,000 miles. My father gave me $1500 to pay him back. He thought that maybe I'd fail. I paid him back with my first weekly paycheck of $2600, and that was after taxes. I ended up working as an insurance adjuster and had a life altering experience. Almost all in a good way.

More pictures with the one from above [click here]. Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005. So much has happened to me since. So much has happened politically. Check out my link. I stayed and partied on a former Southern Slave Plantation. I can say from experience, Barbecue there is like nowhere else. [My saga continues]

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