Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Police arrest man for giving his attractive wife macaroni and cheese?

I am that man.

Prior to 9/11, an overweight police officer in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, stopped by my house and stopped me on my way to work. Officer "Fat Frank" Prochaska want to dress me down for the audacity of feeding my wife Mac and Cheese. Frank would later make fun of me for the content of my phone calls and emails. He would also make comments if I had any small arguments with my wife.

I can still here him yelling at me telling me how fattening butter is. He was spraying spittle in my face as he yelled at me. He held back attacking me then, but later showed up at my house and started slamming me into my aluminum siding. He did not arrest me for his assaulting me, calling it "assaulting an officer" at that time.

Prochaska later arrested me for dialing 911 after a cocaine dealer bit my ear, punched me several times in the face, and then fled the scene. It took him about 6 weeks to rig my arrest and he then came in my house and arrested me in front of my wife, saying he would be back to talk to her later. I did not want drug dealing going on near my house. Prochaska interviewed Peter Panciera the guy who bit me and was a huge cocaine dealer, and his customers, and got them to change their sworn statements so Prochaska could arrest me for attacking Panciera's teeth with my ear and pummeling his fists with my face. 

I faced a year and a half in jail, no deals, and about $5000 in fines for bleeding down to my underwear after I had been assaulted by a felon cocaine dealer.

Obviously Fat Frank was spying on me. I found out from Connecticut State Police LT Samuel Izzarelli that I would not have been a target for family break up, job loss, loss of my home, and being a target for assaults and other abuse at the hands of police informants, and being railroaded to prison if I had not chosen to be self-employed.

Self-employment is a terrorist act. Our international banker owners hate that. So, I am worse than any vandal, prostitute, drug dealer, thief, or common criminal, because international corporate organized crime does not like self-sufficiency and independent thought and employment. 

So, I have to wonder if what I fed my wife, against the wishes of police, was the start of my downfall.

Domestic Spying does not make us safer.

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