Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tax Dollars spent to protect criminal bankers, not us

Evil international banker cartoon figure was found here.

Our US tax dollars are used by international bankers and corporate organized crime for their protection and business interests, not ours. Citizens in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Philippines, Guam, Africa, South America, are not better off because of 1000's of military bases occupation, war, spying, and covert actions. How are the US National Guard and US Military protecting our US Constitutional rights, liberty, and freedom if their international bankster leaders are poisoning them to take everything from us, we the people?

So, who is really in charge? Why are we paying for our own abuse?

The NSA Edward Snowden spying and leak scandal should wake some of you up. How much of our money are we paying to spy on ourselves and who really benefits? Are we paying $20 a day, $100 a day, each? Isn't that theft, fraud, racketeering, and misappropriation of funds? Aren't elected officials complicit in the biggest rip off in the history of the world?

It is nothing new.

J. Edgar Hoover, the former director of the FBI had more power than any US President. He wasn't elected. He illegally spied on anyone he wanted for personal gain and power. Hoover allegedly was a cross-dressing homosexual at a time when that was career suicide. Hoover read movie scripts, decided what movies were allowed to be made in Hollywood. Hoover decided to ruin some actors and promote others.

The FBI was poised to ruin leaders such as Martin Luther King and others. They tried to break up families, caused job loss, used outside contractors and informants to frame citizens, terrorize the public, beat people up, and even murder citizens on the FBI secret target list. What happened with Whitey Bulger in Boston. Weren't the Massachusetts State Police, the FBI, and organized crime all one and the same?

What happened to [Pete Seeger]? Have you heard of FBI blacklisted Hollywood movie producer [Dalton Trumbo]?

Didn't the FBI use tax dollars to have a white supremacist radio host inflame the public? [Hal Turner] was paid by the FBI to cause civil unrest, murder, mayhem, and racial division. So, can planning the Boston Bombing and having contractors carry it out be put past the FBI?

The Boston Bombing telethon, "Boston Strong" was turning my stomach. What a bunch of BS propaganda.

Does the name [Smedley Butler] ring a bell?

Domestic spying does not further freedom, liberty, and the US Constitution. It does not make the economy better. It does not improve our lives. Should the self-employed be targeted as terrorists? We are the enemy of international corporate aggression. Steven G. Erickson video [click here]. And, more videos [click here].

AMERICAN MASTERS: Trumbo | Closing Arguments (Ensemble) ...

Text with video:

America Exposed by US Rep Mike Gravel
Homeland Security equals armed occupation. The TSA is tyranny. Corporations own America. Corporations need to be regulated, not in charge. Are the corporations who run the US aligned with Israel out to bomb Iran? Mike Gravel is an insider with the answers. Gravel isn't going along with those who have sold their souls to the international organized criminals, banks and corporate owners.

Why are American taxpayers paying for so many wars? Why have so many citizens died in the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc for no good reason? Why do most Americans do nothing when citizens are targets for being outspoken?

James Corbett of the Corbett Report talks about the US/Iran situation in video here.

To show corporate owners and banksters, the US isn't about international organized crime, New York City Mayor Bloomberg should be arrested and prosecuted for judge shopping to try to squash the Occupy Wall St. Movement, OWS. Does the UN own the Statue of Liberty?


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