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We, the Corporate Inmates, of the World State

Image above is from what is dubbed, "An incredibly bad independent film," called, "Final Detention." Image was [found here with post].

I was listening to National Public Radio. I do so in Vermont and New Hampshire. Much is mindless propaganda of our corporate organized crime world elite leaders. Tidbits can be found.

It is predicted that 85% of the world will live in cities, [digital cities]. There we will be 100% hooked in. Let's say, that people say, tweet, or text that they feel a little ill. The nanny state then could text us to drink extra water and get extra sleep, contacting anyone who had contact with the sick person. That is too much tyranny, and too much having criminals literally up your ass.

I recently watched a documentary about the OSS, precursor to the CIA. Charlton Heston was the narrator. From World War II, the elite have been the ones who run and operate all world spy agencies. It is for them, not for for us.

It is a corporate crime to be independent, have an opinion, a family, a home, land, grow your own food, transact amongst other citizens, and it is especially a breach against our corporate owners, calling them out on their crimes. Bad Citizen!

There used to be a push against the corporate monopolies. The corporate monopolies now run the show. They keep getting bigger and eliminating the smaller and weaker. That is why we have what we have.

The court system might be the number one problem. Judges are compromised and so are lawyers. They are well paid, bribed, and terrorized to keep with the program. So, are police, military contractors, and others.

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[click here] for:

Connecticut cops pay $3.5 million after killing unarmed man in SWAT raid

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Corporate World Policing:

Police catch and brutalize GeziPark protestor

Text with video:

The beating starts at 0:45

Plainclothes Turkish policemen along with their RoboCop buddies catch one of the protestors demonstrating against the demolishing of what is historically (though not in terms of size) the same thing as Central Park for Istanbul; The current AKP gov't in Turkey is doing this so that some relatives of Erdogan (as it is thought) can benefit from the construction of the billionth Mall in Istanbul.

Hundreds of thousands of people across Turkey are gathering to resist the contorted greed and corruption of their government, they are not alone and I sincerely hope some of you will join in helping Turkey after you witness the inhumanity of those oppressing the Turkish ppl in this video, for information on this and for more on the Gezi Park situation check out:

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Will corporate organized crime UN Troops being doing this soon to Americans in America, except not getting prosecuted for it?:

The below was cut and pasted [from here]

Sniper prosecutions tainted, attorneys argue
The defense attorneys for two Marines facing courts-martial in connection to
the notorious video showing scout snipers urinating on Taliban corpses in
Afghanistan are calling on the Corps to drop the cases against their clients,
and reverse punishments against two others, following allegations that
leadership deliberately interfered with the prosecution.

Guy Womack, a civilian who represents Sgt. Robert Richards, a scout sniper
team leader with 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, during their 2011 deployment, said
the recent allegations that Gen. Jim Amos, commandant of the Marine Corps, used
his influence to alter how the case was being handled have convinced him that
his client cannot receive a fair trial from the Corps.

And John Dowd, who is representing Capt. James Clement, the former executive
officer of Kilo Company, 3/2, said he agrees with Womack’s call to dismiss the

Dowd has previously referred to the case against his client as “nothing but a
witch hunt.” Clement would not accept nonjudicial punishment, Dowd said, because
the captain “refuses to be a scapegoat for the political hysteria” surrounding
the case.

Two other Marines, then-Staff Sgts. Joseph Chamblin and Edward Deptola,
already have faced special courts-martial for their roles in the incident. Both
were reduced in rank to sergeant and Chamblin was ordered to pay a fine. Another
four Marines have been NJPed in connection to the incident.

Womack said he believes the Marine Corps should adjust what has been done to
Deptola and Chamblin. When they faced court-martial, they were unaware of the
complaints that Maj. James Weirick, an attorney assigned to Marine Corps Combat
Development Command in Quantico, Va., filed with the Navy and Defense Department
Inspector Generals’ offices about how the case was handled at the top.

The video of the scout snipers urinating on Taliban corpses was created near
Sandala, in Helmand province, on July 27, 2011. When it surfaced online about
five months later, it created enormous backlash at home and abroad, embarrassed
the service and led Amos to tour the Corps to give his Heritage Brief to
officers and noncommissioned officers.

By calling out Richards by name during those 27 briefs, pointing him out as
an example of what not to do, Amos tainted the jury pool and ensured his client
could never get a fair trial, Womack said.
“It would be impossible to find Marine Corps officers who you could trust to
be uninfluenced in any way by what their own commandant has said,” Womack said.
“So by his actions, the commandant has eliminated the Marine Corps from being
able to handle this case.”

'A tough position'
Gary Solis, a retired Marine officer who served as a military judge and now
teaches law at Georgetown University, said the issue of unlawful command
influence can leave a commandant in a tough position.

“If he doesn’t say anything about a case like this, he looks like he’s not a
leader; he’s just a passenger, and someone else is driving the truck,” Solis
said. “If you are the commandant, you are bound to say something.”
The tougher issue Amos will have to get around, Solis said, is his decision
to swap generals in the middle of the investigation.

Amos initially assigned the case to Lt. Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, then
commander of Marine Corps Forces Central Command. Since MARCENT oversees
operations in Afghanistan and serves as the convening authority in judicial
matters tied to the war zone, the choice appeared logical.

Womack said he believed he had an agreement for Richards to receive NJP from
Waldhauser, but just before Richards flew out to meet with Waldhauser in
February 2012, Womack received word that the meeting had been canceled.
Weirick’s complaint alleges that once it became apparent that Waldhauser
wasn’t going to punish the Marines to the degree the commandant saw fit, Amos
turned the case over to Lt. Gen. Richard Mills, commanding general of Marine
Corps Combat Development Command, which is Weirick’s command.

Womack said he was told the switch was made because it had been determined
that the issue of the snipers urinating on the bodies was a training issue
rather than an operational issue.
“What could be more operational than a sniper killing someone and peeing on
them?” Womack asked. “A sniper killing someone is about as operational as you

Amos’ decision to switch generals mid-course could prove to be a real
challenge for the commandant to overcome, Solis said.
“Anytime a senior officer becomes involved in a case that’s underway, you’re
asking for trouble,” Solis said. “Without knowing the details with the switch —
without knowing any more than the fact that they switched — I would say this is
going to be more trouble than the claim of unlawful command influence [stemming
from the Heritage tour].”

Solis expects the cases for Clement and Richards to proceed as planned,
although the government will have to answer questions during the courts-martial
about why things were handled the way they were, which could affect the

In the meantime, the allegations made in the IG complaints should be
investigated by the Defense Department inspector general completely and fairly,
but as as quickly as possible, said Eugene Fidell, who teaches military justice
at Yale Law School.

Given this case and the huge controversy surrounding the military’s handling
of sexual assault complaints, Fidell said he can’t recall a time when there was
so much public scrutiny of the military justice system. Still, it’s important
for people to not leap to conclusions, he said.

“I think that it’s critical that both sides be heard from, and that no one
rush to judgment,” Fidell said. “The allegations are serious, and I am
personally anxious to see what the response is.”

* Civilian defense attorney Guy Womack, who is defending Sgt. Robert Richards,
center, says he believes the charges against Richards should be dropped in light
of a Defense Department inspector general investigation into allegations of
undue command influence in the case

* * * *

Subversive Home Beer Brewing, Fun and Informative?

Text with below video:

Do you want to take control of what you put in your body? Do you trust corporations to handle, provide, and decide your food and beverage choices? Do you like quality, doing things yourself, and making like-minded friends?

Well, joining a beer brewing cooperative might be for you.

I think I might really start breaking the law, and start "cow sharing". Getting raw milk from cows is considered a major crime by the international corporations. Police Raids on farms are like they are going after drug factories. Corporations like Monsanto don't want you growing your own non-GMO poison crops. Do some word searches on the terms in this paragraph.

If you hate the big corporate world police state, then grow a garden, brew your own beer, make your own wine, can your own food preserves in glass. I intend to hike in the woods of upper state New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine while the UN and our international corporate organized crime owners still let us use and enjoy the vast lands. I know I need to pay the world criminals taxes to breathe under our current armed occupation. I don't have to like it. I can have fun, protest, and live all at the same time.

I am currently, and still, a [target on the police state enemies list] because I blogged critical of a governor, rigged courts, and police in the state of Connecticut. [We are all corporate inmates of a world police state].

In Louisiana, bankers saw to it that it is illegal to buy items from your neighbors for cash, especially at tag sales. Bankers and international corporate organized crime wants their hands in every transaction. They want complete control. That is why all telephone calls are recorded. That is why all internet traffic is monitored. They do not trust us to just go about our business and enjoy liberty.

Live free or die.

I will enjoy my life as long as the police state graciously allows me to breathe.

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