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Do most Pakistani people think the Bin Laden raid was a hoax?

When isn't Barack Obama not lying. When was George W. Bush not lying? When was CIA scumbag George H. W. Bush not lying? If Dick Cheney had not put out a stand down order on September 11, 2001, US military planes could have shot down the highjacked planes. There then would be no TSA, Department of Homeland Security, NDAA, Patriot Act, and the current form of Martial Law we all now endure.

The US Constitution is being dismantled in front of our eyes.

On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and other international criminals associated with, and who are, or were part, of the Pentagon would have had to explain where the missing 2.3 trillion US tax dollars were. Maybe the biggest theft in the history of the world occurred. Those who are responsible for the thefts were then written a blank check. They rewarded their international criminal banker friends with a bonus that may have been in the trillions. It was called a bailout. We the people paid bonuses to the biggest thieves in the world for having robbed us. Are we a nation of morons, or what?

The below video is what average Pakistani people think of the seemingly bogus Osama Bin Laden raid and murder. You can't kill someone who has long been dead.

Text with below video:

Uploaded on May 15, 2011

In a BBC report, a Pakistani neighbor living near Osama Bin Laden compound identifies then man in video released by the Pentagon, which reportedly show Osama Bin Laden watching himself on TV, as Akhbar Khan and not Osama Bin Laden. The man interviewed tells the BBC about the man in the video "He is my neighbor, His name is Akhbar Khan, He owns the house......I know him very well"

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US Corporate Infiltrators Dismantle Governments Worldwide

The elite with their bankers and international corporate organized crime operatives are out to dismantle the constitutions and government of all nations. Police, the military, and the rubber stamp on the abuse, courts, all have their wagons circled against we the people no matter what nation you live in.

US taxpayers are paying for their own abuse. We are paying for our own abuse.

Much of what is on RT America can be considered BS. [Thom Hartmann] is a shameless Democrat and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supporter. Republicans are equally as bad. Both political parties in the US have sold out to the offshore elite.

I contacted Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy's office. [my letter] Leahy does not interfere with operations between branches is what I got back from his office. The real answer is that he has sold out. You can look Leahy up on the IMDb database. It is for those in the corporate movie industry. Leahy was in Batman movies. State and federal elected officials have mostly sold out to get elected. Corporate and international money flows into campaigns. It is money stolen from you and then used against you.

If you want to know about more on these subjects, check out other videos on my channel. Or check out [this blog]

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George H. W. Bush's CIA coup d'etat in US?

I talk about George H. W. Bush, Panama, the CIA, and give a link to where I found the above picture [here]. Why am I posting this today? [answer]

The definition for coup d'etat is [found here].

Have you ever wondered how the Bush Family, Nazi banks in the US from World War II, the CIA, and the Kennedy Assassination all come together? Well, watch the below video, it is an excerpt of the documentary called "Dark Legacy". 

John F. Kennedy was involved in dirty deals. He was a politician. His father was organized crime and a bootlegger. Kennedy's father had ties to the biggest criminals in the US and the world. Kennedy wanted to put a leash on CIA activity and may have wanted to dismantle the agency.

The CIA and FBI, and now obviously the NSA, conduct black operations inside the US. Did George H. W. Bush and the CIA have John F. Kennedy killed?

Did the FBI use taxpayer dollars to attempt to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993 to blame terrorists and then failed to bring the buildings down. The FBI had the plan, found the bombers, supplied the bombs, and allowed real bombs to be detonated. What does that say about the FBI. J, Edgar Hoover's all out spying, his not getting fired, and information coming out about Hoover say about the real history of the USA?

The Kennedy Assassination shows an immediate official conspiracy to cover up, alter, and eliminate evidence, not gather it.

The Oklahoma City Bombing and so many other seemingly staged events have occurred since the killing of J.F.K. [Check this out on Corbett]

Is the corporate organized crime mainstream media using the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case to bait the weak-minded into a race war? [post]

When I have informed elected officials of public corruption, police brutality, and judicial misconduct, things have not worked out well for me. Is the current Governor Dannel P. Malloy covering up the skeletons in his closet? I sent him [this text]. Would Malloy be okay if the [Connecticut State Police Intelligence Unit] shot kids in a school in Newtown Connecticut at Sandyhook to blame a patsy to end the 2nd Amendment? Would he help cover that up and act for his international banker and UN corporate organized crime masters?

When part time clerks at your Town Hall all the way up to the US President are dirty just to have their jobs, should we allow them to continue to rip us off, assault, rape, torture, indefinitely confine, murder, poison us with questionable GMO "food" and vaccines meant to give us cancer, Autism, and to sterilize us? Should we allow the elite to steal trillions to build underground bunkers, cities, power plants, rail lines, highways, and luxury accommodations with our money and are not spending our money above ground? [That Story, scroll down for video in post]

Everyday, Obama does worse than Richard M. Nixon did in his whole political career. Nixon was removed from office and disgraced. Let's see that George W. Bush and Barack Obama are prosecuted for being the criminal scumbags that they have shown the world they are.

The below video was found on [this channel].

Added 10:30 AM 7/23/13: I just went over to the Kenny's Sideshow blog, and saw the Jim Garrison video at the bottom of [this post]. I recommend taking a look at it.

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The State is Not Great

James Corbett of the Corbett Report breaks it down below. Aspects of the below, I post [here]. Government is perversion with 100% domestic surveillance 24/7 [post].

Text with video:

While the so-called “New Atheists” are spending their energies warning of the violence that is justified by religious belief, they miss the most dangerous, the most irrational, and the most pervasive religion on the planet: statism. Modern-day government is a god and statism is a religion that is responsible for 260,000,000 deaths last century alone. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we commit the heresy of denying the statist religion and disproving the government god.
For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode.
For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download).


Chomsky on Hitchens and Harris
Time Reference: 02:25
Corbett Report Radio explores numerology in the Manitoba Legislative Building
Time Reference: 07:08
Time Reference: 08:45
The Most Dangerous Superstition
Time Reference: 09:09
Larken Rose on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 09:37
God and the State (Librivox recording)
Time Reference: 19:58
Definition of Democide
Time Reference: 26:01
Statistics of Democide
Time Reference: 26:02
20th Century Democide
Time Reference: 26:03
The Last Word on Utopia
Time Reference: 32:24

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Steven G. Erickson visits these sites:

Steven G. Erickson links:

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Taxpayers paying for Official Sexual Predator Surveillance?

The corporate dairy lobby may have succeeded in adding aspartame to milk with no labeling. The FDA may have paved the way. Aspartame is poison, can cause headaches, seizures, nerve damage, other medical problems and even death. Who is protecting us from these corporate predators if these same officials transition back and forth from these corporations and take corporate money for their campaigns?

Monsanto tainted food is GMO poison. Will other countries ban American grown poison GMO crops, so mainly Americans and those who are in 3rd World countries will have to eat this "food", unlabeled? Most US states are not willing not to do Monsanto's bidding as Monsanto has lots of lawyers and deep pockets. State operators do not want to go bankrupt in the corporation rigged and funded courts.

Does it cost $50,000 a year to spy on a citizen and keep records of the surveillance? Well, if everyone is being spied on all the time, what is the real cost of this? Should public transportation and college educations be funded with all this money being misappropriated by these official criminal domestic spying perverts?

If these CIA, IRS, NSA, FBI, police, and international corporate spies are collecting naked pictures of little boys and little girls, should their child porn be protected under their government immunity from prosecution? Should taxpayers be funding their own abuse?

[I was asked to help police ruin the self-employed pre-9/11]. I had built a contracting business over 2 decades and had fixed up rental properties from a boarded up condition. So, taxpayer dollars are used to terrorize people like me, break up our families, make us lose our homes and then railroad us to prison. How does taking productive people offline and unable to pay taxes, to then cost taxpayers more in taxes, make economic sense? The answer is that it does not. The elite want to run us off the land, take over all business, and to control all cash and assets. We are all going to be chipped and are currently under 100% surveillance all the time. Is this for our protection, or their protection?

I think you know the answer.

* * * *

I let the Governor of Connecticut, Dannel P. Malloy, know about this:

Of course, I have heard nothing back.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Comedy Relief? TX Gov Perry on Small Business, Laughing Matter?


Comedy relief? 

Scroll down to bottom for comedy video.
Pre-9/11, police asked me, a landlord and contractor for decades to help them break laws, collect revenue, confiscate guns, and ruin the self-employed. I said "no" to Stafford Springs Connecticut town clowns (police/constables) and the State Police. Troopers then threatened my life, and were out to use tax dollars to ruin my business, break up my family, make me lose my home that I was current on my mortgage payment on using cocaine and heroin drug dealers, vandals, prostitutes, thieves, and other vermin. Connecticut State Police and Stafford Springs, Police, were trolling all of my internet use, phone calls, and were listening to my conversations in my home and then ridiculing me with what they collected as they followed me around, harassed, and threatened me at your expense. [That story]

So, when I saw the below video, I both laughed, and took note. Maybe Texas ain't so bad as compared to Billionaire Club and Bloomberg owned New York, dirtbag run tax you by the mile using GPS Gov. Deval Patrick, mob central Connecticut, and other states who are anti individual, US Constitution, self-employed, and independent minds. Texas has a lot to be desired, but I have been mostly left alone in Vermont and New Hampshire ... so far, and Texas could be a future consideration. 

Comedian Lewis Black and Texas Governor on the subject of Small Business, Self-Employment, and where in the US it might be best to live:

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Bootleg NSA Child Porn For Sale?

The above image was found here

Video cameras getting very good resolution can be the size of a toothpick. There would not be an explosion of porn on the internet if people, in large numbers, were not interested in nudity and sexual acts. Contractors for the government, spies, the NSA, CIA, FBI, your local cops, and those with a security clearance could hypothetically be trading in child porn and trading in actual children for sexual and other deviant purposes. What is stopping them if they can watch secretly, store data, cruise data, pictures, and video, and decide who to target and what to covertly carry out? 

Being normal, watching child porn or other disturbing video for short, long, or any periods could cause the viewer permanent brain altering damage. How could someone be normal and have a normal moral outlook after being subjected to such?

Do you want some unknown official pervert accessing the cellphones, computers, and other surveillance devices to view children nude or using the bathroom? Do you want some official pervert categorizing youth for their sick and perverted schemes? Do you want to reduce the cases of children being wrongly officially kidnapped and covertly for the profit and pleasure of the elite? 

100% unregulated spying is theft, it is rape, it is abuse, is exploitation, it is murder. I have heard numbers of it costing $50,000 per citizen being spied on to store data and for the infrastructure. I don't make $50,000 in a year. So, if the NSA, FBI, IRS, CIA, police, the US Government, military, spy apparatus can spend our US tax dollars for their "customers", the international bankers and corporate organized crime, does the math make sense? 

How can we afford to pay more for spying on ourselves than we make? How can we afford to take taxpayers offline using tax dollars? Why are we paying to break up families? Why are we paying to be economically ruined? Why are we paying to be spied on and abused? Why are we paying to be occupied by international criminals? Why are we paying to be raped, robbed, indefinitely detained, tortured, and murdered? 

100% Spying is a War Crime.

James Corbett of the Corbett breaks down what is wrong with 100% domestic spying by reviewing the 1998 movie, "Enemy of the State", staring Will Smith, [click here]. 

Enemy of the State is a typical Jerry Bruckheimer Hollywood blockbuster, including a Hollywood A-list cast and enough chases and explosions to keep even the most easily distracted fixated on the screen. But beneath the Hollywood gloss there is a remarkably prescient story about total government surveillance…and the risks associated with that power. Join us this week as we examine the CIA-approved predictive programming of this 1998 action flick.
For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode.
For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download).
More information on the CALEA Act
The Making of Enemy of the State
Building a Case Against Controlled Demolition, Inc.
Marty Keiser recounts his experience on Enemy of the State
Steve Uhrig recounts his experience on Enemy of the State
The Fresh Prince and the CIA
Chase Brandon’s official bio
Chase Brandon pumps the Roswell story

* * * *

My beef and personal concerns about having been a victim of 100% surveillance pre-9/11:

Me on RT Live? Zimmerman/Martin subject

Text with below video:

Published on Jul 16, 2013
This video is what it is like to get an email to be on air, possibly worldwide, and then get put on the spot to answer questions on an issue that is currently a topic in our short attention span theater news, unprepared.

I woke up this morning and was surprised to get an alleged email from Karaseva Ekaterina from RTTV, [ live]. I really think the Travon Martin and George Zimmerman murder case verdict in Florida is small news compared to the international banker and corporate organized crime occupation of the US. I think all the wars that are needlessly being fought is the real news. I do not know if there will be a caption under what I said if it appears on RT News, such as "Steven G. Erickson, Brattleboro, Vermont USA".

I wonder if it will be made to appear that I am answering the on air personality's questions, not the person I actually talked to. I did not have time to adjust the focus, white balance, or any of the manual functions of the high definition camera with XLR cable inputs. I just fired it up as I got the call on my Skype on my old Windows XP mobile laptop.

So, an un-showered, ill prepared, unshaven Steven G. Erickson may have appeared worldwide on RT.

I found it odd that RT was contacting me to comment on that particular case. I find it odd that they would want me to go out possibly live, worldwide, on their network on this subject. I am not versed in the law, and have not been keeping up on this case on the international corporate organized crime news networks.

My thoughts can easily be ascertained by my two more recent blog posts here:

When I want real news, worldwide, I go here:
I also like what I see here:

stevengerickson At

Pre-9/11, town and state police asked me to work for them in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Their targets were the self-employed, gun owners, and property owners. Responsible, taxpaying, home owning, and family raising citizens were targets for fines, arrests, property and asset seizure, gun confiscation, domestic spying, harassment, and even prison.

I refused to break laws for police and then found myself on the secret police enemies arrest on sight list:

Stafford Springs Connecticut Police Officer "Fat Frank" Prochaska told me that if I spoke at the Stafford Springs Crime Watch that I co-founded or to elected officials about my thoughts on community policing, he would arrest me. He did, and was stalking me and my wife.

Prochaska and Resident State Trooper Mulcahey told me I was kicked out of the State of Connecticut.

Sgt. [Samuel Izzarelli] told me that I would not be target of police informant beatings, arrest, and prison had I not picked the professions of being a landlord and contractor. I was doing honest work. Izzarelli was not producing any value for the tax dollars he is paid and was partnering up with prostitutes, drug dealers, vandals, thieves, and other criminals to help police run their rackets, collect revenue, get dates with young girls, confiscate property, and railroad target citizens to prison. Izzarelli helped the State of Connecticut break up families and confine citizens for the federal tax dollars that come into the state.

Stafford Springs Constable John Desso is, or was, head of Bergin Correctional Institute BCI, a prison in Storrs, Connecticut. I watched Desso beat up Brian C. Caldwell while Cadwell was in handcuffs. Desso was kicking Caldwell in the ribs and punching him in the face as Caldwell was in handcuffs. I was on my crime watch rounds back in the 1990's. Desso threatening me with arrest if I said anything. Caldwell is a Connecticut State Police Informant. Caldwell attacked me on my property after leaving voice mails threatening my life and stalking me for two weeks. Connecticut State Police had refused to protect and serve, had refused to take my statement against Caldwell, refused to arrest Caldwell, arrested only me, and then committed perjury so that I was railroaded to prison. Desso told me that I would spend the rest of my life in prison if I lodged complaints against police and that I was kicked out of the State of Connecticut as he released me from prison, Storrs, Connecticut.

So, I believe I see the Zimmerman case for what it is. I see the corporate and government mouthpieces for what they are.

The FBI used tax dollars to pay White Supremest Radio Host [Hal Turner] to incite violence between the races. The government and core law enforcement wants to promote infighting, racial tensions, and violent riots. It produces jobs for cops, unlimited budgets, and creates unchecked, unregulated power in a police state. 

Unrestricted, 100% domestic spying does not make us safer. It makes us international banker and corporate organized crime slaves.

Formerly crack cocaine addicted, alcoholic police informant [Peter Coukos] was allegedly offered a gun permit and dibs on my properties for sexually harassing and threatening my then 14 year old daughter and for helping police terrorize me out of Connecticut. Police are crime farmers and armed revenue collectors, not law enforcers and protectors of the public. To them the US Constitution is just a piece of paper.  

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Obama pulled a July 6th Surprise, Surprise!

You are on the beach. The ocean pulls back, way way back. You can see a miles of dirt. The weak minded go about their lives thinking there is a new place to walk out in the expanded beach. The gift is not a gift. It is a warning. Calm happens before the storm. The big wave will hit the beach.

Before 9/11 the police brass were ramping up. There was a planned, or known about "event". Police were openly bragging just after 9/11, "We can now do whatever we want!"

I could have been part of the problem. The police state offered me a job. I refused. [This is how it worked out for me].

You live in this same country. Do the outside elite really care about you? Do you think they care when you beg, and plead, when it is your turn? I did not make the below video. It is really amazing to me the amount of people who just woke up, just recently.

Obama signed the NDAA legislation on New Year's Eve, thinking you weren't paying attention. Do you know what his UN, corporate organized crime, international banker regime just pulled, July 6th?

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3 to 4 day battery life on autonomous robotic bees?

I happen to be around defense industry workers in social settings quite often. I don't let on that I blog etc.

There is a buzz among some of these workers. Robotic bees which had a battery life of a few seconds, according to those talking among themselves say the batteries can now support 3 to 4 days on one charge.

One robotic bee carrying a pin pricks worth of a bio-weapon could cause a world wide pandemic. Bees could kill even the best soldiers one by one. Any exposed skin would suffice. There is work being done to take over brains of animals using various means. There have been video showing how cockroaches can be run around like battery operated cars using a similar remote. How soon will a bee sized super computer autonomous robotic bee be able to enter in through a person's nose or ear canal and start to link to the brain? 

What then would be possible? 

Aircraft would be vulnerable as would any machine or system. The military applications for such a robotic bee would be limitless. The least expensive and most efficient method of removing humans to date may have just been perfected.

There would truly be no where to run, no where to hide ...


The above picture and below post was cut and pasted [from here].

Robotic scientists, it seems, are hell bent on creating autonomous, animalistic robots.

These machines, should the scientists have their way, would be capable of running faster than any human being, scaling all manner of rough terrain, and now, taking flight on their own, thinking like a bee in order to find certain sights and smells.

The robot take over is nigh.

A new report from the Universities of Sheffield and Sussex explains how scientists are looking at the way a bee's brain works in order to not only improve Artificial Intelligence, but to also create the world's first flying robot capable of acting on its own rather than waiting on the instructions of its human creators.

If doctors James Marshall and Thomas Nowotny are able to create such a bee-inspired brain, it will be the first time a robotic brain has been built to perform complex tasks similar to those carried out by actual animals and insects.

According to the report, these brains could then be used in search and rescue missions or even performing the jobs of bees (namely pollination) in case the great bee shortage continues.

Dr. Marshall explained why his team chose the brain of a bee instead of another creature in recent statement: "The development of an artificial brain is one of the greatest challenges in Artificial Intelligence. So far, researchers have typically studied brains such as those of rats, monkeys, and humans, but actually 'simpler' organisms such as social insects have surprisingly advanced cognitive abilities."

This project may sound familiar. Called "Green Brain," this project is partially supported by NVIDIA and attempts to build a brain roughly the size of a bee's. Project "Blue Brain" is being conducted with help from IBM and aims to recreate the human brain, a much more frightening notion.

Interestingly enough, according to the latest report from the Blue Brain project, the largest simulation they've run so far (as of August) is on the same scale as, you guessed it, a bee.

According to Dr. Marshall, the bee's brain is the perfect candidate for understanding the way brains work, thus giving us a better opportunity to understand the cognitive systems of a brain and one day fully understand how our brains work.

Interesting, then, that scientists are interested in creating autonomous, flying bees before they fully understand how the human brain works.

"Because the honey bee brain is smaller and more accessible than any vertebrate brain, we hope to eventually be able to produce an accurate and complete model that we can test within a flying robot," said Dr. Marshall.

Dr. Nowotny agrees with his partner, saying the advancements they make with the robotic bee brain will also help improve techniques in other areas of robotics, possibly leading to the creation of other, more horrifying autonomous robots.

The doctors also say understanding the way a bee's brains works will not only allow for the creation of flying, search and destroy robots as well as fully functional robots capable of thinking for themselves, but could also further the understanding of the bee itself, particularly when it comes to pollination. 

* * * *

Check out some Stark Raving Viking blog video uploads found here:

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The Ten Most Disturbing Things You Should Know About The FBI Since 9/11

I cut and pasted the article below the italics [from here]. Pre-9/11 cops and court operators were gearing up for something. Spying on the public pre-9/11, illegally, was not punished. Cops were recruiting informants and operatives to break laws, terrorize the public, [beat up and set up targets]. It was for off and on the books revenue collection and property confiscation. Running citizens through the court system and into prison brings federal tax dollars into any state. Innocence or guilt is of no matter to the fast-trackers in the system.

Complicit lawyers who are also legislators only compounds the problem. Insiders get benefits. We the people get the shaft. Do you enjoy your UN prisoner training?

NSA spying scandal "leaker" Edward Snowden has gotten a lot of world attention. Where does one go to avoid the everyday abuse of the UN/Banker/international corporate organized crime cabal of scumbags? Snowden being offered possible political asylum in Ecuador, Venezuela, and other countries can only put those countries on the "good list" for places to live, work, raise a family, and retire in. The US has a constitution, but it does not mean those who have Americans under armed occupation will honor it though.

1.) USA Patriot Act Abuse The recent revelation about the FBI using the Patriot Act’s “business records provision” to track all U.S. telephone calls is only the latest in a long line of abuse. Five Justice Department Inspector General audits documented widespread FBI misuse of Patriot Act authorities (1,2,3,4,5), and a federal district court recently struck down the National Security Letter (NSL) statute because of its unconstitutional gag orders. The IG also revealed the FBI’s unlawful use of “exigent letters” that claimed false emergencies to get private information without NSLs, but in 2009 the Justice Department secretly re-interpreted the law to allow the FBI to get this information without emergencies or legal process. Congress and the American public need to know the full scope of the FBI’s spying on Americans under the Patriot Act and all other surveillance authorities enacted since 9/11, like the FISA Amendments Act that underlies the PRISM program.

2.) 2008 Amendments to the Attorney General’s Guidelines Attorney General Michael Mukasey re-wrote the FBI’s rulebook in the final months of the Bush administration, giving FBI agents unfettered authority to investigate people without any factual basis for suspecting wrongdoing. The 2008 Attorney General’s Guidelines created a new kind of intrusive investigation called an “assessment,” which required no “factual predicate” before FBI agents could search through government or commercial databases, conduct overt or covert FBI interviews, and task informants to gather information about people or infiltrate lawful organizations. In a two-year period from 2009 to 2011, the FBI opened over 82,000 ”assessments” of individuals or organizations, less than 3,500 of which discovered information justifying further investigation.

3.) Racial and Ethnic Mapping The 2008 Attorney General’s Guidelines also authorized “domain management assessments” which allow the FBI to map American communities by race and ethnicity based on crass stereotypes about the crimes they are likely to commit. FBI documents obtained by the ACLU show the FBI mapped entire Chinese and Russian communities in San Francisco on the theory that they might commit organized crime, all Latino communities in New Jersey and Alabama because a street gang has Latino members, African Americans in Georgia to find “Black separatists,” and Middle-Eastern communities in Detroit for terrorism investigations. The FBI’s racial and ethnic mapping program is simply racial and religious profiling of entire communities.

4.) Unrestrained Data Collection and Data Mining The FBI has claimed the authority to secretly sweep up voluminous amounts of private information from data aggregators for data mining purposes. In 2007 the FBI said it amassed databases containing 1.5 billion records, which were predicted to grow to 6 billion records by 2012, or equal to “20 separate ‘records’ for each man, woman and child in the United States.” When Congress sought information about one of these programs, the FBI refused to give the Government Accountability Office access. That program was temporarily defunded, but its successor, the FBI Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force, currently has 360 staff members running 40 separate projects. Records show analysts are allowed to use data mining tools to establish “risk scores” for U.S. persons. A 2013 IG audit questioned the task force’s effectiveness, concluding it “did not always provide FBI field offices with timely and relevant information.”

5.) Suppressing Internal Dissent: The FBI War on Whistleblowers The FBI is exempt from the Whistleblower Protection Act. Though the law required it to establish internal mechanisms to protect whistleblowers, it has a long history of retaliating against them. As a result, a 2009 IG report found that 28 percent of non-supervisory FBI employees and 22 percent of FBI supervisors at the GS-14 and GS-15 levels “never” reported misconduct they have seen or heard about on the job. The FBI has also aggressively investigated whistleblowers from other agencies, leading to an unprecedented increase in Espionage Act prosecutions under the Obama administration, almost invariably targeting critics of government policies.

6.) Targeting Journalists The FBI’s overzealous pursuit of government whistleblowers has resulted in the inappropriate targeting of journalists for investigation, potentially chilling press freedoms. Recently, the FBI obtained records from 21 telephone lines used by over 100 Associated Press journalists, including the AP’s main number in the U.S. House of Representatives’ press gallery. And an FBI search warrant affidavit claimed Fox News reporter James Rosen aided, abetted, or co-conspired in criminal activity because of his news gathering activities, in an apparent attempt to circumvent legal restrictions designed to protect journalists. In 2010, the IG reported that the FBI unlawfully used an “exigent letter” to obtain the telephone records of seven New York Times and Washington Post reporters and researchers during a media leak investigation.

7.) Thwarting Congressional Oversight The FBI has thwarted congressional oversight by withholding information, limiting or delaying responses to members’ inquiries, or worse, by providing false or misleading information to Congress and the American public. Examples include false information regarding FBI investigations of domestic advocacy groups, misleading information about the FBI’s awareness of detainee abuse, and deceptive responses to questions about government surveillance authorities.

8.) Targeting First Amendment Activity Several ACLU Freedom of Information Act requests have uncovered significant evidence that the FBI has used its expanded authorities to target individuals and organizations because of their participation in First Amendment-protected activities. A 2010 IG report confirmed the FBI conducted inappropriate investigations of domestic advocacy groups engaged in environmental and anti-war activism, and falsified public responses to hide this fact. Other FBI documents showed FBI exploitation of community outreach programs to secretly collect information about law-abiding citizens, including a mosque outreach program specifically targeting American Muslims. Many of these abuses are likely a result of flawed FBI training materials and intelligence products that expressed anti-Muslim sentiments and falsely identified religious practices or other First Amendment activities as indicators of terrorism.

9.) Proxy Detentions The FBI increasingly operates outside the U.S., where its authorities are less clear and its activities much more difficult to monitor. Several troubling cases indicate that during the Bush administration the FBI requested, facilitated, and/or exploited the arrests and detention of U.S. citizens by foreign governments, often without charges, so they could be interrogated, sometimes tortured, then interviewed by FBI agents. The ACLU represents two victims of such activities. Amir Meshal was arrested at the Kenya border by a joint U.S., Kenyan, and Ethiopian task force in 2007, subjected to more than four months of detention, and transferred between three different East African countries without charge, access to counsel, or presentment before a judicial officer, all at the behest of the U.S. government. FBI agents interrogated Meshal more than thirty times during his detention. Similarly, Naji Hamdan, a Lebanese-American businessman, sat for interviews with the FBI several times before moving from Los Angeles to the United Arab Emirates in 2006. In 2008, he was arrested by U.A.E. security forces and held incommunicado for nearly three months, beaten, and tortured. At one point an American participated in his interrogation; Hamdan believed this person to be an FBI agent based on the interrogator’s knowledge of previous FBI interviews. Another case in 2010, involving an American teenager jailed in Kuwait, may indicate this activity has continued into the Obama administration.

10.) Use of No Fly List to Pressure Americans Abroad to Become Informants The number of U.S. persons on the No Fly List has more than doubled since 2009, and people mistakenly on the list are denied their due process rights to meaningfully challenge their inclusion. In many cases Americans only find out they are on the list while they are traveling abroad, which all but forces them to interact with the U.S. government from a position of extreme vulnerability, and often without easy access to counsel. Many of those prevented from flying home have been subjected to FBI interviews while they sought assistance from U.S. Embassies to return. In those interviews, FBI agents sometimes offer to take people off the No Fly List if they agree to become an FBI informant. In 2010 the ACLU and its affiliates filed a lawsuit on behalf of 10 American citizens and permanent residents, including several U.S. military veterans, seven of whom were prevented from returning home until the suit was filed. We argue that barring them from flying without due process was unconstitutional. There are now 13 plaintiffs; none have been charged with a crime, told why they are barred from flying, or given an opportunity to challenge their inclusion on the No Fly List. - See more at:

NSA's Criminal Activity - Ben Swann - Full Disclosure

Click on above document to make it bigger. 

An interesting video. Check it out:

Source of video:

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9/11 Re-hash, Amazing or BS allegations?

No matter where you stand on 9/11, a lot of the government's "story" does not hold water. I, myself, question Dick Cheney's stand down order. If that was never made we would have had no 9/11 as the hijacked planes would have been shot down. There would be no DHS, no TSA, no Patriot Act, uncontrolled all out NSA spying, CIA openly conducting operations INSIDE the country, NDAA, and the total UN international organized corporate organized police state that we currently have. 

If there was no 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld, the Bushes, Cheney, and so many others would have been prosecuted over the 2.3 trillion dollar missing Pentagon taxpayer spent tax dollars. The criminals may have now gotten unlimited tax dollars for having blown up 3 buildings blaming patsies.

I was asked pre-9/11 to spy on, and set up citizens who would be potential leaders during civil unrest, who are self-employed, and who owned guns. Police wanted to beat up, terrorize, arrest, process in court, imprison, and even murder citizens on their [secret police target lists]. I said no to breaking laws for police for pay and benefits, and [this is my saga]. 

So, if what the woman below says is true, why is she not still currently locked up or why hasn't she been murdered by our spook controlled corporate organized crime government?

Would we being paying for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc if there was no 9/11? Would their be more questions for and prosecution of the international corporate bankster military industrial complex?


CIA WhistleBlower Susan Lindauer EXPOSES Everything! "Extreme Prejudice"

Text with video:

Uploaded on Sep 23, 2011
Former Congressional staffer Susan Lindauer covered Iraq and Libya at UN as a U.S. Intelligence Asset and back door channel on anti-terrorism from 1993-2003.Summer of 2001, her team warned about a major terrorist attack involving airplane hijackings and a strike on the World Trade Center.

Former CIA Asset, Susan Lindauer, provides an extraordinary first-hand account from behind the intelligence curtain that shatters the government's lies about 9/11 and Iraq, and casts a harsh spotlight on the workings of the Patriot Act as the ideal weapon to bludgeon whistle blowers and dissidents. A terrifying true story of "black budget" betrayals and the Patriot Act, with its arsenal of secret evidence, indefinite detention and threats of forcible drugging,

EXTREME PREJUDICE(Book by Susan Lindauer) reveals one Asset's desperate struggle to survive the brutal cover ups of 9/11 and Iraq. EXTREME PREJUDICE delivers a high tension expose of the real facts surrounding the CIA's advance warnings of 9/11 and Iraq's contributions to the 9/11 investigation.

Further Review and link to the book at this Link.

Susan's book "Extreme Prejudice" can be purchased on Amazon.
She in urgent need of book sales and donations. Please consider a donation to her paypal account with her email

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The Light of the World,Movie(Full Length)
9/11, the story of the missing tapes:

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Got Independence?

Before 1776, British soldiers could show up at your house. You would have to feed them and give them beds in your house. These soldiers could go through all of your belongings, tax you, confiscate anything as they pleased, beat you, rape you, even murder you, arrest you, take your home, take liberties with your daughter, wife, or with you. It didn't matter what lies officials put in their report, the abuse was then justified.

Is there unwanted military occupation all over right now? Does the government, military, police, and courts protect international corporations and bankers, not you? Are you funding your own abuse? Should we care what the occupiers' media has to say?

Steven G. Erickson still has not gotten a response from Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy [on this]. Is Malloy okay with Connecticut State Police Intelligence Unit running drugs, promoting prostitution, and targeting the self-employed and small business owners for financial loss, property confiscation, and prison? Would Malloy be okay with police shooting young kids in a school so a patsy could be blamed so that all Americans guns could be confiscated?

Do you have independence now, or is the same abuse, different day?

The above picture of Oliver Stone and post was cut and pasted [from here].

Oliver Stone Tells European Audience on Fourth of July 'The World is in Danger With Our Tyranny'

By Noel Sheppard | July 04, 2013 | 12:44

Dontcha just love it when pompous Hollywoodans speak ill of America on national holidays while traveling abroad?

Take Oliver Stone for example who on the Fourth of July actually said of the United States at a film festival in the Czech Republic, "The world is in danger with our tyranny."

As The Wrap reported moments ago, Stone also said during a press conference at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, "It's a disgrace that Obama is more concerned with hunting down Snowden than reforming these George Bush-style eavesdropping techniques...To me, Snowden is a hero, because he revealed secrets that we should all know, that the United States has repeatedly violated the Fourth Amendment."

"He should be welcomed, and offered asylum," Stoned continued, "but he has no place to hide because every country is intimidated by the United States. This should not be. This is what's wrong with the world today, and it's very important that the world recognizes and gives asylum to Snowden. Everyone in the world is impacted by the United States' Big Brother attitude toward the world."

But he didn't stop there.

In front of a room of mostly European journalists, Stone said, "We need countries to say no to the United States."

"The United States is the dominant power in the universe, with its eavesdropping abilities, cyber abilities," he continued. "And the world is in danger with our tyranny."

And this is what an American says in the Czech Republic on the Fourth of July.

How disgraceful.

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The subject of the below video is not about police, park rangers, and occupying military having Hitler mustaches, but check out the Austin, Texas, Park Ranger version of the Hiltler mustache. Is that going to become international bankster police state fashion?

Obama Worshipers Tell Alex Jones To Shut Up!!

Text with video:

Published on Jul 4, 2013
The 4th of July is a day to shut up and embrace tyranny in the new Amerika. According to two Obama Worshipers that came out of their way,30 feet that is to tell a fellow NWO slave to shut his pie hole. After looking at the video it is even worse than I first thought. The people that told me to shut up were at lest 30 feet away and were watching me. They had a lot of nerve to tell me to shut up, but when you think that my message was about freedom it makes it really sick. Then I politely said why should I shut up and what am I telling lies about the man talked to me like I was a dog and said "Get Out Of Here" and I said no I have a right so he got up and said "I said get out of here" he was ready to fight me to stop my free speech until I did not back down. People like this think of them selves as part of the state and want to shut down any opposing views! This has a name "authoritarianism".

[Alex Jones channel]

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