Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Me on RT Live? Zimmerman/Martin subject

Text with below video:

Published on Jul 16, 2013
This video is what it is like to get an email to be on air, possibly worldwide, and then get put on the spot to answer questions on an issue that is currently a topic in our short attention span theater news, unprepared.

I woke up this morning and was surprised to get an alleged email from Karaseva Ekaterina from RTTV, [ live]. I really think the Travon Martin and George Zimmerman murder case verdict in Florida is small news compared to the international banker and corporate organized crime occupation of the US. I think all the wars that are needlessly being fought is the real news. I do not know if there will be a caption under what I said if it appears on RT News, such as "Steven G. Erickson, Brattleboro, Vermont USA".

I wonder if it will be made to appear that I am answering the on air personality's questions, not the person I actually talked to. I did not have time to adjust the focus, white balance, or any of the manual functions of the high definition camera with XLR cable inputs. I just fired it up as I got the call on my Skype on my old Windows XP mobile laptop.

So, an un-showered, ill prepared, unshaven Steven G. Erickson may have appeared worldwide on RT.

I found it odd that RT was contacting me to comment on that particular case. I find it odd that they would want me to go out possibly live, worldwide, on their network on this subject. I am not versed in the law, and have not been keeping up on this case on the international corporate organized crime news networks.

My thoughts can easily be ascertained by my two more recent blog posts here:

When I want real news, worldwide, I go here:
I also like what I see here:

stevengerickson At

Pre-9/11, town and state police asked me to work for them in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Their targets were the self-employed, gun owners, and property owners. Responsible, taxpaying, home owning, and family raising citizens were targets for fines, arrests, property and asset seizure, gun confiscation, domestic spying, harassment, and even prison.

I refused to break laws for police and then found myself on the secret police enemies arrest on sight list:

Stafford Springs Connecticut Police Officer "Fat Frank" Prochaska told me that if I spoke at the Stafford Springs Crime Watch that I co-founded or to elected officials about my thoughts on community policing, he would arrest me. He did, and was stalking me and my wife.

Prochaska and Resident State Trooper Mulcahey told me I was kicked out of the State of Connecticut.

Sgt. [Samuel Izzarelli] told me that I would not be target of police informant beatings, arrest, and prison had I not picked the professions of being a landlord and contractor. I was doing honest work. Izzarelli was not producing any value for the tax dollars he is paid and was partnering up with prostitutes, drug dealers, vandals, thieves, and other criminals to help police run their rackets, collect revenue, get dates with young girls, confiscate property, and railroad target citizens to prison. Izzarelli helped the State of Connecticut break up families and confine citizens for the federal tax dollars that come into the state.

Stafford Springs Constable John Desso is, or was, head of Bergin Correctional Institute BCI, a prison in Storrs, Connecticut. I watched Desso beat up Brian C. Caldwell while Cadwell was in handcuffs. Desso was kicking Caldwell in the ribs and punching him in the face as Caldwell was in handcuffs. I was on my crime watch rounds back in the 1990's. Desso threatening me with arrest if I said anything. Caldwell is a Connecticut State Police Informant. Caldwell attacked me on my property after leaving voice mails threatening my life and stalking me for two weeks. Connecticut State Police had refused to protect and serve, had refused to take my statement against Caldwell, refused to arrest Caldwell, arrested only me, and then committed perjury so that I was railroaded to prison. Desso told me that I would spend the rest of my life in prison if I lodged complaints against police and that I was kicked out of the State of Connecticut as he released me from prison, Storrs, Connecticut.

So, I believe I see the Zimmerman case for what it is. I see the corporate and government mouthpieces for what they are.

The FBI used tax dollars to pay White Supremest Radio Host [Hal Turner] to incite violence between the races. The government and core law enforcement wants to promote infighting, racial tensions, and violent riots. It produces jobs for cops, unlimited budgets, and creates unchecked, unregulated power in a police state. 

Unrestricted, 100% domestic spying does not make us safer. It makes us international banker and corporate organized crime slaves.

Formerly crack cocaine addicted, alcoholic police informant [Peter Coukos] was allegedly offered a gun permit and dibs on my properties for sexually harassing and threatening my then 14 year old daughter and for helping police terrorize me out of Connecticut. Police are crime farmers and armed revenue collectors, not law enforcers and protectors of the public. To them the US Constitution is just a piece of paper.  


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