Friday, July 12, 2013

Obama pulled a July 6th Surprise, Surprise!

You are on the beach. The ocean pulls back, way way back. You can see a miles of dirt. The weak minded go about their lives thinking there is a new place to walk out in the expanded beach. The gift is not a gift. It is a warning. Calm happens before the storm. The big wave will hit the beach.

Before 9/11 the police brass were ramping up. There was a planned, or known about "event". Police were openly bragging just after 9/11, "We can now do whatever we want!"

I could have been part of the problem. The police state offered me a job. I refused. [This is how it worked out for me].

You live in this same country. Do the outside elite really care about you? Do you think they care when you beg, and plead, when it is your turn? I did not make the below video. It is really amazing to me the amount of people who just woke up, just recently.

Obama signed the NDAA legislation on New Year's Eve, thinking you weren't paying attention. Do you know what his UN, corporate organized crime, international banker regime just pulled, July 6th?


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