Friday, August 09, 2013

All Citizens sentenced to living in Corporate Reservation Cities

We are a nation of corporation owned, smiling workers, right?

We the people are being taught to be prisoners. 100% of our conversations, interactions, and what we think we own is being cataloged and inventoried. Children can be taken from any parent on any lame excuse. Your home can re repossessed, even if you do not owe anything on your mortgage or a dime in taxes. A judges owe someone for their position. Courts are rigged in favor of international corporate organized crime and for bankers. These criminals steal your tax money and then rig elections, bribe, and buy off elected officials.

When you try to educate the public, or elected officials of what is going on you can be targeted by goons hired by police to beat your up and terrorize you. I was asked to become one of the goons to help go after the self-employed and small business owners. Gun owners are, and were, targets before 9/11. I told police "no" to breaking laws and being a lying scumbag for them. [This is how it worked out for me]

What if it costs $40,000 to $50,000 to spy on each citizen for the equipment, manpower, and buildings? Everyone is being spied on. Would you agree to pay that amount of money to spy on yourself and then get the bill? Would you vote for the people who engineered this?

Independent small farmers are, and were, their biggest enemy. Next are the self-employed, small business proponents, gun owners, and anyone with any belief in God.

Being groped to travel, having a gloved finger used on multiple people to violate your anal cavity, that of children, checkpoints, and thuggish abuse makes you safer, right? No, it means that you are a prisoner.

The man who blew the whistle on countless elite and officials hiding money in UBS accounts went to prison, not the 10's of thousands of tax cheats. Bradley Manning told on those who committed war crimes and shot up journalists and children and Manning is the only one being punished. Edward Snowden told on those who were misappropriating funds, who are actually committing treason, and who are involved in making the US a corporate police state, and Snowden is the only one being sought to be murdered or indefinitely detained.

The NDAA means there is no US Constitution.

Dow chemical and Monsanto can chemically kill millions in wars and then say they care for us by giving us safe GMO "food". Monsanto seems to own the legislatures in Vermont, Connecticut, and other states. Monsanto's pockets are deeper than that of states, so in courts, Monsanto will win. So, Monsanto is one of our owners.

I ask Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders what he plans to do about the above, [text, click here]

Corporate lying is an "art form":

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[Post about the US Police State in its beta phase, click here]


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