Saturday, August 31, 2013

Being Blacklisted by Police

[If you are blacklisted by police], an officer can be fired for helping you and/or for protecting and serving you. So, if you are blacklisted you are a target for rape, robbery, theft, beatings, murder, and other crimes. You are not allowed to have an intact family. You are not allowed to own a home. You are not allowed to have a job. You are not allowed to have friends. Even though you have committed no crimes, police can tell you that you are not allowed to date and that you are kicked out of the state. You are not allowed to have safety and security. Judges will refuse to sit on your cases or will rule against you. Police informants will be given incentives to terrorize you, physically harm you, and for making false statements for your arrest. You are a target for incarceration, financial ruin, and there is no recovery.

Free Speech and the US Constitution does not apply if you are not listed in a "protected group". Even if you are, often you too, are a victim of the system. 

A Somersville, Connecticut, town police officer told me he would lose his job if he helped me. Police can refuse to protect and serve.

You all live in [this same police state].

Domestic spying is abuse. Police officers can show up the next day and mock what you say, comment on what you ate for dinner last night, and talk to you about intimate details of what happens in your bedroom. Is this the America you want to live in?

I have news for you. This is the America you live in. Silence signifies acceptance.

The Police State is taking inventory and stealing every last dime they can get their hands on. Wheeled tanks running on US streets is not for your safety, it is to protect international corporate organized crime and bankers. The state feels it needs to protect itself from you. So, would you agree to pay $40,000 to $50,000, or more a year, to spy on yourself, for the police state, for the world military industrial complex? Do you wish to fund the prison planet operators?

stevengerickson at

Notifying Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy [this text] has yielded no answer. 

Notifying US Congressman Joe Courtney [this text and embedded videos] has yielded no answer.

* * * *

Text with below video:

UK govt. seeks to erase Snowden's leaked doc’s held by New York Times

The British government has asked the New York Times to destroy “highly classified” documents leaked by US National Security Agency (NSA) whistle-blower Edward Snowden that reveal operations of two US and UK spy agencies.

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[Steven G. Erickson's channel]

Prison for Downtown Taxpayers

Text with below video:
when they complain about heroin, crack cocaine, and marijuana being sold 24 hours a day by alcohol swilling teens using the homeowners' yards as toilets and cheap brothel.

Police in downtown areas partner with drug dealers and can be so busy sleeping with prostitutes they don't bother to answer calls into them.


I had tried to have Rockville Superior Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan removed for bias, in civil cases, involving landlords, the self-employed, and contractors for two years BEFORE he sat on my criminal trial.

Prosecutor Keith Courier told me he would prosecute me if I evicted prostitute Lana Thompson who had gone to visit him in high heals, low cut, mini-dress to show off her huge breasts. The oral sex he possibly got probably cost me my relationship with my daughter, my home, my dog, credit, ability to get a job, retirement, and the sum total of my life's work.

There seems to be no recourse and no justice. There is no one to take complaints, not the FBI, police, not elected official, lawyers are in cahoots, and court cases are rigged.

Try doing a google word search on Steven G. Erickson

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Make a Police Misconduct Report, Get Beaten Up and Arrested?

Text with below video:

Michael Nowacki might be more of a danger releasing what he knows than is Edward Snowden the NSA spying scandal leaker or Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings who was killed in retaliation for pissing off the NSA and CIA. Look for more links posted with today date in [this blog]. Nowacki is a former CBS New Executive. He knows about the "corporate polling" rigging of election results as they came in for the Bush/Gore election in 2000.

The full version of the Alex Jones embedded video in full audio quality is [found here].

The US Police State is out of hand. Complain about police in Connecticut, and pretty much anywhere in the US. You will lose your house, your family, your job, you get arrested, probably beaten up, maybe killed, maybe imprisoned. It is common. Word search Steven G. Erickson

Mike Nowacki talks about the alleged "Gay Mafia" in Connecticut. It may involve bribe, giving or taking, and his two aids. The Jewish Mafia makes the traditional Mafia look like children in Connecticut. UBS Bank is about laundering drug money. The Judicial Branch and elected officials in Connecticut are complicit. The FBI knows full well.

Before anyone goes and flags the language in the text of this post. It is a breaking story and all is a matter of public record. Let's see if the "mainstream" corporate organized crime media reports on this.


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