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Living in a Fishbowl, Kept as Pets?

The 24 hour, 7 day a week, total spying and surveillance on the general public is not as benign as it is made out to be. There is someone on the other side of your computer screen, and there are those who are listening to what you are saying in real time. They are not saying to themselves, "Let's protect these people's US Constitutional Rights."

You are being categorized, inventoried, and managed. UN Agenda 21 is to curb and eliminate self employment, small business, civilian land ownership, home ownership, family units, religion, and is for reducing the population, culling, sterilizing, and absolute international banker and corporate organized crime control.

State elected officials are being educated. [Example]

I have also tried to educate our Federal "Employees" [Example]

Pre-9/11, town and state police let me know that they were listening to all of my phone calls, reading my emails, and somehow were privy to my exact words my wife and I used back in forth in our kitchen, living room, and in our bedroom. It is beyond creepy when a police officer is waiting outside your house. Fat Frank would wait outside my house, tell me that I did not own my house, was a mere occupant and if I did not do exactly as he told me, he would arrest me, I would go to prison, and would lose my job, my wife, my daughter, and go to prison. I broke no laws, yet he arrested me and I did go to prison.

If the State of Connecticut had a warning label, such as, "Punishment for Self-Employment is Anal Rape in Prison," I would not have located my contracting business there, bought a home, and spent time in that state.

I was not raped in prison. But guards were telling me that if I was, that I would be listed as a "Sex Offender", because you are not supposed to have sex in prison, consensual or not, BEFORE I was attacked in the prison bathroom and nearly raped. Two African Americans each grabbed one of my wrists and pulled. A man who had been in prison his whole life and had gone to prison for robbing an armored car and had one of eyes shot out with a police officer's shotgun, had taken my pants down along with his and was using hand cream to lube himself and make himself hard.

For me that was more than I could take.

I asked my fellow prisoner if he wanted to keep his remaining eye. The two African Americans let my wrists go simultaneously. One commented to me, "You are one cold ass mother fucker!"

I then ran my block at Bergin CI, Storrs, Connecticut. Other inmates had to make my bunk, do my laundry, I got a piece of one eye's sports gambling racket, and guards had to come to me to settle disputes between inmates. Assuming the guards were helping arrange my anal rape, it didn't go to their plan, they surely were not happy with the turn of events.

Police were not after child rapists, drug dealers, vandals, prostitutes, strong armed robbers, and thugs, they were, and are, after activists, gun owners, and are out for revenue collection and property confiscation. They also help the state officially kidnap children. The [Diaper Gang] in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, were called such because of their youth. They robbed and beat citizens with baseball bats. I was able to name the members for police, as when they went to rob me, they thought I might be armed, so they did not. Police allowed these young thugs to continue robbing the public after I named the members. Richie Dessert was robbed and beaten so bad by Stephen Carver that he needed to be flown to the hospital by LifeStar.

Police were after bloggers and "Big Mouths" like me, they weren't after the real criminals. The wife of a Doctor in Connecticut alerted a teller at a bank that her family was being held after a home invasion. The young daughters were sodomized and set on fire. Police did the equivalent of roasting marshmallows as the Doctor's home burned.  

We all live under the same [Police State]. Should we pay for our own abuse?

stevengerickson at

Warning: Fowl Language and a lot of anger in the below video

Text with below video (Oct 5, 2010 upload):

11 y/o girl sodomized set on fire

More info:

Dr. William Petit is the sole survivor of "The Cheshire Home Invasion" in Connecticut back in 2007. The court case is going on, or just wrapped up. Two career criminals invaded his home, sent his wife out to get $15,000 cash ransom, and police failed miserably. Police were notified that the family had been kidnapped and were being held by two criminals. The women were raped and sodomized as was the little girl. The criminals threw gasoline on the 11 year old and set her and the house on fire. Police were just hanging out around the perimeter, talking.

Police have no obligation to protect and serve in the US. They do so at their own prerogative. Connecticut State Police Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren told me that his number one job was to "Protect the Integrity of the System", not to protect and serve citizens and enforce laws. Police are just for collecting extra revenue and guarding government officials and buildings. Law enforcement is just a sideline, not a priority.

Check out the link above. Michael Savage narrates, blow by blow, what happened to the Petit family in Connecticut. There is also a link to the US Founding Father James Wilson story.


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