Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Art of US Gov BS? Why is China part of rebuilding critical NYC bridge?

I love America, the American people, but think the American Government and the bankers and international corporate organized crime thugs who run it are full of crap. I have never met a person of Chinese descent that I have not liked. I've met pro-Chinese Democracy citizens and others from China. It is unfortunate, but I might be more apt to believe a Chinese spokesperson, a RT America reporter, or any known independent blogger or journalist before I will believe anything from the corporate mainstream media or out of the Obama White House.

If Chinese were out to get us in the US, what could they hide on a bridge that spans a major waterway? We are talking about the longest suspension bridge in the United States of America. If 9/11 weren't just a hoax, would authorities even consider having China involved in such a project?

Pre-9/11 any US citizens with questions about police brutality, judicial misconduct, or public corruption could be indefinitely detained, suicided, tortured, and financially ruined. Just contact an elected official with your concerns and maybe your family, your future, and you can just implode. I, myself, Steven G. Erickson actually believed the crap I was taught in schools about the US Constitution and America in schools while growing up. How did it work out for me? Well, word search my name.

I don't think there is anything wrong with China being involved in a major bridge project in New York City if 9/11 was just a hoax.

New York Bridge Restoration Outsourced to China

Text with below video:

Your tax dollars at work.

There is a second reason not to buy “Made in China” products: jobs. The abiding fact is that steel production is heavily subsidized by the Chinese government. These subsidies range from the massive benefits of a manipulated and undervalued currency to the underwriting of the costs of energy, land, loans and water.

Because of China’s subsidies — most of which are arguably illegal under international trade agreements — its producers are able to dump steel products into America at or below the actual cost of production. This problem is particularly acute now as China is saddled with massive overcapacity in its steel industry.

Of course, every job China gains by dumping steel into American markets is an American job lost. Each steelworker’s job in America generates additional jobs in the economy, along with increased tax revenues. With over 20 million Americans now unable to find decent work, we could certainly use those jobs as we repair the Verrazano Bridge.



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