Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Are Saudi Arabian & Israeli Intelligence operating in US to terrorize real journalists?

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How would you like to be taking a walk in a park and have a well dressed intelligence agent/goon, an Israeli, Saudi Arabian, or other national, show you pictures of your kid, your pet, your house, telling you will lose all this your job and be tortured after everyone you know is killed? If you are a journalist the threats are even more blatant. (Check out videos below whether you love, or hate, Alex Jones. The content is that good.)

 If you blog or get mouthy to elected officials asking them to do their jobs, foreign agents can visit you. It may not work out to well for you. The foreign agents who visited me were Connecticut State Police Intelligence that their homegrown scum of the earth, police gang, informants. [That Story]

My text to go with below videos:

Attention all US elected officials: if any of you are on our side, not the side of international organized crime, will you consider looking into the allegations made in the embedded videos?

Are Saudi Arabian and Israeli Intelligence operating in US to terrorize real journalists? For the answer, watch the included videos. Isn't that acts of war? If we are supplying enemies with tax dollars and weapons, shouldn't we stop this?

Is Barack Obama complicit it the softening up of America for more corporate and banker abuse of all of us? Is Barack Obama complicit in allowing the CIA to misappropriate funds to use their Al Qaeda to destabilize governments and to eliminate citizens' rights? Is Barack Obama complicit in 5th column attacks on the US, conspiring to aid the real enemies of average Americans? Is Barack Obama the biggest trader in the history of the world? Should we ask all elected officials whose side they are on? Should we allow the biggest criminals in the history of the world to continue to rip us off, install puppet leaders, erase borders, torture, rape, war, bomb and murder at their leisure?

If even 1% of what Alex Jones says about Barack Obama is true, then if we are not under corporate armed occupation, Obama should be impeached, arrested, processed, and locked up for our protection. Someone who promises to protect and honor the US Constitution should not be allowed to dismantle it. [Act now]

Breaking: Obama's Link to Kenyan Mall Massacre Revealed

Obama to Activate Jihadist to Bring in 'Domestic Martial Law'

Obama and The Kenya Terror Attack

Text with above video:

Published on Sep 23, 2013
Alex covers the latest on the terrorist attack inside a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, allegedly perpetrated by the Somalia Islamic group, al-Shabaab. It's relation to Iran's leader calling for attacks as wells as the Muslim brotherhood in Kenya being lead by a family member of Obama.


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