Sunday, September 01, 2013

"Obama Control" to save millions of lives?

There is probably less than 9% support for the US taxpayers to pay for UN corporate bankster genocide in Syria. Americans are not buying the corporate organized crime lies like they have in the past. Dow Chemical and Monsanto are responsible for the chemical poisoning of millions and absolute environmental destruction during their chemical warfare campaign during what they call in Vietnam, "The American War."  Are citizens in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. all better off with depleted uranium radiation poisoning, chemical and biological warfare exposure, genocide, indefinite detention, drone bombing, and all the other UN corporate organized crime and international bankster BS?

Barack Obama will implode the US if he is allowed to. The US is bankrupt and can't afford all these wars of occupation and aggression. We the people can't keep giving the biggest criminals in the history of the world more bail-outs and complete immunity from prosecution. How many bankers who helped steal trillions have been prosecuted? How many whistleblowers who have pissed off bankers have been prosecuted?

If a war happens in Syria, it will mean that it is without the approval of more than 90% of Americans. That is proof positive that the handlers of Obama have gone rogue.

Barack Obama is just a lying piece of excrement wearing a suit and tie. Check out the video [embedded here] on the Kenny's Sideshow blog. Cruise into about 2 minutes in for the US President and leader of Al Qaeda. I think there are US government thug fingerprints on any chemical attacks that have occurred in Syria.

US Troops are not fighting to protect our US Constitution. They are being paid and prodded to remove it from all Americans and help the elite enslave the average people in all the world. The reward from international bankers and corporate organized crime is that troops that do not become part of the Police State are deemed unfit to raise children, own property, have firearms, or have a vote as caged mental patients and felons. Police and military pension are a target for theft by international bankers. Minions are going to get screwed too.

I would not have believed that a US Secretary of State could be any bigger of a lying scumbag than is [Hillary Clinton]. Then comes John Kerry.

Check out the videos in [this channel].

String of WARNINGS - EMP and Grid Shutdown in 2013

Obama to Communize America After All Guns Are Taken?

* * * *

Brattleboro, Vermont USA, Sights, Signs, Graffiti

Text with video:

Brattleboro, Vermont, is home for me, Steven G. Erickson. I walked around with my camera, and this is what I saw today, 24 August 2013. I've been hassled for just driving through Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York State and other places. I had $5 in my pocket and very little gas in a gas pig of a 1987 Chevy van that became my home when I arrived in Brattleboro to again live in Vermont.

I was hiding from the Connecticut State Police. I did nothing wrong. I was staying in Wales, Massachusetts, on a horse farm, which is on the border in Connecticut. I saw Connecticut State Police vehicles there in Massachusetts, and then it wasn't long and everything electrical got fried, and miraculously, the neighbors' houses weren't hit by the same power surge. When I blogged on Free Speech dot Com around the same time, the owner of that website's servers often fried. Del Simmons is in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. Around that same time, Chris Kennedy, in Ellington, Connecticut, had all of his electronics, his computers, televisions, microwave oven, furnace, and pretty much everything in his house also fried due to a power surge. Chris Kennedy had complained about police in the state of Connecticut and about the corrupt judicial system.

I fled to Vermont to seek political asylum. I lived out in the woods, without electricity, basically homeless, nearly freezing to death living out in the snow, outside in Winter, but I survived. Work decades, buy a home in the US, be self-employed, raise a family, be outspoken expecting the US Constitution to apply, and this can happen to you. [Letter and links to a US, Congressman in Connecticut, Joe Courtney]

Better times today in Vermont. We will see how long this lasts.

Small Business Dies as does the "Real America"

Text with video:

International Bankers and Corporations were out to eradicate Small Farmers in a big way from the 1970's. My grandfather took me for a pickup truck ride near his Fargo, North Dakota, farm and broke it down for me back then. He said that foreign corporations and bankers would occupy and destroy the US. They have.

I have more videos to go with this one, and text asking Stafford Springs, Connecticut, area US Congressman Joe Courtney if he cares about children, families, the economy and the future of America, [click here]

The 2nd video is about Eminent Domain in Norwalk, Connecticut. The elite want to end self-employment, small business, small farms, and free speech. The want to send us to re-education centers with even better than 24/7 total surveillance. Domestic and NSA spying is good for you, enjoy. Foreign corporation executives and international bankers are protected and served.

This video about the scourge of Eminent Domain in Norwalk, Connecticut, foretells what is going to happen to all of us eventually.

International Chemical Companies Dark History

Text with video:

The video is a clip of the documentary called, "Battle's Poison Cloud". I suggest watching the full length video on Netflix or wherever you can find it. The audio will be better than my screen capture program renders.

The actual death toll in Vietnam during the war they call "The American War", is probably staggering. I have heard 3 million. I have heard over 7 million. I saw a documentary showing Vietnamese living in caves to avoid the bombing above. They sang they played games. They looked after each other. Showing the human side of people living in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and other US occupied companies should be seen by Americans. International bankers and corporate organized crime want all these wars. We the people really don't want to pay for them and for the crimes being committed.

Agent Orange has devastated US Veterans, their children, and now their grandchildren are also genetically altered and harmed too. Monsanto and Dow Chemical and other companies have made millions, billions, and trillions being harbingers of death. These corporate criminals benefit from war and mass murder. Should we trust them to manipulate our food and water supply? Should they be involved in vaccines and medicines? The UN, these bankers, these corporate organized crime have representation for out tax dollars not us. US soldiers fight to protect these international corporations and are then then thrown away like trash after they have been used.


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