Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Recalling Constitution attacking "Elected" Officials

Elected officials who were out attacking the US Constitution are being recalled by citizens who do not want their kind in Government.

We have a war criminal, lying scumbag now in the White House. He is helping dismantle and subvert America for those who pay him, international corporate organized crime and bankers. It seems like one big CIA operation.

Mitt Romney as a "candidate" was like running Dracula against just a standard vampire. There was no real choice. McCain is a war corporation pandering whore. So is Kerry. These were also "choices" for US President.

We need to make sure these scumbags end up unemployed. Term limits should be in place.

No one from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, or in Libya have done me any harm. The police spying on me pre-9/11 telling me I was a target for being self-employed were the real terrorists. They told me that I did not own my home I was current on my mortgage payments on, that I did not deserve my wife, and that I was kicked out of the State of Connecticut. I was told if I did not leave I would be beaten, killed, arrested, and/or spend the rest of my life in prison if I did not shut my mouth about the crimes police were perpetrating and the scam that is our courts.

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Warning: below video contains foul language. Video below contains candidate Obama saying he is against all that he is now doing.

Everyone, including the US President should be accountable to our laws. Obama, in my opinion has committed some very serious crimes. How can a war criminal who is aerial drone bombing children and families daily really care about some shooting on a military base? Why are those shooting victims any less important than the millions that are being killed so bankers and corporate pirates make more money?

This is why I know that lying scumbags currently rule:

[Barack Obama's alleged "slut" mother] was for the CIA and Big Bankers is a friend of the Geitner family. The Federal Reserve "chairman" may have more real clout than any US President. Tim Geitner might become the most powerful man in the world to become the Federal Reserve Chairman. The Fed is a scam.

Meet the Clintons. They are alleged cocaine smuggling, CIA implants, who like killing people who know too much or get in the way:

Text with the RT America video [source]:

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss economic espionage and, perhaps,
sabotage by the NSA against the corporations and innovators of
competitor nations. In the second half, Max interviews author,
journalist and filmmaker, Greg Palast of GregPalast.com, about the Larry
Summers’ secret ‘End Game’ memo and the decriminalization of what were
once financial crimes.

NSA, Obama, the Fed, spying and their web, revealed

Help Barack Obama start World War III, pay your taxes, and do what you can to fund Al-Qaeda as Obama does. Just do it because Obama's handlers want it. The Explanation:

[click here] for:

“Free Flow of Information Act” Targets Independent Journalism


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