Monday, September 23, 2013

Surveillance State: "We will tell you honestly why we spy"

"The reasons we want to know all that you say, do, read, think, and who your friends are, all of your family members, what you do for a living, and what you think you own or ever say, type, read, or view on the internet is we are going to figure out how to take all of everything away from you to most benefit of us special people," as a member of international organized crime or shadow figure in a banker cabal back room meeting would say if they dared ever speak the truth.

What did J. Edgar Hoover do? He has head of the FBI kept his job because he had dirt of everyone. Hoover had a lot of dirty secrets himself. People had their families broken up. Families lost their homes. Citizens lost their jobs. Citizens were driven to suicide. Citizens were out right murdered by the FBI. Citizens were set up for prison by the FBI. The FBI found bomber patsies, supplied the plan, supplied the money (your tax dollars), supplied the bombs, and then allowed the bombs to go off. Did the F''n Bombing Idiots screw up blowing up the World Trade Centers in 1993 so that a more professional bunch of international criminals could get it right in 2001?

The Federal Building Bombing in Oklahoma City was suspicious. Insiders who saw bombs planted that did not go off and who had inside information seemed to die under very suspicious circumstances. These insiders keep pulling off suspicious bombings and shootings and the public still seems to digest all this BS. Maybe the US Constitution should just be suspended. There aren't enough backbones in the US to not let it just happen, right?

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The FBI, KGB, NSA, CIA, FDA, EPA, IRS, and other alphabet agencies are for serving our international banker masters and corporate organized crime, not us. If Barack Obama is building himself a Saddam Hussein type 30 million dollar palace in Hawaii at our tax dollar expense, he deserves it for all he has done for "us", right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe they need a structural integrity consultant on the construction site?

Monday, September 23, 2013 5:05:00 PM  

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