Thursday, September 05, 2013

Telling a Lying Lawyer Degenerate that Americans Want no Syrian War

Text with below video:

Barack Obama may have 9% approval for any initial classification of war with Syria. Americans are sick of the lies. Americans are sick of having taxes used to enrich international bankers and corporate organized crime. UN Agenda 21 should not be Obama's main priority, it should be we the people. If Obama can't honorably protect and serve the US population and honor the US Constitution, obeying his oath, then we the people should act accordingly.

The Government putting radioactive industrial waste in our water, calling it fluoridation, is just one of my gripes. Another is the Dairy Mafia, or Corporate Interest, is in cahoots with the FDA to put Aspartame sweetener in milk and to consider Aspartame, a chemical ingredient, as the "definition" of milk, so it need not be listed as an added ingredient on the label. Aspartame causes seizures, allergic reactions, nerve damage, memory loss, organ failure, and even death.

I have been asking everyone I run into if they support and want to pay for a war in Syria. So far, 0% of all those I have talked to support a war with Syria. I talk to a lot of people. More people are questioning the legitimacy of wars in Vietnam, Iraq,

Afghanistan, Libya, and in having over 1000 bases of UN corporate occupation all over the world. Why do we pay taxes to support the biggest criminals in the world committing the biggest crimes ever. Is the missing 2.3 trillion dollars that Donald Rumsfeld had his head on the carpet for in official hearing on September 10, 2001, one of the biggest Pentagon thefts in the history of world?

Text of my correspondence with Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy and/or his staff, [text here]

[My blog] and [the post with my links to go with this video]

Check out more videos on [my channel]

My mailed a letter just ahead of the Anthrax Hoax of 2001, so my letter got to the White House. I mailed [this text, click actual letter] on September 15, 2001, about the self-employed being under siege in America. Apparently he had nothing better to do around that time, so I got response that he actually read the letter! Click on link in this paragraph for that actual letter back to me. I no longer have that mailing address. I was attacked on my property 10-11-01 by a police informant wielding a knife, at night, after I had returned from work. He told me if I did not hand over my wallet, he'd kill me. I fought back and was able to take out pepper spray ending the attack. I got a year in prison for this "offense", losing my home, my family, my contracting business built over 2 decades. You pay taxes in the US, or to the UN, to have made that happen. All average Americans are, or will be, victims of this same abuse.

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