Thursday, October 24, 2013

Civilian Inmate Work Camps

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A lot of average soldiers and National Guard troops are freaking out. Posting a "Bill of Rights" or "US Constitution" on a general bulletin board can be an excuse for a serious reprimand and punishment, allegedly. Average troops are talking about going door to door, kicking in doors, searching for guns and even shooting grandma and grandpa if they don't move their asses fast enough after having their homes invaded. Troops are allegedly, being trained on how to deal with Civilian Inmates who committed no crimes, but were just rounded up to be forced labor for international corporate organized crime and banker occupation work details. More troops are realizing who their real bosses are, and are acting out, emotionally, not wanting to be any part of it. These soldiers and contractors are being weeded out. It just isn't World War II Veterans who see the writing on the wall. Honorably Discharged US Veterans are now considered potential terrorists and active troops got the memo.

Gitmo is going to knock on your door. Meet the old boss who is the new boss. 

The Obamacare website brought to you by international corporate organized crime and bankers is not a joke. These people may come off as comedy and completely inept. But, there is a plan. They plan on crashing the plane, sinking the ship, or you can pick your own analogy.

The UN, Obama, and the corporate occupation of America elite are not your friends. Those who are tasked to do the dirty work, the National Guard, and active US Military, know they too, will be thrown away like trash when they are no longer of use. Police Officers who go with the plan can't be trusted in the aftermath as they, going along with the plan, are traitors. So traitors don't get rewarded after they have done the dirty work. 

"Corporate Police", possibly "Blackwater" employees during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina while I was in the New Orleans, Louisiana, and coastal area of Mississippi, told me that during a National Emergency, I should immediately grab a backpack and just a change of cloths with nothing more than my IDs and some cash. I was told not to have so much as a box cutter on me or I could be summarily executed. The reason they gave me is that because of my political activism and criticism of public corruption, judicial misconduct, and police brutality in the State of Connecticut, was why I am on a [secret police enemies target and arrest on sight list]. I can be rounded up, indefinitely detained, or even murdered on sight. I asked why I was not killed for being in the New Orleans area after Hurricane Katrina and their answer was that I was not from there, and if I was, I would be on their list. and would be detained, or worse.

Current reality may be:
Exercising Free Speech = indefinite detention + torture + death

Steven G. Erickson's video uploads are [found here].

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[This is typical police behavior in the US Police State]


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