Wednesday, October 09, 2013

DHS recruited LA Street Gangs not issued Condoms for NY Gun Confiscations?

Image above [found here] after searching LA Street Gang images.

A now deceased friend of mine, a retired Hartford Connecticut Narcotics detective broke down what US Department of Homeland Security, DHS, is really about. He told me also about what is the TSA. My buddy was a US Coast Guard Reserve Officer and on the ground floor, I believe, before 9/11, for the formation of Homeland Security.

Before 9/11 police in the State of Connecticut and other states were recruiting felons and criminals on probation to become police informants. Wives and girlfriends who stalked men, broke drug laws, or were caught for drunk driving were sometime recruited by police to set up men for property confiscations planting drugs, getting a guy to drive drunk, or staging an argument where the guy was arrested. "Loose Women" were used to categorize single and married men who had guns. They were recruited to take inventory of who had guns, stored food, gold, and other valuables. Keep in mind, this is BEFORE 9/11.

Police were interested in doing 24/7 surveillance, email and computer hacking, and listening and recording all phone calls of the self-employed and small business owners. This was also pre-9/11. the self-employed and small farmers are considered the biggest threats to an international corporate occupation. Anyone who would be a leader, or opposition, to a police state takeover when the US Constitution would be revoked was to be a target of police for arrests, gun and property confiscation, and being falsely arrested and imprisoned. Male informants were used to beat, terrorize, threaten, make false reports, break into secret police target houses, and to even murder citizens. Again, keep in mind, this was pre-9/11.

My now deceased buddy was talking how for door to door gun, property, gold, and asset confiscations to work those kicking in doors had to be ruthless, not related to inhabitants, be used to using violence, intimidation, beating people, raping, robbing, torturing, and shooting as a way of life. Who would be better to keep a population down here on the East Coast than West Coast ethnic street gangs?

I talked with a Westport, Connecticut, woman today. She is married, a homeowner, and is being retaliated upon for opening her mouth about what is supposed to be a corporate organized crime elite secret. Blacks and Hispanics who are bused into the Westport public schools have to be regarded as subhumans who need to be quarantined and kept away from the White elite students as much as is possible. Do you remember seeing news reports of Hispanics, Blacks, and poorer Whites who dared swim in the ocean within any close distance of any Greenwich (White) "Residents Only" beaches in the State of Connecticut?

The elite in Fairfield County Connecticut aren't far from New York City. They are stock brokers, the corporate media, insiders, bankers, CIA, FBI, NSA, police, judicial, insider brass, along with retired heroin and cocaine drug traffickers. These elite want a race war. These elite want gun confiscation. These elite want US borders erased for complete international organized crime and banker domination. UN Agenda 21 is almost fully implemented.

US Veterans are being shown they are owned by International Organized Crime. Elected officials who are acting in behalf of those who pay them our tax dollars, international organized crime and bankers, are closing Veteran War Memorials, Public Parks, Beaches, and "Public" Land are retaliating against all of us as the biggest criminals in the history of the world have run out of money they have stolen from us and want more.

[Text sent to Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders]

Feds Ban Veterans, But Allow Immigration Rally at National Mall

Text with video:

Published on Oct 9, 2013
The federal government has barred World War II Marine veterans from visiting the Iwo Jima Monument near the Arlington National Cemetery this Saturday, prompting North Country Honor Flight executive director Daniel Kaifetz to ask protesters planning to attend a 'Million Vets' march in DC on the same weekend to help remove the barricades.

Ritt Goldstein knew what was going on back in December 1996. He was so terrorized talking to the Connecticut State Judiciary Committee (Legislators) about the Police State emerging, he had to flee to Sweden seeking political asylum after making this video:

* * * *

[Text of open letter sent to Vermont US Congressman Peter Welch]


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