Saturday, October 05, 2013

Engineering Wars, Strife, and Terrorized Populations

International banking and corporate interests dictate policy. Borders are being erased and terrorized populations are paying occupiers taxes to take their land, monopolize energy, wreck family, communities, and local small business and the self-employed. Independent farmers are considered the biggest threats to the the occupiers. Anyone who is self-sufficient or is outspoken and independent needs to be jailed, ruined, and/or eliminated.

Policies that were implemented outside the US are now being conducted inside the US. CIA misinformation, propaganda, murders, and domestic terrorism paid for with US taxpayer dollars is reality. We have been softened up for decades for the all out international banker and corporate occupation. US President Barack Obama arms and funds CIA's Al Qaeda while disarming the American population, dismantling the US Constitution. International corporate pirates and bankers are waging a stealth war. Silence signifies acceptance.

[Link to James Corbett of the Corbett Report talking about "Gaslighting" and other subjects]


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