Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Feeling Pity for the US Secret Service

The above image was found here.

Caption with above picture:

"Twelve US Secret Service agents were sent back to the US from Cartagena, Colombia, after allegedly drinking heavily and consorting with prostitutes. Is the long-veiled agency struggling with an increasingly complex mission?"

There is no doubt that some agents in the US Secret Service are nothing more than shameless whores. These same men, and women, might be embarrassed to guard an even bigger shameless whore, US President Barack Obama.

Has anything Obama promised to deliver before he was elected been delivered now that he is US President? Has Obama upheld his oath to protect and defend the US Constitution, or is Obama dismantling it?

Have any international bankers or corporate organized crime figures been prosecuted under the Obama Regime if they have not broken ranks or become a whistle blower? Are whistle blowers the main target of the Obama Regime?

The below is why even a shameless whore of a Secret Service Agent might be embarrassed to be even seen with the fraudulent whore who they are guarding.

Obama's Taxpayer funded Beer Binge, Martha's Vineyard

Text with video:

Published on Sep 14, 2013
More info: http://starkravingviking.blogspot.com...

A 5th or so generation, or so, native to Matha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, gave us the scoop on Barack Obama's golf and other vacations to Martha's Vineyard. Would you sit and drink beer after beer while helicopters were hovering, boats were kept from coming ashore, traffic was blocked, people could not get into their homes, were stuck on the road, and security people had their thumbs up you know where? If an official is so arrogant that his wanting to sit and drink beer cost millions, what else is this "person" capable of?

The incident allegedly occurred around July 4th and at a "local residents only" festivity on Martha's Vineyard.

If Obama treats his own staff like this, what can we as a nation expect? Do you think there is any truth to the rumors that Obama is building a Saddam Hussein type palace for himself in Hawaii for the tune of 30 million dollars? That would be a long way from a guy in his 40's who had barely made any payments on his school loans to be where he is now.

What does this one incident as described in the video say about Barack Obama. Obama invited himself where he was not invited, and shows us again, what a complete bleephole he is. Is this "person" acting on our behalf, or those offshore, in banks, and who are international corporate organized crime who funded Obama?
More Steven G. Erickson video uploads [found here]
Text sent to Vermont US Congressman Peter Welch by Steven G. Erickson [click here]


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