Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oliver Stone suffers silently through Bill Maher overtime discussion on Assassination and Legitimacy

I do not have a cable television subscription. I, however, have been waiting to see the Oliver Stone series on the real history of America. I, then, see the below video.

In order to appear on the program, did Oliver Stone agree to not talk about certain subjects?

Watch the time go by as Oliver Stone suffers silently.

The Bill Maher panel talks about the assassination of US President Barack Obama. They talk about Obama's perceived legitimacy to be US President and the "Truthers" like Donald Trump. To have people even care that Obama was assassinated, Obama would have to be perceived as being "legitimately" elected. Romney was for the same form of "Obamacare", so was there any real "choice"?

For me, killing the illegitimate son of a woman I perceive as a maid, a usable whore for the CIA and bankers, and his being assassinated would be just an act of utter futility. A puppet who is received as an embarrassing representation of an actual leader might not have the desired, and intended, results. International Organized Crime and bankers killing their puppet boy would have gotten their desired results had they pulled the trigger earlier. Dipshit is going to fall on his own and no one of any importance who really embraces freedom and liberty is going to shed a tear for Obama. He, for us, is best served up as the first sitting US President to be arrested by common cops, handcuffed, fingerprinted, having his mugshot taken, and treated like the lying, criminal scumbag that Barack Obama really is. Having that scumbag sitting in prison before his term is up, "Priceless".


Text with video:

Published on Oct 12, 2013
During the overtime online edition of HBO's Real
Time, host Bill Maher posited that President Obama moderates his political positions out of fear of being assassinated, leading to a panel-wide battle over whether Americans are "subconsciously racist" against the president.

While lamenting with Oliver Stone about the short political career of John F. Kennedy, Maher suggested that bold leaders like JFK "always seem to, at the end of the day, get cut out of the picture, violently or otherwise. And maybe that is why
Barack Obama is more of a centrist than we want him to be?"

You think that?" Chris Matthews interrupted with a baffled expression. "Just curious that you really think that.The president knows, explained Maher, that if he strays "too far to the left," he would stoke enough anger to be assassinated.

That's an extraordinary statement," Matthews replied. "I'm amazed, I'm impressed you think that his policies are driven by fear of assassination."

Maher initially denied having said it "in those words," but ultimately agreed: "I'm sure it's something he probably thinks about at night." He added: "I don't think it's an insult to say that he might modulate his policies because he's afraid of all the hate."


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