Thursday, November 28, 2013

Think you live a Free Country? Try talking about Police Budgets

Story of yet another Connecticut State Trooper driving like a complete bleephole [click here]

If you talk about the police budgets and write a letter to the editor, or now post a blog on police spending, you can have officers showing up at your house to talk to you and to threaten your life, your family, and your future. A police informant can attack you on your own property after stalking you, and only you will be arrested. [I know this all too well].

I found out that police, judicial workers, and government employees all belong to an international union. Does that sound American? So, all these officials can act for their union and each other not us. There is an outside Mafia controlling everything. Be on that Mafia target list and you'll have a bad time with police, in courts, and the cruel wheels of government will then grind you to a pulp.

I wrote a letter printed in the Journal Inquirer about Connecticut State Police getting new cruisers every year at about $50,000 a pop. I suggested that they should get more gas efficient models and not buy new cars every year. I also suggested that tightening of belts can be achieved by putting in rebuilt engines and transmissions into existing vehicles.

I found out that Connecticut State Senators like Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo and John A. Kissel turn citizens' names into the Commissioner of State Police every time a complaint about police is lodged or if legislation is proposed. The citizen's name, picture, vehicle description, address, where he or she works, and known associates are then distributed at police roll call. I was threatened with being murdered by police for what I wrote in the newspaper. [I was already on the secret police enemies list].

Police have ruined every holiday for me. I no longer own a home, have a contracting business, and a family due to domestic spying and police tyranny pre and post 9/11. Police were not going after criminals, they were out collecting revenue, confiscating property, trolling for sex, and were out to steal legal guns from legal gun owners and were especially going after the self-employed and small business owners who are not town hall, police, lawyer, or mafia affiliated.

You, yes you, have no representation for your taxation. Bankers, international corporate organized crime, and domestic mafias do.  

Does this sound like we live in a free country?

stevengerickson AT

Gerald Celente on Economic and Military Trends Across The Globe

Text with video:

Published on Nov 27, 2013
David Knight is joined via Skype by Gerald Celente of Trends Journal to discuss the global financial outlook and the history of Governments crashing markets to control a populace.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Ops Assassination Team 10mm Pistol found at Sandyhook?

Click on above photo to enlarge. Notice "10mm" stamped in slide of gun. Why would the Connecticut State Police "revise" a diagram 11-04-2013? [Click here and click document to make bigger].

This round is known for its power and speed. It is for a "hand cannon". These rounds are thought to be of a very few that have the power and bullet weight to defeat a bullet proof vest. These bullets can be designed to be armor piercing. I have seen Chrome Plated bullets stamped "F.B.I." that were 10mm.

I almost 100% doubt Adam Lanza, or his mother, would be in possession of such a rare, powerful, and specialized weapon. If Black Ops needed to take out police officers who were not aware of the operation or needed to defeat bullet proof vests, the 10mm is the go to gun. The recoil from a 10mm is so punishing that even experienced shooters cannot deal with it without a lot of practice on the range and having to weigh enough, and be muscular, and in shape enough to deal with this "professionals only" caliber.

Could someone mentally ill, frail, and on medication to impair thinking could carry the below weapons and ammunition and then carry out an ambush that someone with 4 years of military combat training and is in perfect mental and physical shape could not accomplish? 

The above photos are 2 of 26 alleged crime scene photos from the Newtown Connecticut Sandyhook schoolyard shooting. [source]

I talk about what I see as I look over the evidence [video here, scroll to bottom of post]

Steven G. Erickson's video uploads [click here]

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This blogger's email: 
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Do Police in Connecticut arrest relatives and caring citizens who ask about, and want real information and investigations about possibly "Police Disappeared Persons"? 

[click here] for:

Connecticut's "Worthless" Police

Sex, Violence and Politics, aka The Smolinski Case

Jim Brewer photo

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Are these the "Police" vehicles used in a "Free" Country?

This is what you will see on city streets and highways. They get 4 to 5 miles a gallon. Police will get attitudes even worse than what they already exhibit. Anything goes. Police are out to get laid, enrich themselves, enrich the Police State. Titanic vehicles for Titanic Bleepholes.

You will see these crashing into cars, into houses, and you will see people in crowds being run over. Militarization of police and troops on the street is UN-American. Picture above comes with story, here on [source].

What sort of abuse did the people have to take to overthrow King George rule here in America? Is the current US Police State even worse than anything even endured in this country?

Before 9/11, Stafford Springs, Connecticut, surveillance cameras were and microphones were being strung from poles for illegal domestic spying. Police are out after the self-employed, legal gun owners, and the outspoken. They do not care about criminals as police are crime management. Job security means never solving any problems, just farming the crime, collecting revenue, and confiscating property.

Bryn Oulette was setting off propane and pipe bombs near the Sabbataso's apartment pre-9/11, 3 Church St, Stafford Springs, CT. Oulette moved in with a teen who paid one month's rent and never paid anything again, to build pipe bombs near children. The Sabbattasos have 4 children. Cops refused to take a complaint, and told me that if they had to come to my apartment buildings for anything tenants did, or for anything those who just hung around did, that I would be the one arrested, not the criminal. If I knew that being a contractor and owning rental property would lead to family break up, arrests, prison, and losing everything I would have made other choices and not worked so hard and saved for a home and retirement. It is all gone! It was all for nothing!

Connecticut State Police were not interested in hearing the names of teens robbing and then beating citizens at night using baseball bats. These teens were called the "Diaper Gang". [Post about the gang in Stafford Springs, CT 06076]. Police caught Stephen Carver smashing my windows with a baseball bat and officers refused to arrest the drunk teen that was on probation. He drank and used my front yard as a toilet and openly sold drugs off of my front lawn. Carver told me that police did not want to arrest him, that they wanted to arrest me for having co-founded the Stafford Springs Crime Watch and for "being greedy" because I bought rental properties that I fixed up from a boarded up condition.

A prostitute, Lana Thompson, moved into one of my apartments without permission and changed the locks. Police refused to arrest her for breaking and entering and for trespassing. Lana told me she was going to go to see prosecutor Keith Courier at the Rockville Court to give him a blowjob so that I had to let her live in my apartment for free and pay all of her utilities. Courier told me that if I evicted Lana or brought any legal action against her that I would be arrested and go to prison. After I got attacked on my property Courier refused to give me a deal, only prison for resisting being robbed on my front lawn. I got prison.

Before that:

Police would come by in the morning and make fun of me on what I ate for dinner and whether my wife and I had sex the night before. Police officers would mock me about the content of my phone calls and emails. None of this domestic spying and abuse was legal before 9/11. I was threatened with arrest and being beaten for feeding my wife macaroni and cheese because it contained butter and could make my wife fat. Police threatened me with being beaten, murdered, and spending the rest of my life in prison if I talked bout their illegal spying, abuse, and their criminal rackets.

[The abuse only continues]

That is why I don't put it past the Connecticut State Police, their Intelligence Unit, or their police informants or contractors to go to a school to shoot children to blame some patsy, such as may be the case at the Newtown Connecticut Sandyhook School. [Post on that subject].

You all live in the same country as I do. Why are you funding your own abuse?

stevengerickson At

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hillary Clinton throwing Obama Regime under the Bus before Run with Chinese Help?

Disclaimer: I am not anti-Chinese. I am anti-Hillary Clinton, [anti-Obama], [anti-George W. Bush], and anti-UN/New World Order/Agenda 21 ... Not, I repeat NOT "Anti-American".

I posted that picture of Hillary Clinton, a witch on a broomstick, flying over the White House in Washington, D.C. cartoon, last [here in this post].

Hilary Clinton throws the Obama Regime under the bus here:

Hillary Clinton: If U.S. Doesn't Get Act Together, World Will "De-Americanize"

If video does not show up in a viewer, click: [Source of above video with text]

James Corbett of [The Corbett Report] breaks down how the Clintons are drug trafficking, CIA, New World Order, almost barbecuing fetuses and eating them ... scumbag lying lawyer shills:

[Meet the Clintons (video)]

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Steven G. Erickson video uploads [click here]

Friday, November 22, 2013

Federal Reserve "Police" out Patrolling Roads & Goons for Crowd Control

I am getting more and more pissed off driving around Boston, Massachusetts, and even in the outback, seeing Federal Reserve Police SUVs, mostly Chevys. One jackoff drove almost touching my back bumper in the passing lane on RT. 93, and he was driving too fast for me to give him "the finger" as he passed at high speed. The Federal Reserve is a foreign corporation, not Federal, not a Bank, it is part of the international criminal elite banking and corporate takeover, and occupation from 1913. These corporate armed goons, possibly with automatic weapons, are driving on highways like complete, and total, douchebags. How much abuse do we the people have to take?

Tell your elected officials, let's end the Charter of The Federal Reserve "Bank". We need to prosecute these criminals and end their stranglehold of our lives. End the Federal Reserve occupation of America. Domestic spying and abuse is UN-American and UN-Constitutional. The UN and Agenda 21 is anti-human. The elites think you are breathing air and don't want you jamming traffic. Let's show them that they are the scum of the earth, not us, average people.

Self-employed people aren't criminals. Farmers aren't criminals. You breathing isn't a crime. Reproducing, being married, having a religion, and believing in your nation's sovereignty is not illegal.

Let's take back our air, our planet, and let's throw some rope over some branches, and offer out invitations using actions, not paper. [Break the Matrix].

Alex Jones, Dallas, Texas ...

LA Times Talks With Alex Jones About JFK and Free Speech

Text with video:

Published on Nov 22, 2013
Do you like the term conspiracy theorist? One of the questions the LA Times asked Alex Jones while in Dallas for the JFK memorial.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Calling BS on this one, Is Obama Culpable?

[click here for my January 25, 2013, blog post on this subject]

There is no evidence of blood having been needed to have been cleaned up at Sandyhook School, Newtown, Connecticut. Prove me wrong if you can.

Video starts out slow. Give it a chance. Facts. Yes, it is a long video, buck it up, this one is worth it.

There is no video or picture evidence of child victims shot. The story changed as it was officially reported. There was a drill being conducted at the time of the alleged school shooting. Newtown, Connecticut, has world government proponents and black op perpetrators in high percentages. Why were actors hired to be on the "news" before the event? Why were charity and donation websites created days before the event? Why were events on the news reported before they happened? Shouldn't black ops have their watches set to the same time zone to have prevented reporting events before they were planned to seem to occur?

Were people made up and pictures faked to support non-existent people. Why were EMTs and Ambulance personnel not busy and gagged into not appearing on camera? An elderly patient dead for 20 or more minutes gets a ride to the hospital. Why weren't shot up children being rushed to the hospital? Why weren't medical helicopters ordered to the scene? Children talked about "the drills" about school shootings. Isn't this convenient for the coffin nails to freedom that the Obama Regime handlers hold in their hands?

I advise that you make a copy of this to keep. It won't last online long. Will this help unravel the Obama Regime? A real reporter from a real newspaper decides to report news as it should be reported. The narrator could be an English teacher at any school or a professor at a college teaching philosophy or political science.

The media spokesman for the Connecticut State Police has warned the world. If you don't agree with the official story and have facts to contrary, you can be prosecuted and your evidence, and maybe your life, destroyed.

Let this be the first domino to strike another to take back our country.


* * * *

Did someone crap on a picture of O'Drama's face and then set the resulting mess on fire? Well, there is video [here]. Start both videos at same time to have music for first video. Warning: Graphic, Disturbing, Inappropriate, Juvenile, Adult Content for over 18 years of age only

I believe the Connecticut State Police are liars, 100% willing to commit perjury, manufacture evidence, and probably even willing to dress up in black to shoot children in a school to blame a patsy to end the 2nd Amendment on their road to completely eliminating the US Constitution. [This is why].

The Connecticut State Police were spying on the self-employed prior to 9/11 to break up their families, make them lose their homes, ruin their business, and some were railroaded to prison. [my aftermath]. Were police in your town and state doing the same? Are they still up to this? Should those who inform others of the police state be beaten up by police informants, falsely arrested, and even murdered?

* * * *

The below is a video of the Philadelphia, PA, mainstream media protest. Pictures (stills) and explanation is [found here]. Darren Wolfe is a patriot down in Pennsylvania. Check out [his blog].

* * * *

Kenny's Side Show blog is exposing some of the not so easy to digest nasty facts still surfacing in the JFK CIA and spy goon squad assassination 1963. Check out his recent posts, [click here].

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The below added November 26, 2013:

From what is known about the Newtown Connecticut Sandyhook School Shooting evidence what is in the school does not make sense to me unless the evidence was staged. A 10 mm handgun is not a common caliber. There should not be multiple rifles and INSIDE the school. There is just too many possible mistakes made. The drill went live and they did not cover up enough and did not do a good enough job thinking all the details through. This is just a small take on the big picture. [more]

Website shown in video [link for photos]

[Connecticut State Police sending each other racist emails with captions. Dead African Americans at crime scenes had chicken bones and watermelon rinds spread around for more State Police comic effect]

[I, Steven G. Erickson, do not know the Connecticut State Police to not be lying, perjurers, manufacturing evidence jeopardizing public safety, the US Constitution, family unity, children, and the economy]

Give the 2nd video a chance. It starts out slow and is long. The woman is a reporter for an independent Connecticut newspaper. She is educated and talks about fact. Listen to the discrepancies. The police messed up on the manufacturing of evidence on this one. Why weren't children being rushed to hospitals? Why is there no evidence of a blood clean up? Why were actors hired to appear on mainstream news about Sandyhook? When weren't they not lying?

It was later reported that a AR15 type assault rifle was NOT USED inside the school to shoot children. So, why are there assault rifles inside the school in evidence photos. Why is a special operation "special use" weapon said to be Adam Lanza's when someone who does not work out physically and shoot regularly would not be able to handle such a powerful pistol round?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Support CorpoRape with Silence

Image [found here] with story.

I would like to wear a tee-shirt around an airport, or shopping mall, with slogans like, "TSA molests children", "Support CorpoRape with Silence", and "Resist the Police State" etc.

[my video uploads, found here]

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[click here] for:

Are police targets for character assassination ever normal after?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Genocide, the conquering of the Americas, the Real History

This blogger's intro to below video:

It is political news what people are talking about behind the scenes now, and in the past. Has what we are not experiencing planned from 1913 or at least the past 6 decades?

I heard racists, possibly some sort of secretive group members, around campfires back in the late 1960's and into the 1970's talking about the year 2000 where we would have a Black Patsy President that would signify the start of a race war, the purge as minorities were to become the majority and there would be a major power shift if there wasn't a purge. George H. W. Bush was expected to get a second term. 9/11 was allegedly planned to occur in his 2nd term so that the US Constitution would be suspended and the New World Order international organized crime and bankers genocide of "mud people" was supposed to occur. Let's assume their timeline is off. They can kick the debt crisis can down the road until they are ready and everything they need is in place.

The Federal Reserve Act came about where international banking criminals met in secret and had legislation passed when the majority of the US Senate and Congress wasn't in session and snuck it through without much fanfare or real reporting of what really happened. The Federal Reserve is a foreign corporation, not a government institution and not a bank. They print IOUs on paper and the US population is being ripped off, made dependent to offshore suppliers, and are being herded into prison cities off lands to then wait in lines for handouts. The biggest threats to the outsiders are self-sufficiency, the outspoken, small farmers, the self-employed, and small business owners. A covert war and stealth occupation is now reaching its conclusion.

Will it take another 300 years to reveal the actual history that is occurring now? My video uploads [click here].

stevengerickson At

Text with embedded RT America Video [source]:

This Thanksgiving celebrate 'far and away the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world'; Unthanksgiving Day and National Day of Mourning protests expose the real story of the first settlers; the bloodbath after the federal government 50¢/scalp offer to anyone who kills a native American; and the year whites become a minority in the US.

Seek truth from facts with Ihanktonwan First Nation hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Mexica Movement Director Olin Tezcatlipoca, Atsina tribe member Lenore Stiffarm, who suffered sexual abuse from the Catholic Church at an 'Indian boarding school', Savage Anxieties author Professor Rob Williams, and Daniel Sheehan of the Lakota Child Rescue Project.

* * * *

There seems to be no oversight of those who are spying on us. The policing of themselves isn't working. I don't believe the NSA official in the below video. I believe that there is 100% vacuuming of all information. That is illegal. That is unconstitutional. We the people need to fight against international corporate organized crime. We need to make sure that our government and agencies work for us, not for criminals who wish to rob, rape, pillage, indefinitely detain, torture, and/or murder us at their leisure.

Steven G. Erickson's video uploads are [found here].

[my beef]

stevengerickson At

Text with below video:

Streamed live on Nov 11, 2013
Revelations about government subpoenas of reporters' phone records and the massive leaks of classified information by M. Sgt. Manning and Edward Snowden have brought the tension between national security reporters and U.S. national security agencies to an all time high. Is it appropriate for the government to deter leaks through aggressive prosecution of those who disclose classified information to the press? Or do these individuals play a vital role in maintaining governmental accountability by enabling the press to inform the public about important matters of national security. These topics, as well as the controversial NSA surveillance programs revealed by Edward Snowden, will be explored in depth in an engaging dialogue between distinguished national security reporter, Bart Gellman, and former CIA and NSA Director, Michael Hayden, on November 11, 2013 at the Sanford School of Public Policy. Gellman and Hayden will answer questions from the moderator of the event, Duke public policy professor, David Schanzer, debate the issues with each other, and take questions from the audience. The event -- Leakers or Whistleblowers: National Security Reporting in the Digital Age — will be held in the Fleishman Commons at the Sanford School and is open to the public.

Text with below video:

Published on Nov 17, 2013
In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest developments in the Jeremy Hammond case that shows how the FBI entrapped anonymous members while spying on governments of the world

follow luke on

Friday, November 15, 2013

Obama, the "Black" Bernie Madoff, Ponzi Scheme Master?

Bernie Madoff photo found with CNN piece [here].

Who Obama really is, is unknown. Obama was allegedly taught to act and is a CIA plant and told he was going to be US President before he ran for lower offices. Was Obama physically or sexually abused as a child? Does he want to punish the average public for his crappy childhood. We the people have been hoodwinked. 

William "Bill" Clinton may have known from 1962 that the CIA would install him in as US President. Check video at bottom of post. 

stevengerickson AT

Andrew McCarthy: Obama Committed Serial Fraud Impeachment Is a Remedy - November 13, 2013

Text with video:

Published on Nov 13, 2013
November 13, 2013 - Top lawyer Andrew McCarthy, who prosecuted the World Trade Center bombers after the 1993 attacks, accused Barack Obama of serial fraud tonight on The Kelly Files.

Breaking: Mancow Reveals Obama's Shocking Secret Past

Text with video:

Published on Nov 14, 2013
Alex is joined once again by Eric "Mancow" Muller to discuss the conversation he had with actor Harry Lennix regarding his personal history with President Obama.

[click here] for video called, "Obama Losing Face Over Obamacare Death Spiral"

* * * *
* * * *
* * * *

Are FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS, State Police Intelligence, DEA, etc. more likely to think they can get away with child pornography and actually acting out kidnappings, sexual assaults, torturing victims (when not state sponsored), and rapes to possibly later snuff their victims? How much of their deviance is punished when they are working for a deviant international elite? Are they punished only when they talk to reporters and bread ranks? [Is this an isolated story of FBI with pedophiles in the ranks? Post]

[click here] for TED TALKS post where an Iraq War Veteran really lays down issues some of our Veterans are going through. Respecting our US Troops means not putting them in harm's way based on fraud. 

[Steven G. Erickson's video uploads and re-posts]

Thursday, November 14, 2013

JFK and LSD? Did it stop WWIII?

Image was [found here].

I found the embedded video [here on the Kenny's Sideshow blog] with a lot of interesting text. I suggest that you click on link.

Mary Pinchot Meyer may have had a hotter affair with John F. Kennedy than with Marilyn Monroe. Mary was both hot and smart.

Did JFK become passive, thinking outside the box during the Cuban Missile Crisis and other close calls not to push until a nuclear war was inevitable? Who is to know what is true with people who dance too near the flames of the CIA? Dr. Timothy Leary and others had a hot and cold relationship with the CIA. Secret drug tests and torture experiments were conducted by the CIA and US Military at the behest of the US Government.

My personal belief is that JFK paid the Chicago Mafia back for fixing the election for his becoming US President is by aligning with US Attorney General Bobby Kennedy to eliminate Mob, CIA, and the international corporate organized influence of the Federal Reserve "Bank". John F. Kennedy probably hit the trifecta, winning the assassination lottery, buying all the winning tickets. All the international criminal heads probably sent their own assassins to the Dallas, Texas, "Turkey Shoot".

I belief George H. W. Bush's involvement in the JFK assassination should be looked into. It is my belief that 9/11 was supposed to occur in H. W.'s 2nd term that didn't happen. H. W. was so arrogant thinking he was so great he could win an election without fixing it. The FBI, according to documents released through the Freedom of Information Act used tax dollars to blow up the World Trade Centers back in 1993 finding bomber patsies, supplying the plan, the funding, the bombs, and then allowing live bombs to be detonated. FBI should stand for "F'ing Bombing Idiots". In 1994 the ATF faced funding cuts and power reduction, then came the Oklahoma City Bombing. How convenient, right?

Check out videos uploads and re-posts on [Steven G. Erickson's channel]. I post many videos on how NSA spying on all of us may make the US a worse domestic spying and citizen abuse Police State than is North Korea. [Street lights in Seattle, Washington, or stealing data from everyone's cell phones and recording and keeping track of everyone 24/7 vacuuming up everything]. [DHS is tracking everyone 24/7]. This system was beta tested before 9/11 and those who tried to reveal this to elected officials, the media, and their neighbors were either beaten up by police informants, murdered, and/or railroaded to prison. [My experience with links].

The Murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer (JFK's Lover & Confidante)

Text with video:

Published on May 10, 2013
"The Murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer" written by Timothy Leary. The article, which was taken from Leary's autobiography, Flashbacks, appeared in premier issue of Larry Flynt's "The Rebel" magazine.Narrated by Clifford Shack.

A PDF version of the "The Rebel" can be downloaded here:

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Obama is desperate for new friends to hang with. His handlers email me this:

Photoshop photo above was too outrageous and over the top not to post. I found it [here].

I post the text of the email (stevengerickson AT I got from one of Obama's propagandist handlers below. I would not want to hang out with Obama. I don't care what race he is, or isn't. I don't care what sexual orientation he is, or is not. I can't stand lying lawyers, but Obama promised to honor and protect the US Constitution. He has aligned with bankers and corporate organized crime to occupy America with stealth, steal all the wealth left, erase the borders, and dismantle the US Constitution. So, what is their to respect, like, or what want to hang out with?

I was 40 feet and less at times when CNN set up next to me to also shoot video of Obama. [A clip I shot of candidate Obama].

It is my opinion that the US Secret Service should interview each of the detail to make sure one of them doesn't try to shoot Obama or punch him out for being such an arrogant douchebag. I don't want any harm to come to Obama, as his offshore criminal handlers would then get everything on their wishlist. Obama allegedly drank beer after beer while the Secret Service and or military hovered in helicopters and the public was blocked from traveling home for hours, upon hours, on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. So the US Secret Service see Obama's arrogance and abuse of power firsthand. [Vineyard Native talks about it here].

Steven G. Erickson's video uploads and re-posts are [found here]. Obama's legacy is probably going to be about breaking up families. George W. Bush was no gift to average Americans either. If I were African American, I would say, "Barack Obama hates Black People."

If you are critical of public corruption, police brutality, and/or judicial misconduct, the system is out to take your home, break up your family, see you beaten or tortured, indefinitely detained, or even murdered. My experience:

Text of letter sent to my email today:

Steven --

Let me tell you the favorite part of my job: It's every time I get a chance to introduce President Obama to a supporter who has stood with him for years. That moment never fails to be amazing. And I want you to get a chance to find out what that's like.

If you enter right now, we'll give you a chance to to fly out to San Francisco to meet President Obama at the end of the month. And you can be the one introducing the President of the United States to someone special.

Picture the look on your guest's face the moment President Obama shakes their hand (or gives them a fist bump). Pretty good, right?

Throw your name in now, and you'll be automatically entered for the chance to make it happen -- don't worry, the hotel and airfare for both of you are on us:



Jordan Kaplan
Finance Director
Democratic National Committee

P.S. -- Seriously, if you win this, you'll create a moment that neither you nor the person you invite to join you will ever forget. Enter today.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Is Steven Seagal a useful idiot for World Government and Boston Bombing Propaganda?

Steven Seagal speaks in an RT America video below. He is an advocate for Putin and Russia. I don't have a problem with that. I would like to personally thank Putin for making sure harm, death, and malicious prosecution did not come to the American Patriot Edward Snowden.

The alleged Boston Bombers would have more reason to bomb, or want to bomb, in Russia, being separatists then to harm any American in America. The fact that drills for bombing the marathon were being conducted, and then denied, leads me to believe there is more to that story. The Police State is moving forward at an amazing rate. That would not occur unless the population was in a constant state of terror. It benefits those terrorizing us to continue to have bombings, shootings, and the potential of some catastrophic event. 

Police and military intelligence who solve a problem lose funding, political power, and manpower. Thugs know how to maintain job security which has nothing to do with national security.

Seagal talks about Russia and America getting together as part of the one world power. Seagal is a "Corporation Reserve Cop", meaning he has law enforcement authority to further their aims, not ours. The international film cartel has plenty of thugs already. "One World Power" is doublespeak for a complete world takeover by the banks and corporate organized crime. Americans are being kicked off vast tracts of land.

Seagal travels in law enforcement, contracted covert operations cartels, and various spy agencies in more than the USA. So, who knows whose side Seagal is really on? And, probably again, who cares?

We the people have more danger of being attacked and taken over by internal forces who have already sold us out, then from any outside invasion Look at what a Batman movie actor has done to this country, Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy helped author the Patriot Act and voted for the NDAA. So, whose side is Leahy and other "elected" officials on?

Outside entities, bankers, and corporate organized crime owns the mortgages or managing rights for vast lands, watersheds, mines, pipelines, roads, conservation land, parks, monuments, and the infrastructure of the US. College students can be in debt for their entire lives. Are our youth being enslaved on paper to foreign interests and criminals? Will most Americans eventually rent homes and apartments from foreign corporations who are like Wal-Mart and not own land, homes, or condos in the future? Who holds all the paper on what we think we own? Did these criminals just print paper of no value, and make up electronic value on some server then to steal all they can from us that has real value?

Why do we the people continue to all the biggest criminals in the history of the world to continue to commit the biggest crimes and thefts in the history of the world?

Steven G. Erickson's video uploads are [found here].

Saturday, November 09, 2013

"Shaking Disease" from vaccines, WiFi, and low dosage shot from heart attack gun?

I remember talking to my now dead, friend. [He, and another friend died of natural causes hours apart from each other] a week, or so, before we were going to expose DCF and Department of Children and Families allegedly being part of the Mafia distribution system for cocaine and heroin in the State of Connecticut, about police racketeering, court rigging, and the testing of spying techniques, terrorizing the public, and the police testing of military secret electronic weapons on the public.They had alleged evidence and were in the State of Connecticut. I was not in Connecticut and I had no documents.

I have long heard the rumors about the Connecticut State Police "Garden of Evil" where various poisonous plants and herbs are grown for nefarious purposes. Memory loss, the shakes, organ failure, blindness, uncontrollable vomiting, seizures, psychotic behavior, suppressed sexual urges, heightened sexual urges, suggestibility and brainwashing compounds, etc. The Department of Administrative Services and the Connecticut State Police Intelligence Unit are alleged world class as spy agencies and may have given themselves and their contractors immunity for torture, rendition, poisoning, secret weapons testing, assaults, rapes, robbery, murder, racketeering, fraud, and crimes against humanity.

Would I put it past operatives of the Connecticut State Police to shoot up kids in a school to blame a patsy to further erode the US Constitution for their benefactors, international corporate organized crime? My answer, "No, I do not put something like that past them."

Electronic weapons to interfere with brain waves, beaming sound, to cause pain, compliance, fear, paranoia, sickness, "the shakes", violent vomiting, stroke, and heart attack were all allegedly being tested, or are to be tested, on the general public without the public knowing.

[Radiation is still leaking from Fukushima]. So, the lying and abuse is not isolated to any one state, or country. This is being downplayed and is even being called safe, and beneficial, by some government authorities. Cellphone use may cause future problems and companies might now be working on not taking responsibility for deaths and sickness. Cigarette and Asbestos type legal awards might be prevented if cellphone companies work for civil suit immunity now.

Autism rates are exploding. GMO food is something the international corporations don't want us seeing labeled. We the people do not have representation for our taxation in a corporate organized crime world government police state. 

If a small device can be used to stop your heart, hypothetically the same sort of radiation can be beamed, tightly for a single or person, or at a wider angle to target a group from an orbiting satellite, from aircraft, or fixed position. A pod hanging off a helicopter or drone might be as effective for individuals or small groups.Was the "Iraqi Highway of Death" the result of conventional weapons or a satellite secret weapons test? 

Small doses of this radiation can allegedly cause cancers, the shakes, and slow, painful death. Memory loss, being dumbed down, and compliant might be the purpose of other types of radiation. What weapon ever developed has not been used, or at least tested? 

Rates of "the shakes" are coming up slowly. Most of the public doesn't even notice.

Lyme Disease might be an accidental, or on purpose, release of a bio-weapon out of the Plum Island Test Facility below Lyme Connecticut and above Long Island Sound, New York.

Authorities using the quickest old school techniques of getting rid of independent journalists like [Michael Hastings], could have used a method with more stealth. Maybe time was a factor.

If there are scheduled power outage drills that are due from the time of the posting of this blog post, or soon, my fear level that we the people might experience another 9/11 type false flag event is heightened. Shutting off the power on purpose to blame some other entity would only increase the capability of the US Police State to abuse all of us, especially those who have Big Mouths like me. 

No one is really prepared for their own death. Or, I assume most aren't. I want to live as long as is possible. I did recently take care of one of the most important items on my bucket list. I wanted to try and come to terms with my childhood, voice my opinions, and then come to terms with it. [my attempt]

I believe that there is maybe a 1/1000 chance that some new false flag event might happen now, or soon, but ...

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[my video uploads]

Excerpt [source]:

What is Guillain-Barré Syndrome?

Guillain-Barré syndrome is a disorder in which the body's immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system. The first symptoms of this disorder include varying degrees of weakness or tingling sensations in the legs. In many instances, the weakness and abnormal sensations spread to the arms and upper body. These symptoms can increase in intensity until the muscles cannot be used at all and the patient is almost totally paralyzed. In these cases, the disorder is life-threatening and is considered a medical emergency. The patient is often put on a ventilator to assist with breathing.

Most patients, however, recover from even the most severe cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome GBS), although some continue to have some degree of weakness. Guillain-Barré syndrome is rare. Usually Guillain-Barré occurs a few days or weeks after the patient has had symptoms of a respiratory or gastrointestinal viral infection. Occasionally, surgery will trigger the syndrome. In rare instances, vaccinations may increase the risk of GBS. The disorder can develop over the course of hours or days, or it may take up to 3 to 4 weeks. No one yet knows why Guillain-Barré strikes some people and not others or what sets the disease in motion. What scientists do know is that the body's immune system begins to attack the body itself, causing what is known as an autoimmune disease. Guillain-Barré is called a syndrome rather than a disease because it is not clear that a specific disease-causing agent is involved. Reflexes such as knee jerks are usually lost. Because the signals traveling along the nerve are slower, a nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test can give a doctor clues to aid the diagnosis. The cerebrospinal fluid that bathes the spinal cord and brain contains more protein than usual, so a physician may decide to perform a spinal tap. [more from source]

* * * *

Blackout False Flag, Anal Probe Traffic Stops, and Toronto's Mayor Smokes Crack

Text with video:

Published on Nov 8, 2013
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In the news this week: people are worried about the upcoming US govt drill involving a national power outage- will it be a false flag? Meanwhile, a man has been given the anal probe for appearing to be clenching his buttocks during a traffic stop. Also, Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford, admits to smoking crack. What's next?
Links coming
power outage drill:
Man given rectal exams as result of traffic stop:
Rob Ford:

* * * *

Friday, November 08, 2013

1st step to microchipping the population?

The above picture with post [came from here].

I saw the below video originally in [this post].

Before 9/11 international corporate/banker organized crime wanted to eliminate self-employed, self-sufficient, family farmers, Mom and Pop Shops, local breakfast nooks and bars, small business, independent minds, religion, Free Speech, a Free Press, an open internet, the US Constitution, and wish to eliminate all competition.

During OWS, Occupy Wall St., police, the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, Mossad (Israeli Intelligence), Saudi Intelligence, MI-6, corporate spying contractors, international banking cartel operatives, and Town Hall Mafias nationwide have been protecting international organized crime interests, looking to harm, beat up, terrorize, indefinitely detain, harass, eavesdrop, financially ruin, falsely arrest, imprison, fix court cases, break up families, rape, rob, torture, and even murder citizens who are vocal against what some describe as the New World Order (UN Agenda 21).

This is my, Steven G. Erickson's, navigation through the US Police State to this point. [Post with links and I suggest clicking on the first, or last, link].

Should the biggest criminals in the history of the world who have just perpetrated the biggest thefts in the history of the world be able to implant us with "Smart Chips" at their will, not ours?

What have they shown us about their true intentions so far? 

* * * *
* * * *

Steven G. Erickson's video uploads and re-posts [is found here].

Are our tax dollars being used to break up families and give as many of us criminal records as is possible? [Check out recent comment in this post]

14 hours of Police Anal Probing & $8000 medical bill for running Stop Sign?

Imagine just going shopping and accidentally rolling over the white line near a stop sign, not coming to a complete stop. Would you expect to be tortured and anally probed for 14 straight hours after being taken into police custody? Would you expect to face being sent to collection or sued if you did not pay the $8000 in medical bills for being US Police State tortured?

Well the New Mexico man who ran a stop sign at Wal-Mart had this very nightmare happen to him. I go off on a rant about this case and more about the DHS and Police State taking over my life, and the future, yours [click here].

Steven G. Erickson's video uploads [found here].

My email can be made from this: stevengerickson At

[Click here] for text I posted with videos on

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For those who think that the domestic spying that went on illegally before 9/11, and then legally after 9/11, makes us safer, I offer this:

I, Steven G. Erickson, received no "anal probing" from the Connecticut State Police, or after they committed perjury so I would be railroaded to prison. I was told by guards in prison that if I was raped in prison, and if sex between inmates, was consensual or not, both inmates would be prosecuted as sex offenders, get more time, and have to be listed as a sex offender for life. I thought that odd, had the idea that guards were trying to set me up for being raped after probably being prodded by Connecticut State Police. Then Sgt. Sam Izzarelli threatened me with getting a "Hot Shot" or being raped in prison as extra punishment when I  got prison. I had not even been arrested for anything concocted yet, when Connecticut State Police were bragging, "Big Mouth is going to prison and then getting kicked out of Connecticut". [More of that story]

So, when two very large, muscular African Americans pulled on each of my wrists from both sides, and the head of the block a late 40's man who had spent his life in prison from age 17 after trying to rob a Boston, Massachusetts, area armored car losing an eye to a ricochet from a police officer's shotgun. I asked the head of the block, "Do you want to keep your remaining eye???!!!"

Both African Americans let go of my wrists. One said to me, "You are one cold ass mother fucker!"

The current US Police State is helping reduce heart warming stories of intact families, nurturing parents, and rags to riches stories. The video of the heartwarming story of Big Bang Theory's character, Sheldon's, real life lineage and nurturing of his parents, especially of his father is a good video to watch and is [embedded at the bottom of this post]. I go on a rant about what the US Police State has done to me and my rant on the lack of a nurturing father in this US Police State. 

stevengerickson At

P.S. I would like the elected officials in the State of Connecticut on the legislative "Children's Committee" or who are on the "Commerce Committee" to view [this link] above to see how the self-employed are targets for being terrorized by police, losing their incomes, having their families broken up, to face even more police state abuse in rigged courts. Connecticut is a good place for stock brokers, bankers, insurance people, lawyers, Mafia, and international corporate organized crime, not for average Americans who still believe we have an intact US Constitution.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Is Obama the "Corporate Dexter"?

Operation Gladio: NATO Sponsored Terror from Cold War to Today

Text with below video:

Published on Nov 6, 2013
Abby Martin speaks with James Corbett, independent journalist and host of the Corbett Report, about the decades long clandestine NATO operation called 'Gladio', that fostered terror in the post-Cold War era, discussing evidence that suggests the program continues to this day.

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[Steven G. Erickson's video uploads and re-posts]

[My beef]

US Police can now subject you to 8 anal exams, and probes, for over 14 hours and then make you pay for it!

My added text with the below video:

If millions tune into Alex Jones radio, video, and websites, what he is now saying is news. Have 200 top ranking military officers been relieved of command because they have refused to attack Americans in America and go door to door searching through all Americans' homes and apartments looking for guns or anything that can be an excuse for detention and re-location.

Are there missing nuclear weapons from US bases that are going to be used for some sort of false flag event to finish demolishing the US Constitution and for the banking and international corporate organized crime take complete control?

Obama seems to be like that series "Dexter", but Obama is the "Corporate Dexter" and is a sociopath and psychopath. Instead of killing for good and to benefit society, Obama is killing to benefit his international corporate organized crime and banking masters.

Whether it is slow, or fast after an armed conflict concocted to attack the US homeland corporations will own all homes and run all business control all finances. The slow way is that they pay less taxes, so eventually they will own everything. Banks holding paper as mortgages means that the elite who print paper and make up electronic money trade something of no value for whatever we have of value, it means we the people are that stupid to just keep putting up with the biggest crimes in the history of the world.

[This is the elite's game]

* * * *

Is the failure of getting the labeling of GMO food an example of voter fraud or rigging? There seems to be widespread support for labeling. Does the corporate takeover also mean there is no longer any legitimate voting and that we are not being represented for our taxation? [Kenny's Sideshow blog brings up interesting points]

Monday, November 04, 2013

US Navy Seals no longer allowed to wear "Don't Tread on Me" Navy Jack

US Navy Seals are no longer allowed to respect and honor the US Constitution and our American History. Having a patch that represents a sovereign and proud America is no longer allowed. The US Military needs to be taught that the US population are the enemy, and that dishonorably discharged US Veterans are the biggest terrorists. How long do you think the banker and international organized crime handlers of Obama and US politicians are going to continue to get away with the mindless corporate media propaganda and total citizen abuse?

Steven G. Erickson uploads are [found here].

My reason for blogging is [found here].

" Don't Tread On Me " Symbol Banned From Navy Uniforms for Being Too Radical?

Text with video:

Published on Nov 4, 2013
Navy SEALs have reportedly been ordered to stop wearing the 'Don't Tread On Me' symbol on their uniform. The Navy Jack has been a symbol of patriotism in the United States for over 200 years. Now, the emblem is considered too radical by some officials in the government. Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie shared an email his ex-colleagues received from a senior enlisted advisor. It reads in part, "[...] personnel are only authorized to wear the matching 'AOR' American Flag patch on the right shoulder. You are no longer authorized to wear the 'Don't Tread On Me' patch." Higbie said there's a growing gap between the lower ranks and the top brass due to politics. He said higher ranking officials are stuck between the policies of the Obama administration, but added, "[They're] going to have to choose: career or country."

* * * *

When doesn't a bombing and mass shooting not involve some sort of drill that isn't taking place at the same time or just before and "event"? When isn't some sort of spy agency, military intelligence, or some sort of secret psychological and drug testing program not show up as the real underlying cause of most of the bombing and shootings that occur inside the US and get the most press? There was a drill about planes being hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Centers as the time of the one that was originally supposed to not be part of the official plan? So, when aren't these thugs trying to terrorize us and bait and switch? 

The FBI found the bombers to bomb the World Trade Center in 1993. The FBI supplied the money. The FBI had the plan. The FBI found bombs for the bombers. The FBI allowed the bombers to bomb. One Trade Center did not fall into the other one. So, the "FBI" should stand for F'n Bombing Idiots.

In 1994 ATF faced having its budget slashed. Then came the Oklahoma City Bombing. The ATF then got unlimited money and power. Do the math. Do you see how this bait and switch game really works?

LAX Shooting A Set Up? Police Chief Slips Up In Interview

Text with video:

Published on Nov 1, 2013
This clip would have been worth uploading even if the two guys in the background did not make it even more convincing.

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