Friday, November 08, 2013

14 hours of Police Anal Probing & $8000 medical bill for running Stop Sign?

Imagine just going shopping and accidentally rolling over the white line near a stop sign, not coming to a complete stop. Would you expect to be tortured and anally probed for 14 straight hours after being taken into police custody? Would you expect to face being sent to collection or sued if you did not pay the $8000 in medical bills for being US Police State tortured?

Well the New Mexico man who ran a stop sign at Wal-Mart had this very nightmare happen to him. I go off on a rant about this case and more about the DHS and Police State taking over my life, and the future, yours [click here].

Steven G. Erickson's video uploads [found here].

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For those who think that the domestic spying that went on illegally before 9/11, and then legally after 9/11, makes us safer, I offer this:

I, Steven G. Erickson, received no "anal probing" from the Connecticut State Police, or after they committed perjury so I would be railroaded to prison. I was told by guards in prison that if I was raped in prison, and if sex between inmates, was consensual or not, both inmates would be prosecuted as sex offenders, get more time, and have to be listed as a sex offender for life. I thought that odd, had the idea that guards were trying to set me up for being raped after probably being prodded by Connecticut State Police. Then Sgt. Sam Izzarelli threatened me with getting a "Hot Shot" or being raped in prison as extra punishment when I  got prison. I had not even been arrested for anything concocted yet, when Connecticut State Police were bragging, "Big Mouth is going to prison and then getting kicked out of Connecticut". [More of that story]

So, when two very large, muscular African Americans pulled on each of my wrists from both sides, and the head of the block a late 40's man who had spent his life in prison from age 17 after trying to rob a Boston, Massachusetts, area armored car losing an eye to a ricochet from a police officer's shotgun. I asked the head of the block, "Do you want to keep your remaining eye???!!!"

Both African Americans let go of my wrists. One said to me, "You are one cold ass mother fucker!"

The current US Police State is helping reduce heart warming stories of intact families, nurturing parents, and rags to riches stories. The video of the heartwarming story of Big Bang Theory's character, Sheldon's, real life lineage and nurturing of his parents, especially of his father is a good video to watch and is [embedded at the bottom of this post]. I go on a rant about what the US Police State has done to me and my rant on the lack of a nurturing father in this US Police State. 

stevengerickson At

P.S. I would like the elected officials in the State of Connecticut on the legislative "Children's Committee" or who are on the "Commerce Committee" to view [this link] above to see how the self-employed are targets for being terrorized by police, losing their incomes, having their families broken up, to face even more police state abuse in rigged courts. Connecticut is a good place for stock brokers, bankers, insurance people, lawyers, Mafia, and international corporate organized crime, not for average Americans who still believe we have an intact US Constitution.


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