Sunday, November 24, 2013

Are these the "Police" vehicles used in a "Free" Country?

This is what you will see on city streets and highways. They get 4 to 5 miles a gallon. Police will get attitudes even worse than what they already exhibit. Anything goes. Police are out to get laid, enrich themselves, enrich the Police State. Titanic vehicles for Titanic Bleepholes.

You will see these crashing into cars, into houses, and you will see people in crowds being run over. Militarization of police and troops on the street is UN-American. Picture above comes with story, here on [source].

What sort of abuse did the people have to take to overthrow King George rule here in America? Is the current US Police State even worse than anything even endured in this country?

Before 9/11, Stafford Springs, Connecticut, surveillance cameras were and microphones were being strung from poles for illegal domestic spying. Police are out after the self-employed, legal gun owners, and the outspoken. They do not care about criminals as police are crime management. Job security means never solving any problems, just farming the crime, collecting revenue, and confiscating property.

Bryn Oulette was setting off propane and pipe bombs near the Sabbataso's apartment pre-9/11, 3 Church St, Stafford Springs, CT. Oulette moved in with a teen who paid one month's rent and never paid anything again, to build pipe bombs near children. The Sabbattasos have 4 children. Cops refused to take a complaint, and told me that if they had to come to my apartment buildings for anything tenants did, or for anything those who just hung around did, that I would be the one arrested, not the criminal. If I knew that being a contractor and owning rental property would lead to family break up, arrests, prison, and losing everything I would have made other choices and not worked so hard and saved for a home and retirement. It is all gone! It was all for nothing!

Connecticut State Police were not interested in hearing the names of teens robbing and then beating citizens at night using baseball bats. These teens were called the "Diaper Gang". [Post about the gang in Stafford Springs, CT 06076]. Police caught Stephen Carver smashing my windows with a baseball bat and officers refused to arrest the drunk teen that was on probation. He drank and used my front yard as a toilet and openly sold drugs off of my front lawn. Carver told me that police did not want to arrest him, that they wanted to arrest me for having co-founded the Stafford Springs Crime Watch and for "being greedy" because I bought rental properties that I fixed up from a boarded up condition.

A prostitute, Lana Thompson, moved into one of my apartments without permission and changed the locks. Police refused to arrest her for breaking and entering and for trespassing. Lana told me she was going to go to see prosecutor Keith Courier at the Rockville Court to give him a blowjob so that I had to let her live in my apartment for free and pay all of her utilities. Courier told me that if I evicted Lana or brought any legal action against her that I would be arrested and go to prison. After I got attacked on my property Courier refused to give me a deal, only prison for resisting being robbed on my front lawn. I got prison.

Before that:

Police would come by in the morning and make fun of me on what I ate for dinner and whether my wife and I had sex the night before. Police officers would mock me about the content of my phone calls and emails. None of this domestic spying and abuse was legal before 9/11. I was threatened with arrest and being beaten for feeding my wife macaroni and cheese because it contained butter and could make my wife fat. Police threatened me with being beaten, murdered, and spending the rest of my life in prison if I talked bout their illegal spying, abuse, and their criminal rackets.

[The abuse only continues]

That is why I don't put it past the Connecticut State Police, their Intelligence Unit, or their police informants or contractors to go to a school to shoot children to blame some patsy, such as may be the case at the Newtown Connecticut Sandyhook School. [Post on that subject].

You all live in the same country as I do. Why are you funding your own abuse?

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Blogger Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Look on the bright side. The tanks are probably DU contaminated. ;O)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 10:24:00 AM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Good point.

These vehicles put police and the public at risk. The real rulers of America, bankers and international corporate organized crime have another big laugh over all of this. These vehicles are already set up for UN Agenda 21 population control and citizen domination.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 11:44:00 AM  

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