Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Ops Assassination Team 10mm Pistol found at Sandyhook?

Click on above photo to enlarge. Notice "10mm" stamped in slide of gun. Why would the Connecticut State Police "revise" a diagram 11-04-2013? [Click here and click document to make bigger].

This round is known for its power and speed. It is for a "hand cannon". These rounds are thought to be of a very few that have the power and bullet weight to defeat a bullet proof vest. These bullets can be designed to be armor piercing. I have seen Chrome Plated bullets stamped "F.B.I." that were 10mm.

I almost 100% doubt Adam Lanza, or his mother, would be in possession of such a rare, powerful, and specialized weapon. If Black Ops needed to take out police officers who were not aware of the operation or needed to defeat bullet proof vests, the 10mm is the go to gun. The recoil from a 10mm is so punishing that even experienced shooters cannot deal with it without a lot of practice on the range and having to weigh enough, and be muscular, and in shape enough to deal with this "professionals only" caliber.

Could someone mentally ill, frail, and on medication to impair thinking could carry the below weapons and ammunition and then carry out an ambush that someone with 4 years of military combat training and is in perfect mental and physical shape could not accomplish? 

The above photos are 2 of 26 alleged crime scene photos from the Newtown Connecticut Sandyhook schoolyard shooting. [source]

I talk about what I see as I look over the evidence [video here, scroll to bottom of post]

Steven G. Erickson's LiveLeak.com video uploads [click here]

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Do Police in Connecticut arrest relatives and caring citizens who ask about, and want real information and investigations about possibly "Police Disappeared Persons"? 

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