Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Calling BS on this one, Is Obama Culpable?

[click here for my January 25, 2013, blog post on this subject]

There is no evidence of blood having been needed to have been cleaned up at Sandyhook School, Newtown, Connecticut. Prove me wrong if you can.

Video starts out slow. Give it a chance. Facts. Yes, it is a long video, buck it up, this one is worth it.

There is no video or picture evidence of child victims shot. The story changed as it was officially reported. There was a drill being conducted at the time of the alleged school shooting. Newtown, Connecticut, has world government proponents and black op perpetrators in high percentages. Why were actors hired to be on the "news" before the event? Why were charity and donation websites created days before the event? Why were events on the news reported before they happened? Shouldn't black ops have their watches set to the same time zone to have prevented reporting events before they were planned to seem to occur?

Were people made up and pictures faked to support non-existent people. Why were EMTs and Ambulance personnel not busy and gagged into not appearing on camera? An elderly patient dead for 20 or more minutes gets a ride to the hospital. Why weren't shot up children being rushed to the hospital? Why weren't medical helicopters ordered to the scene? Children talked about "the drills" about school shootings. Isn't this convenient for the coffin nails to freedom that the Obama Regime handlers hold in their hands?

I advise that you make a copy of this to keep. It won't last online long. Will this help unravel the Obama Regime? A real reporter from a real newspaper decides to report news as it should be reported. The narrator could be an English teacher at any school or a professor at a college teaching philosophy or political science.

The media spokesman for the Connecticut State Police has warned the world. If you don't agree with the official story and have facts to contrary, you can be prosecuted and your evidence, and maybe your life, destroyed.

Let this be the first domino to strike another to take back our country.


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Did someone crap on a picture of O'Drama's face and then set the resulting mess on fire? Well, there is video [here]. Start both videos at same time to have music for first video. Warning: Graphic, Disturbing, Inappropriate, Juvenile, Adult Content for over 18 years of age only

I believe the Connecticut State Police are liars, 100% willing to commit perjury, manufacture evidence, and probably even willing to dress up in black to shoot children in a school to blame a patsy to end the 2nd Amendment on their road to completely eliminating the US Constitution. [This is why].

The Connecticut State Police were spying on the self-employed prior to 9/11 to break up their families, make them lose their homes, ruin their business, and some were railroaded to prison. [my aftermath]. Were police in your town and state doing the same? Are they still up to this? Should those who inform others of the police state be beaten up by police informants, falsely arrested, and even murdered?

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The below is a video of the Philadelphia, PA, mainstream media protest. Pictures (stills) and explanation is [found here]. Darren Wolfe is a patriot down in Pennsylvania. Check out [his blog].

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Kenny's Side Show blog is exposing some of the not so easy to digest nasty facts still surfacing in the JFK CIA and spy goon squad assassination 1963. Check out his recent posts, [click here].

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The below added November 26, 2013:

From what is known about the Newtown Connecticut Sandyhook School Shooting evidence what is in the school does not make sense to me unless the evidence was staged. A 10 mm handgun is not a common caliber. There should not be multiple rifles and INSIDE the school. There is just too many possible mistakes made. The drill went live and they did not cover up enough and did not do a good enough job thinking all the details through. This is just a small take on the big picture. [more]

Website shown in video [link for photos]

[Connecticut State Police sending each other racist emails with captions. Dead African Americans at crime scenes had chicken bones and watermelon rinds spread around for more State Police comic effect]

[I, Steven G. Erickson, do not know the Connecticut State Police to not be lying, perjurers, manufacturing evidence jeopardizing public safety, the US Constitution, family unity, children, and the economy]

Give the 2nd video a chance. It starts out slow and is long. The woman is a reporter for an independent Connecticut newspaper. She is educated and talks about fact. Listen to the discrepancies. The police messed up on the manufacturing of evidence on this one. Why weren't children being rushed to hospitals? Why is there no evidence of a blood clean up? Why were actors hired to appear on mainstream news about Sandyhook? When weren't they not lying?

It was later reported that a AR15 type assault rifle was NOT USED inside the school to shoot children. So, why are there assault rifles inside the school in evidence photos. Why is a special operation "special use" weapon said to be Adam Lanza's when someone who does not work out physically and shoot regularly would not be able to handle such a powerful pistol round?


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