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Genocide, the conquering of the Americas, the Real History

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It is political news what people are talking about behind the scenes now, and in the past. Has what we are not experiencing planned from 1913 or at least the past 6 decades?

I heard racists, possibly some sort of secretive group members, around campfires back in the late 1960's and into the 1970's talking about the year 2000 where we would have a Black Patsy President that would signify the start of a race war, the purge as minorities were to become the majority and there would be a major power shift if there wasn't a purge. George H. W. Bush was expected to get a second term. 9/11 was allegedly planned to occur in his 2nd term so that the US Constitution would be suspended and the New World Order international organized crime and bankers genocide of "mud people" was supposed to occur. Let's assume their timeline is off. They can kick the debt crisis can down the road until they are ready and everything they need is in place.

The Federal Reserve Act came about where international banking criminals met in secret and had legislation passed when the majority of the US Senate and Congress wasn't in session and snuck it through without much fanfare or real reporting of what really happened. The Federal Reserve is a foreign corporation, not a government institution and not a bank. They print IOUs on paper and the US population is being ripped off, made dependent to offshore suppliers, and are being herded into prison cities off lands to then wait in lines for handouts. The biggest threats to the outsiders are self-sufficiency, the outspoken, small farmers, the self-employed, and small business owners. A covert war and stealth occupation is now reaching its conclusion.

Will it take another 300 years to reveal the actual history that is occurring now? My video uploads [click here].

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This Thanksgiving celebrate 'far and away the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world'; Unthanksgiving Day and National Day of Mourning protests expose the real story of the first settlers; the bloodbath after the federal government 50¢/scalp offer to anyone who kills a native American; and the year whites become a minority in the US.

Seek truth from facts with Ihanktonwan First Nation hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Mexica Movement Director Olin Tezcatlipoca, Atsina tribe member Lenore Stiffarm, who suffered sexual abuse from the Catholic Church at an 'Indian boarding school', Savage Anxieties author Professor Rob Williams, and Daniel Sheehan of the Lakota Child Rescue Project.

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There seems to be no oversight of those who are spying on us. The policing of themselves isn't working. I don't believe the NSA official in the below video. I believe that there is 100% vacuuming of all information. That is illegal. That is unconstitutional. We the people need to fight against international corporate organized crime. We need to make sure that our government and agencies work for us, not for criminals who wish to rob, rape, pillage, indefinitely detain, torture, and/or murder us at their leisure.

Steven G. Erickson's video uploads are [found here].

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Streamed live on Nov 11, 2013
Revelations about government subpoenas of reporters' phone records and the massive leaks of classified information by M. Sgt. Manning and Edward Snowden have brought the tension between national security reporters and U.S. national security agencies to an all time high. Is it appropriate for the government to deter leaks through aggressive prosecution of those who disclose classified information to the press? Or do these individuals play a vital role in maintaining governmental accountability by enabling the press to inform the public about important matters of national security. These topics, as well as the controversial NSA surveillance programs revealed by Edward Snowden, will be explored in depth in an engaging dialogue between distinguished national security reporter, Bart Gellman, and former CIA and NSA Director, Michael Hayden, on November 11, 2013 at the Sanford School of Public Policy. Gellman and Hayden will answer questions from the moderator of the event, Duke public policy professor, David Schanzer, debate the issues with each other, and take questions from the audience. The event -- Leakers or Whistleblowers: National Security Reporting in the Digital Age — will be held in the Fleishman Commons at the Sanford School and is open to the public.

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Published on Nov 17, 2013
In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest developments in the Jeremy Hammond case that shows how the FBI entrapped anonymous members while spying on governments of the world

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