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JFK and LSD? Did it stop WWIII?

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I found the embedded video [here on the Kenny's Sideshow blog] with a lot of interesting text. I suggest that you click on link.

Mary Pinchot Meyer may have had a hotter affair with John F. Kennedy than with Marilyn Monroe. Mary was both hot and smart.

Did JFK become passive, thinking outside the box during the Cuban Missile Crisis and other close calls not to push until a nuclear war was inevitable? Who is to know what is true with people who dance too near the flames of the CIA? Dr. Timothy Leary and others had a hot and cold relationship with the CIA. Secret drug tests and torture experiments were conducted by the CIA and US Military at the behest of the US Government.

My personal belief is that JFK paid the Chicago Mafia back for fixing the election for his becoming US President is by aligning with US Attorney General Bobby Kennedy to eliminate Mob, CIA, and the international corporate organized influence of the Federal Reserve "Bank". John F. Kennedy probably hit the trifecta, winning the assassination lottery, buying all the winning tickets. All the international criminal heads probably sent their own assassins to the Dallas, Texas, "Turkey Shoot".

I belief George H. W. Bush's involvement in the JFK assassination should be looked into. It is my belief that 9/11 was supposed to occur in H. W.'s 2nd term that didn't happen. H. W. was so arrogant thinking he was so great he could win an election without fixing it. The FBI, according to documents released through the Freedom of Information Act used tax dollars to blow up the World Trade Centers back in 1993 finding bomber patsies, supplying the plan, the funding, the bombs, and then allowing live bombs to be detonated. FBI should stand for "F'ing Bombing Idiots". In 1994 the ATF faced funding cuts and power reduction, then came the Oklahoma City Bombing. How convenient, right?

Check out videos uploads and re-posts on [Steven G. Erickson's channel]. I post many videos on how NSA spying on all of us may make the US a worse domestic spying and citizen abuse Police State than is North Korea. [Street lights in Seattle, Washington, or stealing data from everyone's cell phones and recording and keeping track of everyone 24/7 vacuuming up everything]. [DHS is tracking everyone 24/7]. This system was beta tested before 9/11 and those who tried to reveal this to elected officials, the media, and their neighbors were either beaten up by police informants, murdered, and/or railroaded to prison. [My experience with links].

The Murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer (JFK's Lover & Confidante)

Text with video:

Published on May 10, 2013
"The Murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer" written by Timothy Leary. The article, which was taken from Leary's autobiography, Flashbacks, appeared in premier issue of Larry Flynt's "The Rebel" magazine.Narrated by Clifford Shack.

A PDF version of the "The Rebel" can be downloaded here:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be careful. First, Mary's family members were deeply involved in Skull and Bones. Second, she and her CIA husband Cord were both deeply involved in the post-World War II federalism movement, the fore-runner of what we know call the NWO. Third, take a long hard look at who Myer Feldman was. Fourth, take a long hard look at the career (particularly when he was in Italy) of James Jesus Angleton, the fellow who ran the Israeli desk for the CIA, and who is deeply embroiled in the death of both JFK and Mary.

-- the former Sophia Scholar, author of a series called "Mosaica" (now longer online) which ran 600 pages over a month-long period and looked at the implications of this book

Thursday, November 14, 2013 9:53:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Too much of what should be free governments involves the CIA. Spying and espionage isn't for our safety. The total domestic spy net is to protect intentional criminal bankers and corporation owners. Check out what I just posted as of this comment's date.

Friday, November 15, 2013 12:40:00 AM  

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