Friday, November 15, 2013

Obama, the "Black" Bernie Madoff, Ponzi Scheme Master?

Bernie Madoff photo found with CNN piece [here].

Who Obama really is, is unknown. Obama was allegedly taught to act and is a CIA plant and told he was going to be US President before he ran for lower offices. Was Obama physically or sexually abused as a child? Does he want to punish the average public for his crappy childhood. We the people have been hoodwinked. 

William "Bill" Clinton may have known from 1962 that the CIA would install him in as US President. Check video at bottom of post. 

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Andrew McCarthy: Obama Committed Serial Fraud Impeachment Is a Remedy - November 13, 2013

Text with video:

Published on Nov 13, 2013
November 13, 2013 - Top lawyer Andrew McCarthy, who prosecuted the World Trade Center bombers after the 1993 attacks, accused Barack Obama of serial fraud tonight on The Kelly Files.

Breaking: Mancow Reveals Obama's Shocking Secret Past

Text with video:

Published on Nov 14, 2013
Alex is joined once again by Eric "Mancow" Muller to discuss the conversation he had with actor Harry Lennix regarding his personal history with President Obama.

[click here] for video called, "Obama Losing Face Over Obamacare Death Spiral"

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Are FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS, State Police Intelligence, DEA, etc. more likely to think they can get away with child pornography and actually acting out kidnappings, sexual assaults, torturing victims (when not state sponsored), and rapes to possibly later snuff their victims? How much of their deviance is punished when they are working for a deviant international elite? Are they punished only when they talk to reporters and bread ranks? [Is this an isolated story of FBI with pedophiles in the ranks? Post]

[click here] for TED TALKS post where an Iraq War Veteran really lays down issues some of our Veterans are going through. Respecting our US Troops means not putting them in harm's way based on fraud. 

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