Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Obama is desperate for new friends to hang with. His handlers email me this:

Photoshop photo above was too outrageous and over the top not to post. I found it [here].

I post the text of the email (stevengerickson AT yahoo.com) I got from one of Obama's propagandist handlers below. I would not want to hang out with Obama. I don't care what race he is, or isn't. I don't care what sexual orientation he is, or is not. I can't stand lying lawyers, but Obama promised to honor and protect the US Constitution. He has aligned with bankers and corporate organized crime to occupy America with stealth, steal all the wealth left, erase the borders, and dismantle the US Constitution. So, what is their to respect, like, or what want to hang out with?

I was 40 feet and less at times when CNN set up next to me to also shoot video of Obama. [A clip I shot of candidate Obama].

It is my opinion that the US Secret Service should interview each of the detail to make sure one of them doesn't try to shoot Obama or punch him out for being such an arrogant douchebag. I don't want any harm to come to Obama, as his offshore criminal handlers would then get everything on their wishlist. Obama allegedly drank beer after beer while the Secret Service and or military hovered in helicopters and the public was blocked from traveling home for hours, upon hours, on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. So the US Secret Service see Obama's arrogance and abuse of power firsthand. [Vineyard Native talks about it here].

Steven G. Erickson's LiveLeak.com video uploads and re-posts are [found here]. Obama's legacy is probably going to be about breaking up families. George W. Bush was no gift to average Americans either. If I were African American, I would say, "Barack Obama hates Black People."


If you are critical of public corruption, police brutality, and/or judicial misconduct, the system is out to take your home, break up your family, see you beaten or tortured, indefinitely detained, or even murdered. My experience:

Text of letter sent to my email today:

Steven --

Let me tell you the favorite part of my job: It's every time I get a chance to introduce President Obama to a supporter who has stood with him for years. That moment never fails to be amazing. And I want you to get a chance to find out what that's like.

If you enter right now, we'll give you a chance to to fly out to San Francisco to meet President Obama at the end of the month. And you can be the one introducing the President of the United States to someone special.

Picture the look on your guest's face the moment President Obama shakes their hand (or gives them a fist bump). Pretty good, right?

Throw your name in now, and you'll be automatically entered for the chance to make it happen -- don't worry, the hotel and airfare for both of you are on us:




Jordan Kaplan
Finance Director
Democratic National Committee

P.S. -- Seriously, if you win this, you'll create a moment that neither you nor the person you invite to join you will ever forget. Enter today.


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Speaking of Obama:

The Hidden Story of Barack Obama


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