Thursday, November 28, 2013

Think you live a Free Country? Try talking about Police Budgets

Story of yet another Connecticut State Trooper driving like a complete bleephole [click here]

If you talk about the police budgets and write a letter to the editor, or now post a blog on police spending, you can have officers showing up at your house to talk to you and to threaten your life, your family, and your future. A police informant can attack you on your own property after stalking you, and only you will be arrested. [I know this all too well].

I found out that police, judicial workers, and government employees all belong to an international union. Does that sound American? So, all these officials can act for their union and each other not us. There is an outside Mafia controlling everything. Be on that Mafia target list and you'll have a bad time with police, in courts, and the cruel wheels of government will then grind you to a pulp.

I wrote a letter printed in the Journal Inquirer about Connecticut State Police getting new cruisers every year at about $50,000 a pop. I suggested that they should get more gas efficient models and not buy new cars every year. I also suggested that tightening of belts can be achieved by putting in rebuilt engines and transmissions into existing vehicles.

I found out that Connecticut State Senators like Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo and John A. Kissel turn citizens' names into the Commissioner of State Police every time a complaint about police is lodged or if legislation is proposed. The citizen's name, picture, vehicle description, address, where he or she works, and known associates are then distributed at police roll call. I was threatened with being murdered by police for what I wrote in the newspaper. [I was already on the secret police enemies list].

Police have ruined every holiday for me. I no longer own a home, have a contracting business, and a family due to domestic spying and police tyranny pre and post 9/11. Police were not going after criminals, they were out collecting revenue, confiscating property, trolling for sex, and were out to steal legal guns from legal gun owners and were especially going after the self-employed and small business owners who are not town hall, police, lawyer, or mafia affiliated.

You, yes you, have no representation for your taxation. Bankers, international corporate organized crime, and domestic mafias do.  

Does this sound like we live in a free country?

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Gerald Celente on Economic and Military Trends Across The Globe

Text with video:

Published on Nov 27, 2013
David Knight is joined via Skype by Gerald Celente of Trends Journal to discuss the global financial outlook and the history of Governments crashing markets to control a populace.

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