Thursday, December 05, 2013

"Bad Fellas", the Infiltration of the US Government

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The emperor has no clothes.

If more than 68% of our US tax dollars go to wars, war programs, war production, policing, and domestic spying, how many years will Americans pay in and get virtually nothing except abuse and being terrorized in return?

Obamacare is showing that "Affordable Health Care" is going to be 4 or 5 times more expensive. International corporate organized crime and bankers write legislation and elected officials sign it without bothering to read it. This can only go on so long.

Should Barack Obama be removed from office and prosecuted for war crimes, yes or no? [poll found here]

Video with polls about NSA, CIA, and spending on wars and spying are found [with these videos]

Click on links above. Vote in polls. Click on poll again to see number of votes and the results. Pass the polls onto others to take. They will close somewhat soon and no more voting. 


Obamacare Implosion Leaves Americans Out in The Cold

Text with video:

Published on Dec 4, 2013
Alex and Dr. Russell Blalock continue breaking down the failed Obamacare system and the true intent behind the legislation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

simple math indicates the multicultural moshpit SOCIETY of the MASSES are getting like ZERO blessings for "blessing" the Class A Stockholders of the Federal Reserve and the Zionist
"Entity" in Palestine calling itself "Israel"...

which doesn't mean Idiots aren't going to hell or that they aren't already there...

Infamy & Enmity...

pure language solves major confusion..."Issues".

Thursday, December 05, 2013 6:51:00 AM  

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