Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dick Cheney admits 9/11 was his idea?

Former US Vice President Richard Cheney picture was [found here].

Dick Cheney has literally received a new heart. Cheney's old friend of CNN fame, Larry King, now on RT America, talks to Cheney [video].

Dick Cheney has a lot of involvement on Wall St., and owning companies that have to do with war and spying. He decided to make more money and not get prosecuted for his war crimes, crimes against humanity, fraud, obstruction of justice, and treason by going for broke. He now wants to makes amends.

With his weak heart, Cheney felt that he would never live to see his prosecution. But, that has changed. Cheney was implanted with a heart of a much younger man. Cheney didn't even bother to find out about the heart's donor or even thank the family. That leads me to believe that "Dick" isn't being sincere. Cheney talks about that with Larry King. Check the link above.

KBR Inc., formerly Kellogg Brown & Root was just one of the companies Cheney ran, or was associated with. [Wikipedia listing]. Halliburton is another Cheney affiliated company. [Wikipedia listing].

Dick Cheney knows the most powerful people all over the world. They are mostly bankers, corporation owners, world leaders, elite military families, royalty, and those who provide spying, black operations, supply chemical and biological weapons, Big Pharma, and a whole Wall St. crew who is who.

The Saudi Royal Family has been implicated. Without their people, Cheney and his co-conspirators could not have pulled off 9/11. Since Cheney ordered the stand down of military aircraft during 9/11 that could have shot down the hijacked aircraft, there would be no TSA or DHS, US Department of Homeland Security. So, that war is not declared on Saudi Arabia, the Saudis have agreed to compensate all DHS and TSA employees for a year as those programs are shut down due to the fraudulent nature they were derived.

Cheney may live to be one of the oldest men ever.

I would like to see the SOB executed for treason in the cruelest, slowest, and most dramatically medieval fashion. But, who is asking me?

The heart has taken and Cheney's body has accepted it. The heart is a young, and modern medicine is really going forward in leaps and bounds especially if you have the money. To not be prosecuted as a War Criminal, for Crimes Against Humanity, and for treason, have officials made a deal with the devil? Has Cheney truly become more humane with the addition of a new heart and decades more to live? Will he be even more of a Satanic figure with more time to do more harm to humanity? 

Before I pass judgement on Cheney, I ask that you watch the below video. It is Alex Jones. I know some of you love or hate him. But, there are a lot of good points brought up in the below video. My judgement of Cheney lies beneath.

I, Steven G. Erickson, am just satisfied now that the NDAA and Patriot Act are going ot be struck down due to all the new developments. That is my hope. I will now push for it everyday.

None of the above actually happened. The links above go to legitimate stories. I can only wish the above will happen in the new year. My email: stevengerickson At yahoo.com and Steven G. Erickson's video uploads are [found here].

Happy New Year to you and all of yours.

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