Monday, December 23, 2013

Obama: Pimping Insurance & Whoring for Bankers

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I really think that the Obamacare Affordable Health Care Act is going to blow up in the Shadow Government's face. Insurance going up 4 or 5 times what people are now paying to get way less, does that sound like a good deal? The website seems to be designed to steal money out of your bank account, helping out identity thieves, nothing about getting insurance. Citizens are threatened with $4000 plus fines for not signing up and the deadline is hear. So, are citizens not signing up because they can't, or is the biggest civil disobedience in the history of the USA just entering its first round of, "You ain't seen nothing yet?"

Hillary Clinton is loaded in the international corporate organized crime and banker cartel's steal occupation cannon. [This is something you should know] about Bill and Hillary Clinton's CIA cocaine trafficking past. What number of innocent people has Hillary Clinton ordered hits on, including teenagers who saw too much and were murdered.

These outside owners of the US have gone too far, haven't they? The time to say "When," is now. Let your anger build. You will know when to vent completely and with zero holding back.

Why, I, Steven G. Erickson rant and rave everyday for over a decade now, [post]. My video favorites and uploads are [found here]. Make my email out of this: stevengerickson At

Critical Issues with Obamacare Deadline

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Published on Dec 23, 2013
Alex discusses Obamacare as a Tax on the day of the enrollment deadline for the unconstitutional program.
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Obamacare Mandatory Drug Tests and Parental Fitness Exams?


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About the below video:

Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Constables and Connecticut State Police told me, Steven G. Erickson, that I was kicked out of Connecticut for complaining about drugs being sold near my property, vandalism, and other crimes refusing to protect and serve citizens who were in "crime areas". 

Police officers then told me I was not allowed to be married to my wife as an officer was interested in her (she showed no interest in leaving me for a police officer). Police told me that I would be permanently estranged from my daughter if I didn't shut my mouth leave the state. 

I was also told by police that I was not allowed to own property, my rental properties that I was current on my mortgages on. Police told me that I was a target for police informant beatings, arrests, prison, and getting a "hot shot" when I entered prison. 

I broke no laws, and police committed perjury to put me in prison for resisting being beaten by a police informant who had been stalking me and threatening me for weeks finally caught me in my dark driveway and attacked me. 

Yes, you can get prison for being attacked on "your" own property. Obamacare is stripping your citizenship to make you a "resident". Yes, the US Constitution is null and void due to the George W. Bush Regime setting the nail for the Hammer that is now the Obama Regime.

Text and pictures to go with above video:

Did an Enfield, Connecticut, Police Officer leave the scene of accident after striking another vehicle while drunk, driving around his 14 year old prostitute girlfriend? Did the officer receive any kind of punishment? [Story with links and video]


Anonymous american now in paris said...

please don t fuck me in the ass doesn t work when you ve already been fucked in the ass no americans seem to be fighting back you all be fools

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 12:34:00 AM  

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