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The Sandyhook Hoax, Newtown Connecticut, the Jewish Mafia aka "Judencia"

Above picture of Richard "Dick" Blumenthal, former Connecticut Attorney General and now Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd's replacement, was [found here with post]. There is co-mingling of lawyers, judges, media people, drug traffickers, Wall St. day traders, bankers, investors, international corporate organized crime, professional spies, high officials, and allegedly even Israeli Intelligence, Mossad. Talking about the "Judencia" or Jewish Mafia does not make me Anti-Semitic just as my talking about the Italian Mafia does not make me Anti-Italian.

Blumenthal calls himself "The People's Lawyer". As Attorney General he defended the government and agencies against the complainers at the same time he was supposed to be fielding complaints. Can you say "Conflict of Interest"? Blumenthal's wife allegedly owns about half of the Empire State Building and they are alleged international elites in the Bilderberg Group. Blumenthal seems to cover up public corruption, not fix it. Blumental allegedly saw to it that former law partners got millions in no-bid contracts. [A video of yours truly urinating on picture of Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman protesting the NDAA].

I went to a wedding in Newtown, Connecticut, August 7, 2007, to witness my friend, Francis C. P. Knize get married on his mother's back lawn. Cars were not parked in front of his mother's Newtown estate more than 5 or 10 minutes and police showed up being douchebags. I talked to the police and got us two hours before they started ticketing and towing cars so my friend and his now wife could exchange vows.

A married couple who both work, or worked, for the Connecticut Department of Retardation, the DMR, told me at that 2007 wedding how a woman about 6 ft tall, who is the daughter of "someone important" who was a client in housing of the DMR had assaulted staff and other clients and is psychotic and mentally ill. Even though staff and other were put at risk, the "important people" who were not Connecticut officials called the shots. Their daughter was going to have as good a life as possible no matter who got hurt or possibly even killed. That, in a nutshell, is how all of the State of Connecticut works, and the entire US probably does too.

Ann Kristine Blake worked for the DMR, blew the whistle, and goons in the system tried to have her committed to a mental hospital, drugged up, and even the Manchester Police and other workers were involved in a conspiracy to railroad Blake to prison. If she did not have a stamped passport proving she was out of the country, the false allegations would have resulted in her imprisonment. [That story] and [documents, click on them to make larger].

My friend, Francis C. P. Knize, live in Wilton, Connecticut, up until recently. I had a fear of being murdered there, in Newtown, Stonington, and other parts of Connecticut if the Connecticut State Police made good on their threat. [My story of being on the Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies List].

Newtown is known as a "CIA/NSA Nest". Contractors and members frequent and have ties to Newtown, Connecticut, and surrounding communities.

Two of my friends, Rich Murzin and A. J. Fontaine agreed to do a documentary with me and/or a Connecticut public assess television series exposing Connecticut officials, DCF, State Police, organized crime and others profiting from heroin and cocaine trafficking. Both died of natural causes just before the project. [Video of my last voicemail from Rich Murzin talking about AJ dying]. I then called Rich and they told me he had just passed away.

Rich Murzin's family, extended family, friends, and associates have been retaliated upon officially, and unofficially for decades. Rich Murzin was a retired Narcotics Detective in Hartford, Connecticut. Rich disobeyed his Captain and went after Mafia connected cocaine and heroin dealers. Rich and his family was on the radar for official abuse from then on. His two sons were abducted by Connecticut State Police Troop K and Colchester Police to be tortured and terrorized. Ian Murzin, then 17, was allegedly "choked out" by a Connecticut State Police Trooper and then revived back from death. [More on this story, click here].  State Police allegedly contacted the principal of Ian's school to break up Ian's romance and to harass Ian into quitting high school. I, Steven G. Erickson, was part of the "No-Dating" policy of the Connecticut State Police when they are to harass the crap out of one of their targets. Police lie, commit perjury, beat citizens up, rape, and even kill with seeming immunity from prosecution.

Here is Richard "Dick" Blumenthal having a former Miss Connecticut paint his toenails (Maybe Dick and Obama should hang out if they already aren't doing so ... he hung out with International Bankster Bliderberger and bribe-taker US Senator Chris Dodd):

Pedicure or Toenail Painting?

[more of post to go with above picture, source]


[click here] for:

Black Ops Assassination Team 10mm Pistol found at Sandyhook?

Click on above photo to enlarge. Notice "10mm" stamped in slide of gun. Why would the Connecticut State Police "revise" a diagram 11-04-2013? [more from source].


stevengerickson AT

[More posts]

Steven G. Erickson video uploads [found here]

Try using [The Corbett Report] word search tool for the site to look up "Oklahoma City" and "Meet the Clintons" not in quotes. Now, do you believe lying officials and the mainstream media? I, Steven G. Erickson, check out [The Kenny's Sideshow blog] and [Activist Post] daily.

The Connecticut State Police had their Internal Affairs Unit shut down and New York State was called in. It wasn't because the Connecticut State Police were absolutely acting as organized crime and putting Public Safety at risk, it was because officers were putting rat traps in each other's mailboxes, threatening each other's lives, beating on each other, committing crimes, looking as look outs during break-ins, raping, robbing, helping the drug trade, and cavorting with prostitutes.  [The 168 Page Report on Connecticut State Police Brutality and Misconduct]. Connecticut State Police didn't think I should [have this Corvette] and be able to date, own a home, or have an intact family because I was self-employed and not affiliated with the police, lawyers, Mafia, and Town Hall "important people".

So yes, I believe the Connecticut State Police or their Intelligence Unit would either hire, or themselves, shoot children in a school and blame a patsy. The Guards for "The Constitution State" are out to dismantle the US Constitution and put all of us average people in our place. We pay taxes to not be represented, terrorized, ripped off, raped, tortured, indefinitely detained, and even murdered.


Connecticut Trooper Matthew McCullough is, or was, the pilot of "Trooper 1", a State Police helicopter when he allegedly made terrorist threats to crash the helicopter, blow up aircraft, destroy airport property, and kill police officers. McCullough remained on the job allegedly after making these threats! [more]

[The Top 10 NIH Scandals, click here]

* * * *
* * * *

What pisses me off the most about the Connecticut State Police is that they offered "Crackhead" [Peter J. Coukos] dibs on my property and help in his obtaining a pistol permit for his assaulting me and helping police terrorize me out of Connecticut. Coukos was allegedly arrested for DUI, or OUI, near Boston, Massachusetts, for repeatedly slamming into an African American woman's car over 4 miles of roads yelling "Nigger".

It was not long after I got assaulted on my property 10-11-01 by another police informant, not Coukos, so Coukos came on my property started punching me in the back of the head because I did not face him as police were waiting to arrest me if I fought back. Attorney [Michael H. Agranoff], my lawyer, was allegedly a business partner with Coukos for obtaining real estate. Is that a conflict of interest?

Peter Coukos told me that he felt justified taking my property and causing me to be estranged form my daughter because he, at that time, had no children, and said he did not like the great relationship that I had with my daughter. She was then 14, Coukos started punching me in the back of the head again saying he wanted my daughter to get no her knees and blow him.

Coukos was trying to do all he could to get me to fight back. I was already facing a year and a half in prison for pepper spraying Brian C. Caldwell after Caldwell attacked me with a knife in my dark driveway demanding that I hand over my wallet, or he'd cut my penis off and kill me. So, I did not want to spend the rest of my life in prison for having another excuse of the Connecticut State Police to arrest me and charge me with more. I lost everything due to Connecticut State Police spying, abuse, lying, and perjury.

So, I feel justified in calling the Connecticut State Police lying scumbags. 

My former properties:

Text with video:

Prison for Downtown Taxpayers

when they complain about heroin, crack cocaine, and marijuana being sold 24 hours a day by alcohol swilling teens using the homeowners' yards as toilets and cheap brothel.

Police in downtown areas partner with drug dealers and can be so busy sleeping with prostitutes they don't bother to answer calls into them.


I had tried to have Rockville Superior Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan removed for bias, in civil cases, involving landlords, the self-employed, and contractors for two years BEFORE he sat on my criminal trial.

Prosecutor Keith Courier told me he would prosecute me if I evicted prostitute Lana Thompson who had gone to visit him in high heals, low cut, mini-dress to show off her huge breasts. The oral sex he possibly got probably cost me my relationship with my daughter, my home, my dog, credit, ability to get a job, retirement, and the sum total of my life's work.

There seems to be no recourse and no justice. There is no one to take complaints, not the FBI, police, not elected official, lawyers are in cahoots, and court cases are rigged.

Try doing a google word search on Steven G. Erickson

Video titled, "Blow Horning the White House" shot by yours truly on a cell phone:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like the tip of the iceberg
to me...

"Jew" worshipping produces ZERO blessings for the braindeadgoy



Friday, December 06, 2013 7:56:00 AM  
Anonymous F'd Over too by Agranoff said...

your slipping stevieboy there is no link to atty michael h agranoff screwing you

Friday, December 06, 2013 10:36:00 AM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Great idea! Posted.

Friday, December 06, 2013 11:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an update for you. The filty rich, Dr. Peter Benet, who drugged me literally, almost to death, has had (2) CONSENT ORDERS issued, for negligence and practicing without a license,by the State of CT. Public Health. This is because of the great work of the CCHR, in California. A second CONSENT ORDER was also issued to Dr. Benet a year later, and in 2009, a THIRD Consent Order was issued to this same quack, for the exact same negligence he did to me, and again, his license had lapsed as he wrote prescriptions. Public Health only punishes him with fines of $10,000.00. For this 51% Google stock holder, it is "a spit in the bucket".
Blumenthal sued Benet, and even he could not get Public Health to take his license away.
Remember the Trooper who lied on (4) drunk driver reports, that left me maimed for life? Well, the assistant AG., Sarnoski feels, that the NOTHING settlement I got from ATTY Frank McCoy, is enough.
I am now considered as "someone not productive to society," because I am diabled. So Sarnoski, thinks I am "worth zero"...he actually said those words. He is defending Trooper Kevin Dowe.

Medicare had to be paid back, and then after all the "fees", I was left with a paper, that Attorney McCoy drafted, absolving himself, from any wrongdoing when he is the one responsible, for paying back everyone, before the check is divided. The paper I have, is not the one I signed. They had a stack of papers, and they just lifted one at a time, and said "sign, sign, sign...", while I was on oxycontin and kadian (morphine) from the two fusions I endured. The first one fell apart, and for 18 months, my purple neck, and complaints, fell on deaf ears. My attorney did nothing for a medical malpractice on his own client! Very telling that this was not going to end well. Medicare sent me a letter, dated 1/14/2014, stating, they were "closing my file". Now I have NO health insurance. Gee, thanks never really were representing me. NOBODY hires a personal injury attorney, after a BURNING car crash, so they can sign a paper stating, "that I am responsible for any bills HE DID NOT PAY?" What the hell kind of settlement is that, Frank? You and your staff, trick people that are on narcotics to just sign, sign, sign, without sitting down and going over each document with the actual attorney. Attorneys are suppose to listen to their clients. I said from the beginning: "I want her wages attached since she is underinsured, and I want her living in a tent." No trial, no attached wages, just some bogus document, that covers the attorneys arse.

Kim B., his truthful, yet now fired, paralegal, told me in a meeting, he planned to "throw my case", and not go to court.
The paper they tricked me into signing is so ridiculous, NOBODY in the world would have signed it.
"My lawyer (liar) told me not to sign this, but to speed up the settlement, I told him I wanted to." Talk about LAUGHABLE FRANK.
You bullied me on the phone into settling, and you refused to attach the wages, of the DRUNK DRIVER, which would enable me, to pay for the lifetime of care I so need and deserve. It is like Natasha Cabral had (2) attorneys, both on her side. He was as smitten with her cleaveage as Trooper Kevin Dowe.

Sunday, April 06, 2014 3:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The attorney is now sueing me for this post.
If he had put this much effort into my case, I would not feel the need to vent my anger over the outcome.

How can I be posting libel, if I have the actual documents in my possession?
The AG wanted me to sign a waiver, in order to question this exact attorney.
Here is my "attempt" to ask you to take down what I left as a "comment" om YOUR website. Apparently, this profession, feels it can bully everyone by threatening to take their home, but never bothered to do that to the drunk driver.
I have zero sympathy, that you are embarassed for calling me "delusional" and not "a real client", on YELP. Funny YOU can call the person you profited off of names, and then taket their home, after YOU FAILED THEM. Don't threaten it. You cannot get blood from a stone, and I do not live in the US anymore, so good luck with that.140

Friday, July 11, 2014 9:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Truth warrior,
I have received an email (while I am in the HOSPITAL) because Attorney Frank McCoy, whom I wrote about, truthfully, is threatening to sue me if I do not remove it by July 20, 2014.
If you can at least post that I asked you to remove it, it will have to show, I made an attempt to satisfy his embarassment of the outcome of my case. People with titanium necks should not be threatend by the attorney who profited off of them. Dr. Benet has no problem with everything written about him.
Anyway, I have no other way to let you know, that this big bay is threatening to take our house via LIEN.
DD dodged a lien because she was more "likeable" than I was told.
"Personal Injury attorney sues HIS disabled client, over a bad review on avvo". Talk about arrogant. "I can do no wrong".
ANYWAY, lets shut him up, and take down anything with his name....thanks and have a great summer...I know I won't with my neck still muddled.12

Saturday, July 12, 2014 7:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave the post up after all.
He is whining about the one I wrote on YELP and WORD PRESS and FB. I cannot find the one on FB.
What a big a-hole...if he had put this much time into my case, and getting my medical bills paid by HER, he would not have EARNED the bad review.
These attorneys are such BULLIES with their threats.

Monday, July 14, 2014 10:06:00 AM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

I am just getting to the hundreds of emails in my box and all the comments here on this blog now. I usually don't remove comments for anyone, especially lying scumbag lawyers, but if you, Kristine, want me to remove any of the above comments, let me know.

I respect what you are doing keep up the good fight. Lawyers are beholden to the corrupt system in which they hold up with their evil deeds and pandering. There are pandering lying lawyer whores on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee. These lawyers make money from the Judicial Branch so it is a conflict of interest that they are taking care of their interests in the Legislative Branch.

Just one more reason citizens are fleeing Connecticut and other states in droves. I ask myself everyday why I am still in a country that went after me for voting, being married, having children, owning a home, running a contracting business. I still don't know where better is to go ...

I believe I will be writing about my couch surfing experience in Newtown Connecticut. Click on the top banner of this blog to go to newest posts.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 5:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave it ALL up Steve.
McCoy is a bully, just like I wrote on my avvo review. (that is staying up too)
Yesterday, he sent some constable to our home @ 7AM. Air conditioners blocked out some of his, kicking in our frigin front door! He went to the back door, after that, and banged and kicked it so hard, EVERY neighbor, even behind us, came out of their homes.
I still did not come to the door.
He left for about an hour, and then we left. Our son was home and when he came down stairs, he noticed the "email" (not even a lawsuit) was stuffed under our kitchen door. That means he opened our back porch door to get in, to do this.
Why do they destoy your property, just to bring an "email"? Is this normal behavior? I mean talk about making a HUGE scene.
McCoy is angry over a deserved, negative review, so now he is actually drawing more attention to it with his bullying actions.
He made himself POA to just settle, and get rid of me. The total was $100,000.00. He took his $33,333.33, right off the top, then all his fees, gave me the crumbs, and said, "go payback medicare the $42,000.00 you owe them. He thinks that is the way a personal injury case plays out? The attorney is NOT suppose to get more than his client. When he made himself POA, he went back and used my initials to give himself permission, to get paid more than ME! Anyone that knows me, would agree, I would never agree to such stupid terms. Here is his reply to my "honest and factual review"
Comment from Frank M. of McCoy & McCoy
Business Owner
6/10/2014 You can't really respond to a post like this except to say I am really saddened that a person could be so delusional so as to invent a scenario such as the one outlined above. These allegations made are so RIDICULOUS it is hard to believe anyone who knows me and our office would ever believe them, nonetheless this is the internet age and there they are.

Visit our website at for further information on what our firm really does. Please watch our client testimonials of "real clients" we have helped.

So, I was not a "real client"? That is an ignorand response to someone who "doctored" up all the documents, and made up new ones, just to PROTECT FRANK & the drunk driver.
Technically, I have NOT been "served" with his stupid email, that threatens to take our home and all our assets) HE WROTE THAT IN HIS LETTER. He would not put a LIEN on the drunk driver or put a lien on her dads home, whom the car was insured under. He actually gave her indemnity and obsolved her of any responsibility or bill. He is a puke of an attorney. There is no mention of my posts here, so this is where I will continue to teach everyone about corrupt Connecticut.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 10:02:00 AM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

I have logged into my blog here in a while. Just getting to allowing comments now.

Police in Connecticut told me I was kicked out of Connecticut, couldn't own a home, be married, date after they wrecked my marriage, have my daughter in my life. Police even told me that they would arrest me if I voted.

Police told me that if I talked to reporters or to elected officials I could be arrested, beaten, murdered, and/or imprisoned for life. Police and the rigged courts took away my family, my home, my contracting business, railroaded me to prison for being attacked by a police informant on my own property, and then promptly kicked out of the state upon my release from prison.

Connecticut is not a place fit to live in unless you are Mafia, a banker, international corporate organized crime, Wall Streeter, Drug Trafficker, and/or part of the elite inside group.

So, Kristine, I admire you for fighting back and actually getting somewhere. Most of us don't even get up to bat against the Connecticut Police State.

Sunday, August 03, 2014 12:27:00 PM  
Blogger Anne-Kristine said...

You are the only one who "ges it". Thank you for allowing me to get the TRUTH out there.

Thursday, October 30, 2014 4:44:00 PM  
Blogger Anne-Kristine said...

I do not see the letter I mailed to you posted yet.
The "threatening" letter, from McCoy.

Monday, November 24, 2014 4:25:00 PM  

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