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Traffic Stops, Fearing being Shot by Police

Check out video at bottom of post. An international union official of the SEIU discusses their (and bankers) plan to do in America.

Police cruiser image was [found here].

Before I was attacked on my property at 5 Church St, Stafford Springs, Connecticut 10-11-01, SEIU Police Union Rep to State Senator Anthony Guglielmo and State Representative Mordasky and/or their staff that I, Steven G. Erickson, was going to wish I was never born for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. Ritt Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and he was so terrorized by Police and so abused in court that he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after making [this video]. The SEIU is a major conduit for the international corporate organized crime and banker cartel stealth occupation of us and rise of the US Police State with a puppet dictator appearing to be at the helm. 

Have you ever heard of someone being pulled over 10 times and not given a ticket, just terrorized and threatened? I am not giving the names of those officers because they did not lie in court to get me prison or falsely arrest me. I have been to many other countries, it is only in the US that I have encountered rude and hostile treatment from police.

Just recently, I walked out to a car I have been driving lately. There is nothing that stands out about it at all. It is an economy car that is very common. All is stock, there is no rust, tires are good, all lights work, and it is mechanically 100%. I walked past the car noticing a police car sitting in the parking lot. I walked past my car and then went to it after the officer had driven somewhere else. I noticed that he was paying attention to me. Besides being overweight like a lot of people my age, there is nothing that should stand out about me where I was, I thought I just blended into the woodwork.

I was pulled over not long after writing a story about seeing a lot of word searches about people word searching terms for Connecticut State Police or Troopers stealing money out of purses and wallets. I thought that odd, so I wrote about that [here]. I also recently did a video piece on Lyme Disease being a stealth disabler bio-weapon. I was followed around by police the last time I talked to Randy Sykes of Simsbury, Connecticut. [Most recent video]

In the past state police would call my father, or he would just call them and give them updates, I don't know. [That story]. I told my father if police were doing a legitimate investigation about anything I was doing or saying wrong they could find my exact location and who I was associating with if I use any phone and/or with any internet use. I asked my father to quit volunteering information to police so they could harass me, make me lose my job, my social contacts, significant other, living situation, and/or target me for a beating, or worse. Still he felt compelled to report me for having a place to live, a job, and a girlfriend.

Why would my own father need to give police my girlfriend's name and a description of what she drove? So, I have not talked to my father in four years and give zero information to anyone he talks to. Connecticut State Police told me I was kicked out of Connecticut before my arrest and was told I could take my last ride in a prison cruiser trunk in handcuffs with my teeth kicked out. State Police also told me that I would lose my home, business, and daughter if I did not shut up in newspapers and to elected officials. It was my father who came to me in prison and told me that if I did not give up lodging complaints regarding public corruption, judicial misconduct, and police brutality, he would see to it that my daughter would never speak to me again. Probably thanks to my father at police insistence, my daughter has had nothing to do with me since I was railroaded to prison.

Back to the story, I got in the car, when I no longer saw the cop. As I pulled near public streets I notice the cop 2 or 3 cars behind me. As soon as I pulled out onto the main street the blues went on. A person stepped onto the crosswalk at the same time I drove over it on the other side of the street. So, that is the excuse the cop used for pulling me over. The officer was very rude, belligerent, agitated, and threatening. I had pulled up about 20 feet so we were not blocking traffic. We had a little discussion about me driving away too far. I told him I knew he was behind me, can't afford a ticket, so I told him I paid attention to the crosswalks as not to give him an excuse to pull me over.

I didn't get a ticket. I have been pulled over probably more than 10 times since 2004 without getting any sort of ticket. When I worked at a factory in Winchester, New Hampshire, 2nd shift, I got pulled over for doing 34 in a 30 not getting a ticket. I was pulled over by the same cop days later for having a headlight that just went out. I was then pulled over just outside the New York City tolls, police had their guns drawn and they told me to open my passenger side window. The police then went through my glove compartment and tried to find some excuse to search my vehicle or write me up.

They found nothing. In 2005 a Monson, Massachusetts, town officer followed me into K-Mart, did not ask my name, but asked me who I was visiting in Massachusetts, also demanding the address. I refused, and I was told I would not be arrested if I went back to Vermont. I had two similar incidents with Massachusetts State Police pulling me over, wanting to search the vehicle telling me they had to contact the Connecticut State Police to decide what to do with me. I was threatened with being written up on 5 or so non-existent violations, but avoided being arrested or ticketed by promising not to work in Massachusetts and to go back to Vermont. I can only assume the Massachusetts police were using license plate scanners. There are so many people now on the watch list, police must get multiple hits for those on the list anywhere they are in traffic.

I believe problems started with an overweight officer who was infatuated with my then wife. She did not encourage Stafford Springs, Officer "Fat Frank" Prochaska. Most police, teachers, court workers, political aids, DCF, DOT, city workers, sanitation, etc are part of the same international union, SEIU. SEIU is allegedly out to assault, or worse, anyone who makes progress protesting Obamacare or anyone who is very public protesting about Obamacare, or anything that is not part of the SEIU Union agenda. Your life and family can be covertly ruined just for being a target of the SEIU.

If you complain about a police officer, judge, lawyer, or public official the elected official will turn your name and address over to an SEIU Union representative. Your name and address then can be given to the Commissioner of State Police. When I complainted about police and tried to have [Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan] removed for bad behavior in civil cases, I was told that Connecticut State Police Commissioner [Arthur L. Spada] was given my name and address so police could distribute my information so I could be retaliated against. SEIU Union Representative Stephen or [Steven Spellman] allegedly decided I was going to lose my rental properties, daughter, and contracting business for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to State Senator Tony Guglielmo. [My beef with the Connecticut State Police]

So, if you are on some sort of Blacklist, and if you are being beaten up by police informants, terrorized by police, covertly targeted to break up your family, lose your job, home, and to be railroaded to prison and/or even murdered, the SEIU, and international corporate organized crime entity might have something to do with it. How can we have a "Free" country if policing, the courts, and our government is infiltrated by a goon union? Are all civil and criminal court cases in the US rigged because of the SEIU? Word search "Goon Union SEIU" not in quotes.

[Dec. 1, 2009, blog post about SEIU goon unions]

stevengerickson AT yahoo.com

SEIU Exposed: SEIU Assaulted Workers During Corporate Campaign

CAUGHT ON TAPE - SEIU Union Rep Secret Plan To Destroy The US Middle Class

Text with video:

Uploaded on Mar 22, 2011
"CAUGHT ON TAPE: Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan To Destroy The US Middle Class, Balloon The Nation's Sovereign Debt, And Bribe, Steal And Embezzle All The Wealth In America" Reveals Secret Plan To Destroy JP Morgan, Crash The Stock Market, And Redistribute Wealth In America"


[SEIU Gang Stalking, Part 2 of this post, click here]


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