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US Chicken & Pigs to be sent to China processed then sent back?

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Any civil or small claims against important individuals, international corporate organized crime, bankers, police, officials, and members of the elite secret society can be dismissed citing the "State Secrets" clause or saying that having the case is a threat to National Security. Even if you get to court, and the court case is summarily dismissed, appealing to courts such as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is to questionable judges, with questionable pasts, in an obviously rigged and unjust court. [Video breaking that down, scroll down in this post]

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US Chicken & Pigs to be sent to China processed then sent back? Does this make sense?

The CIA is getting huge amounts of US tax dollars to decimate propaganda in the US. You pay to be lied to. Truth tellers like Edward Snowden are considered terrorists who need to be shot on sight or detained indefinitely and tortured daily. Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings had a breaking story that was never published on CIA, NSA, and/or FBI spying and abuse of the American public as he died in a massive fireball and explosion in his Mercedes. Got Liberty?

American jobs are literally being sent overseas. For many Americans is all that is left to do is to sit in a box subsidized apartment, collect food stamps, and play Microsoft Xbox 360? A country can't produce next to nothing, consume everything, and then have a currency worth anything. To pay debts, a country has to sell off its land, buildings, natural resources, and energy sources. So, America is under occupation. It is being sold off as if it were a fire sale. This is being done right in front of your eyes.

The international organized crime and banker cartel is laughing in your face. The US Government, the puppets that they are, work for them, not us. Police too stupid to be rent-a-cop guards of shopping carts at a Wal-Mart are police officers, DHS, TSA, and their contractor goons often making well over 6 figures a year. These "police" now drive around in wheeled tanks and bomb proof armored cars getting 2 to 5 miles per gallon. If less, and less, Americans have jobs who is funding all these wars and the rise of an absolute corporate/banker world police state?

Gardening, owning a home, having an intact family, religion, fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain climbing, free speech, public gatherings, being self-employed, being informed, informing others are all high crimes in the corporate rigged courts of law. [my other blog]

Steven G. Erickson video uploads are [found here]. Email: stevengerickson AT

The 2nd embedded video explains my one minute video. My source for this story is the 2nd embedded video.

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Published on Dec 13, 2013

Are Chemtrails about to Follow the same pattern as the NSA revelations

1) Ridicule as total fantasy

2) Well it's technically feasible but we're not doing it

3) Yeah, we've been doing it all along, it's for your "safety" — and you can't stop us. Stay in the know - Follow Alex on Twitter:

* * * *

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Do you think Police State Domestic Spying makes you Safer?

I was aware of police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and federal agencies wholesale tapping phones and trolling your internet use prior to 9/11. I knew surveillance cameras and microphones were being strung from poles. The domestic spying was not to make us safer, it was for taking inventory, revenue collection, property confiscation, ruining the self-employed, and in wrecking outspoken people who would be leaders and who inform others about the rise of the US Police State. Police, lawyers, riggers of the courts, the system, prostitutes, vandals, drug dealers, and thieves all have a common host to parasite off of.

Police were looking to identify legal gun owners prior to 9/11 for door to door gun confiscation post 9/11. I know, I was asked to help police and work them. I refused to break laws for police and then got "mouthy" about being asked. It didn't work out well for me.

I wrote letters to the editor that got printed in newspapers, [informed elected officials and the FBI]. A crackhead alcoholic police informant, Peter J. Coukos, was given dibs on my rental properties and help getting a pistol permit to assault me and help police terrorize me out of the State of Connecticut. How much did that cost you the taxpayer?

I got prison resisting being mugged by a police informant on my own property at the same time an actual criminal on probation raped a 3 year old and was not given prison. So, prison sentences are not about making you safer. It is about retaliation and protecting the integrity of the system.

Do you want to pay $40,000 or so in tax dollars to make the elite in the international corporate organized crime and banker cartel feel safer? Take the poll.

Links to my story are found [here] and [here]. Take poll on your rights to redress grievances [here].


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