Wednesday, December 25, 2013

William Windsor murdered or jailed for exposing all US Judges are Bribed?

Bill Windsor is the Documentary Producer of the probably not yet, maybe never to be released film, "Lawless America". Bill has been threatened as many of those who appeared in front of his camera and those who were scared off from appearing and telling their stories. There is a lot of money made illegally by lawyers and judges.

Judges can take your property, your children, and your freedom and you need not have done anything wrong.

You may just be a convenient mark to be officially robbed, or you just might be being retaliated on because you pissed off someone important behind the scenes. You may not know who, or why, your life was systematically ripped apart.

All of us who talk about our cell phones and computers being hacked are not crazy.

Messages not sent, were sent to discredit or confuse by someone unknown. Messages that were sent by text may never get to the recipient. Some people who have contacted Bill Windsor are, and will always be mentally ill. I don't think that is a big percentage. Bill's website, email, and phone were hacked. Some of this I witnessed first hand and it has happened to me, Steven G. Erickson, too many times to mention. I have lost probably over $10,000 of computers and electronic equipment, in my opinion, due to operatives in the US Police State.I have witnessed Kathleen Dickson's computer being hacked at the very same time my two laptops were. I am getting off subject, [but this subject is what she and I were working on].

I found the above picture of Bill Windsor embedded [on this blog].

Bill may have been arrested, beaten up, or even murdered. As far as I know, no one who knows Bill has heard from him since August 23, 2013. My email is: stevengerickson AT and I ask you to please email me if you have any information.

Bill has met with citizens who are victims of judicial abuse. There are hundreds of clips of victims giving details of their stories on his youtube channel. There are so many cases of high profile cases of judicial abuse, and these famous victims, themselves who have met with Bill Windsor on camera. If you care about any of the above, or want more information, [I suggest you check out the 4 videos, text, and links found here].

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There may have not been any economic crisis in the entire US, if authorities listened to Attorney Richard I. Fine about Big Banks bribing judges to get away with some of the biggest fraud in the history of the world. Richard I. Fines story of being held as a political prisoner so bankers continued to enrich himself is public corruption at its finest. This should be a major world news story.

Lawless America Movie Promo: Dr. Richard I. Fine

Part II of this post is [found here].

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So, if you've checked out the above link, yes you can be blacklisted if you are critical of police or the courts in blogs, in newspapers, and/or propose legislation to elected officials to fix the problem. You can be denied police protection and service, not get service in courts, just barbecuing, and you can lose your job, family, home, retirement, and future all for testing Free Speech to be held in the US as a political prisoner, railroaded to jail. If it happened to me, and no official will lift a finger when they're presented with information, it can happen to anybody anytime.

Are Courts in Los Angeles, California, merely corporate entities dodging taxes? Video:

Was Los Angeles area Attorney Richard I. Fine jailed for 18 months to cover up for fraud, conspiracy, thievery, and felonies committed by judges?:


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