Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Do you have a permit or license to do that? SWAT Team Code Enforcement?

Did you install a white picket fence without a town permit? Do you give a few haircuts in your kitchen to make ends meet? Well, because of the NDAA, military surplus vehicles are being sold to police departments cheap. Some barely get 2 miles per gallon. The terrorists are police in the US. Do you imagine what even more inflated egos cops will have driving these?

Videos and post about code enforcement [found here].

Police are going to doors in some communities for overdue library fines and to arrest citizens. Owing library fines is now a serious crime. When one of these vehicles shows up for you, your house is searched and if you have any guns they are confiscated. If you have cash or any valuables those too can be confiscated. If you are, or have, a hot wife, girlfriend or daughter ... yes you, or she, too can have to go with the guys in this vehicle for more evaluation.

These vehicles can show up in the emergency that you are not up to date on your vaccines and inoculations. Or, if you home school your kids ... your attitude needs adjusting.

Before 9/11, many police departments where having roll call to talk about using vandals, prostitutes, drug dealers, thieves, and thugs as police informants to help terrorize, beat, and set up citizens for arrests and prison who were mouthy about the rise of the US Police State, who are potential leaders, self-employed, raising livestock, or too enthusiastic about gardening. Police use informants to increase their bottom line, as US Police are mere armed revenue collectors and guards of the state. Police are about cash and asset confiscation and property seizure, they have no obligation to protect and serve the general public.

Persist and you will be arrested, maybe beaten, maybe landing in prison to lose family and everything you ever worked for as I did. "Constitutional Extremists" will be dealt with in the most severe ways possible.

Prior to upsetting police for being "mouthy" about their activities and illegal domestic spying, Police wanted me to join their ranks as I had no criminal record and have certain skills. Police asked me to help ruin the self-employed and assist in their rackets. I refused, not wanting to join a criminal thug gang, the police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Police would often not even answer 911 calls or be rude, condescending, and hostile to callers in who legitimately needed police assistance.

Police would refuse to protect and serve certain citizens. If you were not part of the in-crowd or if you didn't know the right people, police would either not come or show up hours later for an urgent call for help.

I was told by the Connecticut State Police that if someone else committed a crime and I was there, or called them reporting a crime, I would be arrested.

Many of you are getting the taste of the police state [I got pre and post 9/11] now. If you haven't, it won't be long.

The above descriptions of our modern US are over the top, or are they?

stevengerickson AT yahoo.com

The photo at top of the page was [found here] with a news story unrelated to code enforcement.


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