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Kim Dotcom- interesting story, interesting guy

SOPA, PIPA, and NSA Prism total spying and citizen abuse was written, or created, to destroy guys like Kim Dotcom, you, and me. Fighting to save the US Constitution involves keeping the Internet as uncensored as possible. International Corporate Organized Crime is our common enemy.

Kim Dotcom photo with post and more video was [found here]

Listen to his German accent saying, "You will die." Some good stuff ... watch by click on video above.

Kim Dotcom is on lock down in his own house. Should any business person be shut down before there are any legal proceedings? Should the corporate mafia use government to shut down their competition on whims?

I am not a gamer, but with extremely remote chance of ever hanging with Kim Dotcom, I might change my ways if I did. Outward appearances of this guy really do him in for knowing who this, now to me, seemingly amazing guy, could be even more of an innovator, if left unmolested by our World's Big Brother.

After watching the video, I'd like to meet and even hangout with Kim Dotcom. Kim Dotcom was really blasted in the mainstream media for his large file sharing company called Megaupload. The guy seems to have been an electronic innovator before cell phones are as popular as they are now.

The international elite have used their policing and rigged judicial system to go after this guy.

If you are business competition for the international organized crime and banker cartel, you will be put out of business, maybe beaten, maybe jailed, and maybe even murdered.

Kim Dotcom have something in common, a hatred for the Bilderberger, Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd who is shown in video. There may have been no banking crisis and bankrupting of American and a lot of other nations without Chris Dodd having taken bribes from international criminal bankers to rig the system to rip off the world's populations. Chris Dodd is now a lobbyist for the mega-rich corporate mafia interests.

Dodd is looking to grill Kim Dotcom.

As a former constituent of Senator Chris Dodd, I reported the Connecticut State Police being complicit in the heroin and cocaine trade in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, that police were cavorting with prostitutes, using vandals and thieves to wreck and break into houses of targeted individuals, and police were using informants to beat on citizens so they could be arrested. I contacted Dodd and his staffers in the late 1990's. [My saga]

Dodd's staffers turned me into the Connecticut State Police for ratting them out for public corruption so that I would be a target to be falsely arrested, imprisoned, and officially ripped off, losing everything I ever worked for in my entire life. So, if Kim Dotcom wants to go after that international criminal elite scumbag, Chris Dodd, I would like to help Kim Dotcom or anyone else likewise abused by the official criminal system.

Dodd seems to hang out with Obama quite often. Birds of a feather flock together.

I would like to see Kim Dotcom win against tyranny. I would like us average souls win as well ...

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Note: it took me 3 tries and having to cut and paste the text I wrote above 3 times to get this post to stick. First my computer, working fine, then trying to post on Kim Dotcom, crashes. I reboot with saved notepad file. The computer decided to leave the page I was on, nothing on page was retrievable. I then had to load everything again. Back around 2006 it took me 3 days and losing two brand new computers (mysteriously fried), getting another one just to post what I wanted to. So, I will not give up when I decide to post something. The website server on near Atlanta Georgia fried at least 3 times and the owner had to invest in new equipment, to then take off all of my content after I [posted this video]. The entire website got a text eating virus after I posted a story on the Connecticut State Police and rigged Connecticut court system. I was then kicked off that "Free Speech"  website because I believe that that website owner was also threatened by the Connecticut State Police, as were newspaper reporters I talked to from the 1990's. This post, if it took the 1st time, had nothing to do with me, or my story ...

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