Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wearable Mind Reading Device Demonstrated in NYC

Above picture taken by Steven G. Erickson at the New Yorker Hotel, NYC, on January 11, 2014. My email stevengerickson AT

Text with below video:

I had conversations with Phillip Baldwin, Associate Professor of Stony Brook State University of New York, on the subject of the wearable mind mapping device he was demonstrating at the [Tesla Memorial Conference held January 11, 2014, at the New Yorker Hotel, NYC]. Thoughts as they happened were mapped in 3D up on the screen at front of conference hall.

An old Radio Shack microphone can be used to collect sound for a cassette recorder. The same microphone plugged into the speak jack plays as a speaker. An old television set from the 1970's, if it is still operational, can not only project images, it can collect images and sounds and send them back out through an antenna mounted on the roof. I saw that technology demonstrated when I was not even 10 years old back in that era. So, if brainwaves can be mapped going out of the brain, sending 3D stored mapped images back into the brain as false memories, experiences, and emotions is also possible.

If children are not fearing the state, and aren't learning state propaganda in the proper corporate ordered way, these future political activists can be identified, modified, and/or eliminated before they become a threat. Anger can now be used as a switch to turn on an air conditioner. Before a police raid, subjects inside can be identified as being in terror, angry, or confused before the assault team asserts itself. Without this technology police know when a target is naked, in the shower, and most vulnerable to be swarmed by police inside the home. Knowing when you feel the sensation of being totally wet or experiencing orgasm can be an added tool in their arsenal.

I have been around DARPA employees and contractors. They claim to have a robotic killing machine the size of a cat, that has the characteristics of a kangaroo and rabbit to stealth travel at almost highway speed to identify a specific targets, and has the ability to electronically target a brain's ability to function, destroy sections of the brain, the ability to function, and/or can be used to cause heart attack, stroke, or inability to breathe. Targets can appear to have died from natural causes.

If the banker and corporate organized crime cartel that have most nations under steal occupation, and who have ripped off all they can, decide that it is more expensive to govern us than to kill us, what do you think they are already deciding to do?


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