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2016, the UN Agenda 21 Reign of "Pillory" Clinton?

One of my fears is that the other scam international corporate organized crime and banker puppet political party in the US, the Republicans, will run another complete bag of trash against the most likely candidate, Hillary Clinton in 2016. Mitt Romney is also a lawyer, and is virtually Dracula. So, our choice in the last election was Dracula against a wafting pile of shit. I am personally considering an exit plan in 2016 where I literally leave the US with just the clothes on my back, with maybe a backpack.

I don't have any real possessions, I don't own guns, and I have nothing left after I was a target on a secret police enemies list pre-9/11 in a Police State surveillance test city, Stafford Springs, Connecticut. [That Story with links]

Police were refusing to answer and to go to 911 calls, and were refusing to protect and serve citizens who did not know the right people. Police were targeting gun owners, the self-employed, the outspoken, potential leaders of any resistance, and anyone who opposed the revenue collection and property confiscation scam of lawyers, judges, police, elected officials, organized crime, and the banker and international corporate organized crime cartel.

I have been informed that I will not be able to renew my driver's license beyond 2016 to have an "enhanced" driver's license. When I considered moving to New Hampshire, it would involve having the TSA and/or DHS US Department of Homeland Security determining whether or not I have the "privilege" to drive and I would have been issued a paper license until I was approved. The DHS is involved in monitoring all financial transactions, so for all intents and purposes, you need DHS permission to own or rent a home, to date, to have a job, to drive, and to move around somewhat freely around other humans.

If I am forced to have a RFID chipped driver's license or internal or external passport, I will either not carry it, or it is going in the microwave for a second or more to get zapped. If I am forced to have an RFID chip or GPS tracker device on any vehicle I drive, I will either not drive, or I will somehow disable, or destroy the unit. I am considering blowhorning National Guard facilities to ask troops if they work for Americans, " ... or are you lackeys for the international corporate organized crime and banker cartel who have us under armed occupation?"

I do not want to live in a "Free" country that is out to treat me like an inmate in a county prison. So, if Hillary Clinton is "elected" to be leader of the NU, North American Union region of the UN world government, I will exit stage left. The same holds true if I have to carry a "chipped" ID. I already was spied on and terrorized and hassled beyond belief by Connecticut State Police for being self-employed without the permission of police or organized crime. I don't want to wear a tracker for them to again hassle, terrorize, and use police informants to attack, and even sent out to kill me. I got the memo in the first round. I won't survive round 2 with a tracker chip embedded in my life.

Do I think scumbags in the Connecticut State Police would shoot kids in a school and blame a patsy to further erode the US Constitution for their handlers? My answer is "yes". So, when they say, "Trust us.", I am saying, "Go fuck yourselves!" back.

Steven G. Erickson's videos, [click here]

stevengerickson AT

Text with video:

Published on Feb 11, 2014
Wolfgang Halbig discusses the many inconsistencies regarding Sandy Hook Hoax.

Audio that the Connecticut State Police and the Obama Regime rather you never hear:


I ask Connecticut US Senator Chris Murphy whose side he is on, and [ask him to meet me to talk about this].


Blogger Penny Pincher Personal Finance said...

The first thing is just to get out of the eastern seaboard. That area of the country is full of control freaks and the mob controls the police in MA and CT. Why do you think Whitey Bulger flourished for so long there?

As far as the code police go, it's location location location. The water dept. here sells rain barrels.

I suggest you can do this to get around the license problem: go to Nevada and get a mail drop and a Nevada drivers license. Nevada is friendly to snowbirds who travel in RV's and spend no time in Nevada. Do it before your license expires and you can get around the CT jerks. But before you go, research in detail what the document requirements are so you don't end up in NV with something you need back in New England.

Also keep in mind that many countries require you to have at least 6 months left on your passport to let you in. If you need to renew your passport do it now.

The new passport has a chip but AFAIK it's just for airport scanners etc. You can otherwise carry it in a metal sleeve.

Likewise with any chipped ID. Get a tin of Altoids and use it as a card wallet.

Use the plow pickup money either as mad money for your international escape, or to go to the midwest and get a cheap pickup and cheap used trailer you can refurbish. Then you can hobo in style, you'll have a house wherever you go and if some place displeases you you can drive off. You can also retrofit a van and the advantage to a van is if you are slick you can stealth-camp on some side street and not have to pay for a campsite.

The NV mail drop is for this lifestyle. You can have your mail forwarded anywhere, and you would be a legal resident of NV on paper. Never mind that your "residence" is a mail drop box of 45 cubic inches!

Avoid detection by CT cops if you return, by registering your vehicle in NV the name of a trust. There are websites where you can get trust paperwork for free, if you can't find something I might have it lying around.

Lastly, consider when you leave the country one way to carry your wealth with you (if you have any) is to wear a gold necklace or other jewelry. If you are lucky you can sometimes pick up gold things cheap in estate auctions. Keep the cash you take under $5K. I'm thinking prepaid credit cards might be good, but not sure if they'd be honored overseas.

Jewelry has the advantage of being passed over when the gov is looking to steal bullion. They would be quite unpopular if they took people's wedding rings. Although the Italian Nazis did it.

Foreign real estate is a great place to park money. Farmland is very cheap in Paraguay but their government is Kafkaesque. Chile is supposed to be good for small businessmen. You could live in one country and do business in another and park your money in a third, some people do that kind of thing. Google "Perpetual Traveler".

This brings me to another idea: you can get an international driving permit at any AAA for a few bucks. You'll want one before you leave, and some people tout them as an alternative thing to present to a traffic cop if you are stopped. I don't know if that's a valid theory, it's mostly those "sovereign" types that suggest it.

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