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The Police Version of the Hatfields and McCoys?

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If rival police departments, like street gangs, either get into, or nearly get into shooting wars with each other, what does that say about the "State of Policing" in the US? 

Before 9/11 the Connecticut State Police and Connecticut Sheriffs were having a feud over political power, funding, and the revenue collection/property confiscation business, and the protection and money laundering rackets.

The Connecticut State Police were out to disarm, discredit, and arrest Sheriffs for gun violations or any they could manufacture, make up, or dig up. Phones were wholesale tapped and internet use of Sheriffs, and any supporters in the public were illegally undergone, and that still applies. I, Steven G. Erickson, supported the Connecticut Sheriffs as they did not ignore calls into them and actually helped. Call 911 and the Connecticut State Police answer and they are almost 100% rude, condescending, arrogant, hostile, and threatening for your needing help.

Too often calls were either ignored, or officers would show up hours later and tell me that interfering with crime that could be possibly be investigated is felony interfering with a police investigation. So, reporting teen vandals destroying my property, prostitutes, and heroin and cocaine drug dealers operating near my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, or even on my rental properties without my permission, could possibly be part of an investigation that I could potentially be interfering with.

So, when 3 teens attacked me in my dark yard, one was trying to hit me in the face with 2x4 with a nail sticking out the end, I did not call police after fighting them off. I had been arrested on a previous occasion after dialing 911 when I did not want a drug dealer, Peter Paniciera, selling powdered cocaine near my home, his reaction was to pick me up by my neck, punch me repeatedly in the face, bite into my ear, and then fled the scene when I called 911.

Police found me bleeding down my neck, down my chest, and my underwear was even soaked with blood from my wounds to my ear and face. I was told by police that I was on a secret list and I would be denied service and could only be arrested as anything they could do for me. 

Police took their time, and then arrested only me 6 weeks after, as officers got the drug dealer's customers to change their sworn statement saying I attacked the hulking drug dealer. I faced a year in prison, no deals for "this offense". So, I survived the attack of the [Diaper Gang] and did not even call it in. I did report the names of the teens to the police later, and they did nothing, just continued to go after the self-employed, gun owners, the outspoken, and their revenue collecting duties.

So, back to my story about the Hatfields and McCoys style police turf war.

The Police Union is very strong. It is international, covers judicial workers, teachers, and pretty much any government worker you can think of. So, millions of government workers pay dues to some foreign entity, a union that calls the shots like some outside Mafia! [Goon Union post text and videos]

Connecticut is the only State that I know of now without a Sheriffs Department, they are now a new entity called, "Judicial Marshalls". Connecticut State Police investigate and police themselves. How do you think that works? Private investigators have to show the Connecticut State Police all of their investigation files for 6 years back in time. State Police can revoke and Private Investigator's license at any time on any excuse. The only way to get police for brutality and misconduct is to have a video of the incident the police don't seize or use a private investigator.

Prior to 9/11, the Connecticut State Police were tapping phones and trolling the internet to see who you supported politically, your views, and if you were trying to reduce taxes going to government you could be beaten up by police informants, set up for property and job loss, family break-up, and being railroaded to prison. I know all about that have been on the [Secret Police Enemies Arrest on Sight List].

The above is the excuse for policing all over the US.

Because of living through the above, I believe the [Newtown Connecticut Sandy Hook School Shooting is a hoax], and I believe Connecticut State Police operatives probably shot children, if children were indeed shot, to blame a patsy to further erode the US Constitution.

Connecticut State Police and the Connecticut Sheriffs, nearly, or did get into an actual shooting war with each other. Connecticut State Police were so out of control they were put on probation and their internal affairs department was shut down and New York State took over. [Link to 168 page report on the Connecticut State Police acting like organized crime, not law enforcement].

Did the Connecticut State Police go after, terrorize, and have removed a State Supreme Court Justice who questioned State Police ethics and bogus/manufactured evidence? [The Peter Reilly case that was made into 3 movies].

Do you feel safe with these police officers refusing to come to 911 calls as they domestically spy on you, troll for sex, and take inventory of households with gold, guns, and "hot women" in them?

stevengerickson AT yahoo.com

[My video uploads]

Do you want proof the courts and policing is rigged for the criminal elite? A George W. Bush relative killed a New Haven Police Officer and was not arrested, was not drug or alcohol tested, and the officer was blamed for his one death and did not get a hero cop's funeral as do others similarly killed. [Killing is okay for George W. Bush relatives and international corporate organized crime - post]

This have only gotten worse since Ritt Goldstein made the below video. Police and riggers of the court were ramping up for near, or total Martial Law, where the US Constitution would be null and voice and police wore black ski masks and were abducting and then torturing citizens at abandoned Connecticut waterfront warehouses. Pre-9/11 police were testing to see what is the maximum abuse the public will put up with. There seems to be no limit. Illegal domestic spying where citizens phones were wholesale tapped and all their internet use recorded pre-9/11! Ritt Goldstein fled for his life seeking political asylum in Sweden, so terrorized by police, after making this video:


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