Sunday, March 30, 2014

Maintaining Violence and Terror

Image was stolen [from here]. 

Defense Contractors can own mainstream news sources and be major shareholders. Bankers and Corporate Organized Crime can make the money flow in continually increase by maintaining violence and terror.

Creating excuses to make the US Homeland a battle zone only increases the revenue of defense contractors and their cronies.

Disarming the public will increase the sales of machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers, shoulder fire missiles, landmines, mini-drones, and the newer, not so secret, house cat size killer robots. Talk to DARPA researchers or those who are working in the Defense Industry and none of this sounds strange, they will talk about which prototypes and models are better than others.

Police insiders must think improvised explosive devices are going to pop up on American roads due to the equipment they are now amassing. What do they know ... and you can probably bet they are in on the false flag event insider trading fiasco. 

A whole new industry of electronic weapons that are 100% accurate silent and quiet are incorporate in new weapons delivery systems.

Those who are selling this hardware want to create a need and then collect tax dollars paid in to start killing off taxpayers. That makes total sense, right?

Just keeping track of Obama Administration lies will melt your brain.

Until elite corporate and banker criminals and their pandering whore official friends are prosecuted and punished, we will keep getting what we are getting.

I don't advocate violence, but I would not frown if bags of shit billionaires like Michael Bloomberg are pained in the ass on a stick.

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Do, and did, Police prior to 9/11, and now, spy on, terrorized, arrest, beat up, set up, break up families of, run out of homes those, imprison, and even murder citizens who advocate paying less property taxes? [post]


3 years is a long time in the tech industry. The video below was made 3 years ago:



You gotta love the [Kenny's Sideshow blog], I found the below video in [this post]:

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Smart Meters talking to Car Black Boxes, Laptops, & Cellphones?

Background radiation display image was [found here].

What if the international corporate organized crime and banker cartel who have us under stealth armed occupation said, "What if?"

What if there were more electric cars, how would the state collect road taxes, tolls, and have another tool in their redundant spy grid? Smart meters can add the road tax for our occupation.

Well smart meters are allegedly able to talk to newer car black boxes thanks to DARPA. Conventional cars and electric cars are collecting data on a loop in your car. Where was the car driven? What was said in the car while it was driven? Who is in the car? What speed was the car driven? Where was the car parked and for how long? Was the car rolled through any stop signs? Was there any drinking or drug use in the car? Was there any sex or violence in or around the car? Was there any subversive activities against banks, corporations, or energy companies?

So, can a smart meter activate your brakes, acceleration, airbag, prevent the car from running, run you into a tree, or detonate hidden explosives in the car?

If Smart Meters can steal data off of your cell phone and download black box information, isn't that a free 10x strong WiFi connection and mini cell tower that you are already paying for, but is not for your use? Should you get free basic cable and internet if you have a Smart Meter? The broadband signal, low voltage, has long been able to be transmitted over high voltage power lines. Do we need cell towers anywhere there aren't smart meters?

What audio, video, website viewing, and other information can your computer transfer over to your Smart Meter as you type, sleep, or hang out? Has your washer, dryer, and dishwasher turned you in for having guests or wasting water and electricity?

Should your pacemaker be shut off? Should your medication device be told to medicate you? Should sleep. calmness, irritation, or confusion be induced? 

Have you ever wondered how police have been long been able to kick down doors and raid a home at the exact time their target is either showering, having sex, or taking a dump?

The grid has already made the entire US, and most of the world, one big prison complex.

Large open land and water areas will soon be off limits to you. If you can't be monitored, you cannot go. Your home and surrounding area is your prison. You are an inmate. You are subject to any arbitrary rules of the guards. You may have to get a dating license. You may have to pay a tax or fee to international organized crime to have children. You may have to pay to breathe as part of the UN Agenda 21 Carbon Tax.

Elected officials such as McCain, Barack Obama, Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy, Diane Feinstein, etc have their communications and all of their data being collected to. If they do not do as they are told they can also be killed, indefinitely detained, tortured, or covertly murdered. The FBI, IRS, NSA, Mossad, Saudi Intelligence, FDA, EPA etc spy for, and are beholden to, the international corporate/banker organized crime cartel, not us.

Are you hungry for some hot delicious popcorn? Why not set a bowl of popcorn next to a smart meter with 4 cellphones around the bowl? Call all 4 cellphones at the same time. Did any kernels of the poison Monsanto GMO popcorn pop?

Please turn in your guns, sharp knives, and keep your opinions to yourself. International corporate organized crime says so without using words. You should "Stifle and Obey".

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Defense Contractor/Corporation/Banker Shadow Government

Leather Venetian S & M Masquerade Mask image [found here]. 

How do some defense contractors, corporations, and international bankers make more money and gain more power? 

Well, it is by getting average people of most nations to transact through, pay taxes to, have their money system through, be run by, have their health care run by, be dependent on, and look to for guidance from the above mentioned types of international organized crime. People living off the grid and in huts out in the deserts not dependent on Shadow Government need to be drone bombed, starved, made sick, corralled, and murdered.

These people who believe they are superior to us, and want us all dead, profit from war.

Loan money to all sides of the conflicts.

It doesn't matter who wins, as international organized crime then holds paper on all countries and owns and runs everything.

The US could soon be a war zone not unlike ones found in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, etc. The US could soon be contaminated by depleted uranium munitions and other scourges of war.

After the UN Agenda 21 gun ban all sorts of weapons may be available in the US through the black market. Grenades, RPGs, rocket launchers, grenades, machine guns, sniper rifles, military knives, bombs, demolition charges, and all sorts of military hardware then might be available.

It would only make international organized crime richer, and happier.

The DHS and TSA are a scam. With the DHS and TSA international criminals can run their scams and not be punished or interrupted.

The US is under Arthur Anderson type bait and switch accounting. Enron is the rule of the day.

Do you remember Enron?

A pirate corporation owned California utilities and other energy sources. They sold power outside California to cause blackouts. Californians saw their utility bills quadruple. Almost none of the international Enron criminals were punished. Californians who complained were spied on, beaten up, arrested, and even imprisoned for complaining about being ripped off. I would not be surprised if "Big Mouths" were murdered.

Enron funded and put into office, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and US President George W. Bush. Who were they beholden to? It wasn't us. Barack Obama's criminal crew is as bad, if not, worse.

Defense Contractors own news stations and decide what is journalism and are out to end Free Speech.

Your tax dollars were misappropriated to squash competition for voice over IP, video, blogs, websites, and internet use by offering the services free, or nearly free, so that everyone could be spied on, dependent, and controlled by international organized crime. In the end you paid for it. You paid to end the Free Market. Microsoft, Google, etc are all in cahoots.

Bigger banks who launder billions in drug trafficking cash grow and buy out the smaller legitimate banks and credit unions. International Corporations who are committing major crimes are using your money to eliminate competition. Criminals are foreclosing on loans you did not agree to make and are taking most of the US land, resources, energy, and business on paper. It is one big swindle.

The self-employed, farmers, gardeners, the outspoken, those who raise sheep, goats, pigs, or other livestock, make yogurt, cheese, ice cream, grow organic, live off the grid, camp, hike, hunt, fish, enjoy the outdoors, honor the US Constitution etc are being spied on, beaten up, arrested, tortured, and even murdered.

Would you agree to pay $100/day to keep an Amish person if prison for his, or her, following her religious principals and living life independently off the grid? Is it misappropriation of funds to use our tax dollars to further rip us off and abuse us?

Should we let International War Criminals who have us under armed occupation, disarm us, deny us Free Speech, and use our US Constitution as toilet paper?

I was long time friends with a Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective until he died. He was on the ground floor, and help develop  US Department of Homeland Security, DHS. He turned his back when he realized what it was really for. DHS is to disarm the American public and to be enforcers and guards for international organized crime and bankers. My friend told me that 100% of all street gangs, militias, and local organized crime are police infiltrated, or members are covertly murdered or are railroaded to prison. Police use tax dollars to pay for drive by shootings, vandalism, prostitution, police informants to beat up and help frame police targets, rackets, murder-for-hire, drug dealing etc. Do you enjoy what you are funding?

Ritt Goldstein unwittingly discovered the Police State takeover structure being built. Listen to what police were setting up to get away with back in the early 1990's. Things have only gotten worse, and more blatant since. Ritt Goldstein fled to seek political asylum in Sweden after making this video:

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Breaking: Eyewitness Report of 9/11 CIA Insider Trading [link direct to video]

Text with video:

Published on Mar 28, 2014
On Thursday's Alex Jones Radio Show, Max Keiser revealed breaking news about an eyewitness to CIA insider trading on 9/11. We review the long history of investigations into financial data that point to advance knowledge of the event.

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Legislation to Restrict Journalism Becomes Reality, Mainstream Media Clings To Life

Text with video:

Published on Mar 28, 2014
As legislation to restrict the First Amendment via government sanctioned journalists becomes reality, The mainstream media ramps up the propaganda to label alternative media as invalid. As MSNBC's audience dwindles, Chris Hayes takes a swipe at the Second Amendment in a new hit piece on Infowars' Dan Bidondi.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Classified Equipment on All 1st World Aircraft From 1970's to prevent Hijacking?

Image was found [here]. 

When North Korea was a real danger to use hijacking of airplanes in the late 1960's and 1970's allegedly there are something that was developed to make the airplanes highjack-proof. [Link to some history].

Was the most recent air disaster a case of a plane being highjacked remotely as was Rolling Stones Reporter Michael Hastings Mercedes?

Pilots have allegedly had the ability to alert secret military authorities of a highjacking. The ability to control the plane can then be locked out of the cockpit and the airplane flown by wire meaning that a remote pilot using a satellite signal to pilot the plane from anywhere in the world. It may be easier to fly a plane remotely than to drive an 18 wheeler with artificial intelligence that now exists.  

Joe Kennedy was supposed to be US President, not Jack. Joe, in World War II, died in a classified remote flying of a plane as a bomb in WWII! So, this technology is nothing new.

If there was technology in all planes prior to 9/11, why wasn't it used to prevent what happened? Or, was the technology used to hack into the airplane's control boxes to then run them into the buildings. I do not know the answers, but all does not add up.

The question is, "Who benefits?"

Defense Contractors own news stations, or are major investors. Banks and international corporations benefit from wars. So, if those in charge are hammers, everyone is a nail. Those who are not for all out wars are enemies of the mainstream media and are in no way real journalists.

When these international criminals run out of new war zones, they will attack Americans in America. Look at your local National Guard Facility. Look at all the equipment piling up. It looks like they are preparing for war on Americans.

There is a major purge going on in the military. Those who will not go house to house to confiscate guns or put Americans camps are being sent home. Same with those who are handling nuclear weapons. If they would be unwilling to use these weapons on Americans, they too, are going bye-bye.

If any of the above sounds like way out there, tinfoil hat wearing science fiction, my response is to take in a little information in about the Oklahoma City Bombing. I invite you to go to and use his word search engine on his site to search "Oklahoma City" not in quotes.

Were leakers who have, or had, real evidence been killed, or at least threatened with being vaporized where they stand. That can happen from satellite or even nuclear weapons. Trillions have been stolen. These people will stop at nothing.

[The State of Connecticut, Nazi Germany, Japan, Germ Warfare, Bio-Weapons, and you. Some top NIH Scandals]

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Corporate Occupation End Game?

Scroll down in post for videos.

Image was [found here]. 

Defense Contractors own and decide what is reported on mainstream news. How is that working out for us?

Anyone who is not one of them is not a journalist. Only journalists have what is left of protected Free Speech.

Politicians like John McCaine, Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy etc are being spied on by the NSA, CIA, FBI, Mossad, Saudi Intelligence and others who are beholden to bankers and international corporate organized crime, not us. 

I intend on asking Patrick Leahy, an author of the Patriot Act, and who supports, and voted for the NDAA, how he feels about being ineffectual. If Leahy is being spied on, it means he can be smeared, murdered, blackmailed, and removed from office. His handlers sit in backrooms. Do we the people actually get any representation for our taxation?

Do you remember the [Anthrax Hoax around the time of 9/11]?

Well, a then West Hartford Connecticut native Tomas Foral a Storrs Connecticut graduate student was in possession of military grade Anthrax at that time. John A. Danaher III was then a US Attorney who became Connecticut State Police Commissioner then a judge. Can you say, "Pension Pig"? As US Attorney, Danaher helped get Foral "Secret Probation" where there was no reporting, a $100 fine, and Forals criminal record would be expunged after 6 months. Why would a US Attorney cover up a crime that could give the perpetrator life in prison or the Death Penalty?

Patrick Leahy was sent an Anthrax letter. Was that international corporate organized crime sending their threat for him to comply, "Or else"? I would like to call Leahy a F'ing P*ssy to his face. 

I am an "Oklahoma City Truther".

Check out [this podcast on the Corbett Report]. The FBI found the bombers, supplied the bombs, supplied the plan, found bombing patsies, supplied the funding, and allowed live bombs to be detonated in a World Trade Center parking garage in New York City back in 1993. Oklahoma City bombing occurred in 1994 after ATF's funding and power was going to be cut. Do some word searches.

Los Angeles gang members get admitted as members by committing murders or drive-by shootings. Connecticut State Police Troopers "get wet" by putting an innocent person in prison by committing perjury, filing a false police report, manufacturing or withholding evidence as rookies. The other officers then know they can trust the new recruit. [Trooper Amaral of Troop C Tolland Connecticut was that rookie in my Stafford Springs case]. 

[Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer] exposed the official child kidnapping and sex slaver ring. Every state in the union may be as bad. Judges, lawyers, cops, bankers, corporation organized crime, and the town hall mafia are all in bed together.

The Bell Haven section of Greenwich Connecticut has a long history. A cult of the elite, a secret society conducting rituals in local churches allegedly involved pedophilia from the 1600's. George W. Bush and his son allegedly attended such services and were otherwise affiliated. Screwing children, or watching the screwing of children, teaches that the masses can be used, abused, and then discarded. It is a dirty little secret to keep members from spilling the beans. 

The CIA would help international corporations in the 1950's in South America take farms, food production facilities, factories, and would install puppet leaders. Rightful owners and the outspoken were jailed, tortured, raped, robbed, indefinitely detained, and murdered. This is now being done to the US. So, who are the terrorists?

Monsanto writes legislation that elected officials sign. No state wants to "diss" Monsanto or Monsanto will sue a state into bankruptcy. Monsanto wrote the "Monsanto Protection Act". Monsanto is famous of Agent Orange that genetically altered all future generations of Vietnam Veterans and killed and made sick millions of Vietnamese.

Monsanto is for GMO "food". If Monsanto poison GMO crops blow their fertilization and alter an organic farmers crops, Monsanto can bankrupt the ethical farmer and then assimilate his or her land. If Monsanto alters another farmer's crops Monsanto then owns them. Monsanto GMO alters the bacteria in our gullets which then alters us. So, does Monsanto own each of us because we have been genetically altered by them?

Insurance companies wrote the "Affordable Healthcare Act" aka Obamacare. How is that working out for us?

[The FBI taxpayer paid Hal Turner], a White Supremest radio host, to promote murder, arson, racism, division, bombing, hatred to get us to fight among ourselves so that the deeds of international corporate organized crime and bankers were not so in the public spotlight. What did the FBI and Massachusetts State Police have to do with the Boston Bombing? The FBI, Massachusetts, and organized crime were all in bed together for the Whitey Bulger debacle. The FBI and Massachusetts sanctioned and covered up murder-for-hire plots and perpetrators and helped frame innocents so their thugs would not be prosecuted. So, should criminal scumbags be policing themselves?

The Connecticut State Police will go after a Supreme Court Justice, threaten his life, threaten to arrest, imprison, and force a judge to resign if he dare accuse officers of manufacturing evidence, withholding evidence, jury tampering, and "shoddy police work". The famous [Peter Reilly case] is old, but shows the history of Connecticut State Police organized crime.

In Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Brown Avenue Extension is the new name for "Cat Alley" an alley that the State Police had their horse barn. Cat Alley is slang for a row of houses of prostitution. Former [Connecticut State Police Commissioner and Judge Arthur L. Spada] allegedly ran and skimmed profits from a "Rub-n-Tug" house of prostitution at, or near, the Webster Theater.

The Connecticut State Police celebrate perjury, false arrest, family break up, citizen job loss, and being sociopaths with their [100 Club] a taxpayer paid golf outing for officers who false arrest 100 or more allegedly drunk drivers.

The international corporate organized crime and defense contractor mainstream news channel CNN hired actors and used green screen to make up part of the reporting at the [Sandy Hook Newtown Connecticut School Shooting hoax]. So, where children actually shot? If so, did Connecticut State Police, police informants, or their operatives actually shoot children to blame a patsy?

If Vice President Dick Cheney did not order the stand down of the "highjacked" jets during 9/11 there would have been no 9/11 and no DHS and TSA. The DHS and TSA is an international corporate organized crime and banker scam. Without 9/11 there would have been Enron prosecutions, an investigation of what happened to the Pentagon's missing 2.3 Trillion tax dollars, banker fraud, Wall St. scams, elected officials taking bribes, and scumbags like Richard Cheney would have been arrested and prosecuted.

I am still waiting for scumbags like Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Barack Obama, John McCaine, Diane Feinstein, Chris Dodd, former Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Eric Holder, Donald Rumsfeld, and so many others to be arrested, prosecuted, imprisoned, and then prosecuted for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

We need to do something before the Military Industrial Complex sends out robots to kill us ... as we have already paid trillions in tax dollars to invent and produce them. 

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[My video upload and favorites channel]

Why would the Connecticut State Police threaten a professional school shooting investigator with felony arrest for asking legitimate questions about the questionable shooting that occurred at Sandy Hook? Wolfgang Halbig investigated the Columbine School Shooting and other shootings to make schools safer and to improve police response. Why, then would the Connecticut State Police shut him out and threaten him? Well, what are the Connecticut State Police trying to cover up now? Connecticut State Police Troopers billed DHS, the US Department of Homeland Security for overtime not worked. When officers were caught for committing fraud, theft of taxpayer funds, they were not put on leave, fired, arrested, prosecuted, and did not have to pay back the the money they stole!

**Branford Cop To John Cinque ~ "I Cannot Wait To Get The Order To Kick Your Door In"** 3/7/14

The Communist tyrants went after the self-employed, farmers, and shop owners back in the early 1900's. The international corporate organized crime and banker cartel that had the US and most of the world under stealth occupation are out to abolish free speech, self-defense, private property, religion, human rights, and "excess population" aka us.

[Then Sgt. Sam Izzarelli of the Connecticut State Police told me that I would not have been arrested, attacked by police informants, family broken up, job taken away, financially ruined, illegally domestically spied on, and being railroaded to prison if I had not chosen to be a scumbag by being self-employed].

Izzarelli partners with prostitutes, cocaine and heroin drug dealers, vandals, thieves, and other common criminal parasites on humanity and calls me a scumbag!

Connecticut State Police Informant, and Crack Head, Peter J. Coukos told me that he didn't like my close relationship with my daughter and my having rental properties he wanted for himself. He had no kids. So, he told me that is why he helped police destroy my relationship with my daughter, got dibs on my property from the Connecticut State Police.

After I had already been arrested on my property that Coukos was awarded for smoking crack cocaine with others, telling on them, hiring prostitutes, and then telling on them, Coukos was punching me in the back of the head saying he wanted my then 14 year old daughter to get on her knees and give him a blow job. I didn't turn around to fight back because I was already facing, and did go to prison, for being attacked by a police informant.

[Alcoholic and drug addict Peter J. Coukos was allegedly helped to get a gun permit to carry concealed pistols, along with getting my properties, by Stafford Constable "Fat Frank" Prochaska and Stafford Springs Resident Trooper Mulcahey (sp?) for terrorizing me out of Connecticut, assaulting me, and sexually harassing and threatening my then 14 year old daughter's life]!

Connecticut Dannel P. Malloy's son, a drug dealer on probation, helped commit an armed robbery and home invasion. Malloy's son didn't get prison, he got more probation [Benjamin Malloy story].  My letter to hypocrite, and Governor, Dannel P. Malloy [click here]. I got prison without a previous record for pepper spraying a mugger, a felon, who had been threatening my life for weeks, stalking me, and then wielding a knife, beating on me, told me he'd kill me if I didn't turn over my wallet. I got prison as using pepper spray, and self-defense, is illegal in Connecticut.

Connecticut Gun Control Over reach, Civil Disobedience ensues

Text with video:

Published on Mar 6, 2014
Connecticut Carry
MainePrepper Other channel:

Connecticut State Police and other tyrants want criminals like Peter J. Coukos to have guns, not you. Police want scumbags and sociopaths to commit crimes as police informants to keep you in terror. Informants are given immunity from prosecution and are given perks to harm you, your family, and the economy. Peter J. Coukos leaves me and my then 14 year old daughter a voicemail message below. Coukos threatens my daughter. He then is rewarded by police after taking my rental properties that I paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for, and fixed up from a boarded up condition. Police help the man below get a gun permit in the State of Connecticut! (I was living in, and paying rent for, an illegal apartment, my storage unit, after I was forced to sell my properties for pennies on the dollar to Coukos, before I was railroaded to prison, as further humiliation):

[click here] for:

Questionable Death of "Cowboy", African American in Stafford Springs, Connecticut


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Courts/Police Breaking up Families & Ripping You Off. Outrage Occurs

Image was [found here].

Legislation is being considered today in the State of Connecticut. It is part of a public hearing held by the Connecticut Judiciary Committee, Hartford Connecticut, at the LOB, Legislative Office Building. This particular hearing is absolutely amazing. The sh*t has hit the fan. There might be just a little short of an armed revolt going on, right now.

If you have kids, the state wants to take them. If you are married, the state wants you divorced so they, lawyers, and judges can take everything. Domestic spying is about taking inventory to steal what you have and so that stupid, lazy, fat and disgusting police and insiders can get laid and get rich at your expense.

Buy a home, the state wants to steal it. Be self-employed, the corporate organized crime police state wants you out of business and in prison. Corporate organized crime wants Americans disarmed to finish dismantling the US Constitution and for their profiteering. Police can be too arrogant and lazy to answer 911 calls. You pay taxes for this and for wars that benefit international corporate organized crime and bankers, not you. Buy your UN Agenda 21 tee-shirt and wear it proudly.

[More info on my Judicial Abuse blog]

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Should Monsanto be sued for causing Autism?

I just watched [these 2 documentaries and 1 video] about GMO "food".

I highly recommend that you watch, and share, the videos and link above. 

The bacteria in your gut is genetically modified if you have ever eaten GMO food. The bacteria in your gut modifies you. Monsanto has written legislation that elected officials signed that says Monsanto owns anything that their GMO is found in. If it is found in you, and you are now genetically modified, does Monsanto now own you?

Plants are genetically modified to bust the guts of insects. If GMO can be used to kill rats and make them sterile, what do you think they are also doing to you. Tumors, cancers, digestive, reproductive, allergies, eczema, diseases, genetic mutations, birth defects, early death, and sterilization of populations ... what is not to like?  

Human genes are being added to corn to make spermicides. Insect genes are added to plants to change them. Monsanto and other companies rig the courts and don't want testing done. Most companies are proud and announce their involvement with products. Monsanto legislates to prevent you from knowing what they modify and have legislated using our elected officials, so that they, Monsanto, are immune from criminal and civil liability.

Food allergies are increasing. There is a link between chronic digestion problems and Autism.

If you watch the 3 videos you will not want GMO food, ever.

If more of you out there watch these videos and/or read unbiased research material on this subject, the government may need to add more fluoride and/or other industrial waste and/or radioactive substances into our food and water to further dumb us down and make us more passive.

Get angry and do something. It is your right.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Reflecting on America ... Driving, Driving, Driving

I took the above picture using a cellphone at a State University in Daytona Beach, Florida. I was touring a photo exhibit on campus. You can see my reflection in the glass covering the picture. Click on image to make bigger.

I drove from New England to Florida, and back.

I was in many areas where I was the only White male. I was in areas where English was not spoken and I was the odd man out.

I saw natural beauty, had fun, and did some soul searching.

I noticed a big change.

I have taken these kind of trips before.

Driving, driving, driving ... stopping a couple of hours sleeping while sitting up, suddenly awakening worrying that I have fallen asleep while driving.

There are so many closed gas stations, motels rotting into the ground, and vehicles broken down and abandoned on America's highways. 

I can do the fast forward thing. The NSA would be smart to take the internet away from individuals like me ... and you, the reader of this.

Have had trouble getting into this blog. [So I posted this when I couldn't post here].

A phone number is now required to blog and even to use email. So, the hidden powers have succeeded in licensing the internet using phone numbers. Numbers can be blocked and eliminated.

I was in Daytona Beach not far from the pregnant woman who ran her 3 kids into the ocean in her mini van.

I was across the street from where the Florida Trooper hit an elderly woman in a drug store parking lot, dragged her under his car, and the woman's bloody leg burns is etched into my mind. She did not regain consciousness last I heard. She is in critical condition and her leg was amputated.

The Florida Trooper is not just a Trooper. He is a traffic detective with a history of bad driving, questionable behavior, and even allegedly fixing traffic reports. This Florida Detective was not arrested after the incident and remained driving the same car! Try that as a civilian! [More of this story].

I have posted some of my videos [here].

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This link:
was left in the first comment in a previous post on this blog. It is an interesting read.

Are elected officials who come out about the officially kidnapping of children still being murdered? The Nancy Schafer case talked about [here]. 

[3 must see videos on GMO food]

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