Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Classified Equipment on All 1st World Aircraft From 1970's to prevent Hijacking?

Image was found [here]. 

When North Korea was a real danger to use hijacking of airplanes in the late 1960's and 1970's allegedly there are something that was developed to make the airplanes highjack-proof. [Link to some history].

Was the most recent air disaster a case of a plane being highjacked remotely as was Rolling Stones Reporter Michael Hastings Mercedes?

Pilots have allegedly had the ability to alert secret military authorities of a highjacking. The ability to control the plane can then be locked out of the cockpit and the airplane flown by wire meaning that a remote pilot using a satellite signal to pilot the plane from anywhere in the world. It may be easier to fly a plane remotely than to drive an 18 wheeler with artificial intelligence that now exists.  

Joe Kennedy was supposed to be US President, not Jack. Joe, in World War II, died in a classified remote flying of a plane as a bomb in WWII! So, this technology is nothing new.

If there was technology in all planes prior to 9/11, why wasn't it used to prevent what happened? Or, was the technology used to hack into the airplane's control boxes to then run them into the buildings. I do not know the answers, but all does not add up.

The question is, "Who benefits?"

Defense Contractors own news stations, or are major investors. Banks and international corporations benefit from wars. So, if those in charge are hammers, everyone is a nail. Those who are not for all out wars are enemies of the mainstream media and are in no way real journalists.

When these international criminals run out of new war zones, they will attack Americans in America. Look at your local National Guard Facility. Look at all the equipment piling up. It looks like they are preparing for war on Americans.

There is a major purge going on in the military. Those who will not go house to house to confiscate guns or put Americans camps are being sent home. Same with those who are handling nuclear weapons. If they would be unwilling to use these weapons on Americans, they too, are going bye-bye.

If any of the above sounds like way out there, tinfoil hat wearing science fiction, my response is to take in a little information in about the Oklahoma City Bombing. I invite you to go to http://www.corbettreport.com/ and use his word search engine on his site to search "Oklahoma City" not in quotes.

Were leakers who have, or had, real evidence been killed, or at least threatened with being vaporized where they stand. That can happen from satellite or even nuclear weapons. Trillions have been stolen. These people will stop at nothing.

[The State of Connecticut, Nazi Germany, Japan, Germ Warfare, Bio-Weapons, and you. Some top NIH Scandals]

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