Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Courts/Police Breaking up Families & Ripping You Off. Outrage Occurs

Image was [found here].

Legislation is being considered today in the State of Connecticut. It is part of a public hearing held by the Connecticut Judiciary Committee, Hartford Connecticut, at the LOB, Legislative Office Building. This particular hearing is absolutely amazing. The sh*t has hit the fan. There might be just a little short of an armed revolt going on, right now.

If you have kids, the state wants to take them. If you are married, the state wants you divorced so they, lawyers, and judges can take everything. Domestic spying is about taking inventory to steal what you have and so that stupid, lazy, fat and disgusting police and insiders can get laid and get rich at your expense.

Buy a home, the state wants to steal it. Be self-employed, the corporate organized crime police state wants you out of business and in prison. Corporate organized crime wants Americans disarmed to finish dismantling the US Constitution and for their profiteering. Police can be too arrogant and lazy to answer 911 calls. You pay taxes for this and for wars that benefit international corporate organized crime and bankers, not you. Buy your UN Agenda 21 tee-shirt and wear it proudly.

[More info on my Judicial Abuse blog]


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