Sunday, March 30, 2014

Maintaining Violence and Terror

Image was stolen [from here]. 

Defense Contractors can own mainstream news sources and be major shareholders. Bankers and Corporate Organized Crime can make the money flow in continually increase by maintaining violence and terror.

Creating excuses to make the US Homeland a battle zone only increases the revenue of defense contractors and their cronies.

Disarming the public will increase the sales of machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers, shoulder fire missiles, landmines, mini-drones, and the newer, not so secret, house cat size killer robots. Talk to DARPA researchers or those who are working in the Defense Industry and none of this sounds strange, they will talk about which prototypes and models are better than others.

Police insiders must think improvised explosive devices are going to pop up on American roads due to the equipment they are now amassing. What do they know ... and you can probably bet they are in on the false flag event insider trading fiasco. 

A whole new industry of electronic weapons that are 100% accurate silent and quiet are incorporate in new weapons delivery systems.

Those who are selling this hardware want to create a need and then collect tax dollars paid in to start killing off taxpayers. That makes total sense, right?

Just keeping track of Obama Administration lies will melt your brain.

Until elite corporate and banker criminals and their pandering whore official friends are prosecuted and punished, we will keep getting what we are getting.

I don't advocate violence, but I would not frown if bags of shit billionaires like Michael Bloomberg are pained in the ass on a stick.

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Do, and did, Police prior to 9/11, and now, spy on, terrorized, arrest, beat up, set up, break up families of, run out of homes those, imprison, and even murder citizens who advocate paying less property taxes? [post]


3 years is a long time in the tech industry. The video below was made 3 years ago:



You gotta love the [Kenny's Sideshow blog], I found the below video in [this post]:


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